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  1. Quick test of my new 294mc pro camera Sunday as i had an hour or so of clear skies. I can actually get the whole moon in the fov now with a c925 and reducer. Compared to my old 385c it is like casting a net over the whole moon, one could almost say....... it is a skynet ( you asked for it )
  2. barkingsteve

    a few more nebulae

    Hi Rob, Thank you. No i edited the saved as viewed image afterwards. just the usual auto tone, contrast and colour with some basic levels and curves,etc here is the saved as viewed image ( looked better on the laptop at the time ) i was doing 8.6 second exposures, the veil was 100 stacked and the iris 30 stacked. here were my sharpcap settings for the iris, gain was a bit higher than i like as i had trouble stacking with a lower gain on this target. Yes i know i need a better dark to match my settings [ALTAIR385C3] Debayer Preview=On Output Format=PNG files (*.png) Capture Area=1920x1080 Pan=0 Tilt=0 Colour Space=RAW12 Temperature=16.5 Black Level=0 USB Speed=2 Auto Exp Target=79 Frame Rate Limit=1 every 8 seconds Analogue Gain=1761 Exposure=8602.898 Timestamp Frames=Off Apply Flat=None Subtract Dark=C:\Users\HP Envy\Desktop\SharpCap Captures\darks\ALTAIR385C3\RAW12@1920x1080\7.8s\gain_465\dark_10_frames_2018-09-16T19_49_18.png #Black Point Display Black Point=0 #MidTone Point Display MidTone Point=0.113537222640665 #White Point Display White Point=0.991341991341991 TimeStamp=2018-09-28T21:49:26.3504220Z SharpCapVersion=3.1.5219.0 TotalExposure(s)=257.827727 StackedFrames=30 Steve o7
  3. barkingsteve

    a few more nebulae

    Captured last night, saved a viewed and edited in photoshop to try and bring the details out a bit more. evo 925 F/6.3 reducer and 385c camera. with an altair cls ccd filter. Bubble Crescent Eastern veil Iris Ring
  4. barkingsteve

    Moon 29-09-2018

    Various shots and a mosaic. 385c and evo 925.
  5. barkingsteve

    Moon 27-09-2018

    Quick mosaic, testing a 0.5x reducer with a f/6.3 reducer. Evo 925 and 385c camera. Image is made up of 4 pics. original edited in photoshop
  6. barkingsteve

    Our Moon Tonight 21-9-18 19.30

    I feel your pain. I managed some data i need to process yet but like you, clear one minute, blinked, cloud for the next 2 hours
  7. barkingsteve

    Anyone know what orange disk is sw from moon?

    Looking at the Moon last night, Mars was sw of it. A bit confusing but north being up when looking at the Moon, Mars would be sw of it
  8. barkingsteve

    Anyone know what orange disk is sw from moon?

    That is Mars my friend i suggest you download stellarium. it is free and very good. https://stellarium.org/
  9. barkingsteve

    A few nebulae

    I am always surprised to get anything from my location. i can barely see a dozen stars on a good night and when i discovered EAA i thought it might help a bit to cut through the light pollution, i never dreamed i would be taking images like this within a few months isn't technology wonderful
  10. barkingsteve

    A few nebulae

    Hi, I applied a dark in sharpcap finally, no flat or bias. it was a little breezy last night so a lot of dropped frames. Gradually improving with each session
  11. barkingsteve

    A few nebulae

    Before the clouds rolled in, managed to capture a few targets. Evo 925 @ F/6.3 and 385c camera.
  12. barkingsteve

    Captures from last night

    Thanks Noah4x4, the scope is only 2 months old from FLO, the handset is the usb type so i am guessing it is a recent incarnation of the evo. I will try skysafari again and change the refresh rate, hope this fixes the random slews too
  13. barkingsteve

    Captures from last night

    Hi Rob, Yes i use sharpcap and you can make adjustments, i use sharpcap as i got pro a year free with the cam. Problem is the laptop screen i think, they always look better on the laptop but when i transfer them to my desktop, they look a bit meh. i am always open to suggestions so i will try starlight live in the near future
  14. barkingsteve

    Captures from last night

    thanks. Funny story, i have been using sky safari 5 plus to control the scope since i got it a few months ago. i had a few issues with connection drop outs, tracking and the scope slewing by itself. Decided to try celestron's sky portal last might, no issues i just added M13 to my original post, tried using dss for the first time, seems to have helped a little with the core but i will take your advice on board, thank you. thank you. just the usual brightness, contrast, levels, curves and colour balance. i basically fiddle until it looks a bit better than original. here are a couple of unedited saved as viewed o7
  15. barkingsteve

    Captures from last night

    Evo 925 at F/6.3, 385c camera and astronomik cls non ccd filter. Saved as viewed and fiddled with in photoshop.

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