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  1. 130 pds on evolution mount, idas p2 filter. All captures 15 seconds each at 100-150 gain, saved as viewed and cropped. Got too cold by 11:30pm M27 29 frames Double cluster in Persei 29 frames CED 214 31 frames M34 33 frames Heart Nebula 40 frames M33 45 frames
  2. Hi Howie, thank you. I am in bortle 8-9 skies close to London, although this filter is not as narrow ( or expensive ) as some tri band filters it still does a great job imo
  3. Hi stu, Hope you don't mind me chiming in. Saturation and brightness are too high ( in my opinion ) if you pull it back a bit you get something a bit more natural ( again, it is subject to opinions but in mine, i think it looks better ) but it is a good start again, hope you don't mind but i reduced saturation and brightness and balanced the colour a little in photoshop
  4. So after a few with the 130 pds i got out the big boy. I need to fine tune collimation but she does ok. The first five are with the 385c and the others are with the 294mc pro with the altair tri band filter ( forgot to take it out ) both with a x2.5 barlow.
  5. While doing some eaa i turned to the moon and saw it was a pretty steady night so i took a few shots with the 130 pds and 385c camera. Baader neodymium filter and best 15% of 1,000 After these i pulled out the big boy ( C925 ) hopefully i have some good data to process, stay tuned
  6. A few captures from tonight. 130 pds, 294mc pro at -5c 25 x 15 seconds at 150 gain, saved as viewed and cropped. Eastern veil North america Pacman Omega Elephant trunk Western veil
  7. Some wispy clouds tonight but i got a few more captures. Same as above but 30-50 x 12 seconds at 100-200 gain. Bubble and little lagoon Crescent Heart pacman pelican
  8. There does seem to be a bit of lopsided haloing around the brighter stars ( collimation ? tilt ? ) but this was rushed. i should get a good session in tonight as the weather is looking clear, so we shall see. Still seems to get decent detail on the rosette ( considering the tracking, flat and daylight breaking ) but hopefully i should get a good comparison with the p2 on the pacman and bubble tonight
  9. A quick ( very quick ) test of the tri band filter. Skies cleared at 4:45 am so i set up and done a flat ( rushed ) and tested this filter. Weather looks good most of the week and i am off work so i expect to do some further testing soon but thought i would share my first results now. 130pds on evo mount, 294mc pro bin 1 with AA tri band filter, flat and dark applied, 12 second x 50 frames at 120-150 gain. saved as viewed, again this was done quickly as i am impatient Orion Nebula Horse head ( usually i cannot get this at all ) rosette ( it was starting to get light ) tracking seemed to have burped. I am really looking forward to further testing this week under better conditions with this and the idas p2 i don't think i need to invest in any more filters
  10. After following the cn thread about this scope, seems like there are a few problems with it. While i would love a scope like this i am not really a tinkerer and for that price i should not have to be spraying nuts black and replacing screws with nylon tipped ones My original plan was to upgrade from a 130 pds f/5 to a 150mm f/4, only a slight improvement but improvement never the less. Alternatively i could go carbon fibre and possibly squeeze an 8" f/4 on my evo mount but not sure the extra 2" aperture would be that much of an improvement for an extra £500.
  11. Sorry to hear that Mike, i wish i could be of more help. I started with sharpcap pro as i got a year free with my altair 385c cam and have never used anything else, so i cannot compare. All i can suggest is to keep an eye out on the night skies network: https://www.nightskiesnetwork.com/ Some of the guys there who live broadcast use sharpcap and are usually happy to answer any questions you may have while they are imaging. Just watching what they do may help. Steve.
  12. Thanks guys. I can only guess it is where people put the filter in the image train ? perhaps they are placing it too close to the camera. My image train is: camera ->21mm extension ->16.5mm extension -> baader mk III cc -> idas p2 as you can see, no problems with reflections ( shrugs shoulders ) I normally wouldn't go eaa on a full moon myself but i wanted to test this filter, glad i did now I will say it is the easiest time i have had with any cls/uhc filter colour balancing, it allows me to be a little liberal with the saturation. In my opinion the phrase ' you get what you pay for' really does apply in this case. I have ordered an altair astro tri band filter to test also, perhaps i should of held off, hopefully i will get to test that one next week .
  13. 130 pds and 294mc pro with idas p2 filter. Best 15% of 1,500 frames. stacked in AS3, sharpened in registax and processed in photoshop.
  14. Not the best idea perhaps being a full moon tonight but after receiving my new shiny p2 filter from FLO and clear skies i had to give it a go. All captured in Sharpcap with master dark and flat. 294 mc pro at -5, 12 second exposures 49-50 stacks at bin 1 and gain of 100-150. All images saved as viewed. Bubble Nebula ( deffo one of my favourites ) Coathanger Iris Nebula M15 M27 Pacman Nebula Considering it was a full moon and in bortle 8-9 skies i am thoroughly impressed with this filter. Looking forward to the next clear, moonless night
  15. Looks ok to me have you heard of registax ? it is a free program which allot of us use to sharpen images in post processing. It is pretty simple to use, even with a little tweak you can get your images looking sharper. Hope you don't mind but here is your image with a little tweak in registax
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