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  1. After battling the wind i managed to get some decent data last night. All taken with the evolution 925, all best 20% of 1k and processed in photoshop. First up, a few with the 385c with a baader neodymium at F/10 And a few with the 294mc pro, 4 panel mosaic is F/10 and the others are with a 2.5x barlow.
  2. Was hoping to get a few moon shots tonight, lovely and clear but battling with the wind. The evolution mount really struggles with the C925 in these conditions think i got some good data though
  3. I had some more data that i have just processed from the other night. This is a 2 panel mosaic at F/10, bin 2 with the 294mc pro. Best 20% of 1.5k frames, stacked in as3, sharpened in registax and processed in photoshop. Also i found a close up of clavius with the 385c at f/20.
  4. Hi Tony, thank you. I used a bahtinov mask and focused on a bright star close to the moon, betelguese in this case and they are stacks, 15% of 1k - 2k frames.
  5. C925. first image is with the 294mc pro and 0.63x reducer, the rest is with the 385c without reducer and a few with a 2x barlow at bin 2.
  6. HiRobertl, it was with sharpcap pro and yes the evolution mount. With the built in battery, wifi and 3 star alignment it makes eaa a breeze except when you cock up the master darks/flats i do still need to sort out a sig Thank you Vulisha, yes i think i have had about 4 cloudless nights in the last 40 days perhaps when i retire ( in the next decade or so ) i will be able to take advantage of every clear night
  7. Hi Michael, yes it is. I had done a new set of master darks that night, looks like i will have to do a new set something went wrong somewhere
  8. Finally a clear (ish) cold night, managed to get a couple of hours in before the cold beat me. 130 pds on evo mount, 294mc pro with altair tri-band filter. All images at 20 second frames with 150 gain and saved as viewed in sharpcap, lightly processed in photoshop. M1 ( crab nebula ) 26 frames double cluster in Perseus 20 frames Barnard 33 (Horsehead nebula) 25 frames M42 ( orion nebula ) 20 frames NGC 2359 ( thor's helmet ) 29 frames Caldwell 49 ( rosette nebula ) 30 frames
  9. 130 pds first image taken with 294mc pro, the closer shots taken with 385c and a 2.5x Barlow.
  10. Finally got round to processing some files i had taken while there was the rare event of clear skies C925 and 294mc pro camera with ir/uv cut. Closer shots using a 2.5x barlow.
  11. C925 and 294mc pro with ir/uv cut at bin 2. best 15% of 2500 frames in AS2, colour balance and sharpened in registax 6 and processed in photoshop. 2 panel mosaic.
  12. If i did not have the 294 i would be all over this. Perfect fit for the night owl 0.4x reducer, should make a superb EAA camera. I am tempted
  13. Another vote here for stellarium, it is free which is already a winner in my book
  14. From May 13th with the C925, 2x barlow and 385c camera. Copernicus and Eratosthenes, wish i had kept the original video now that i am a little more experienced with post processing, this was a very steady, clear night.
  15. C925 and 294mc pro camera. 2 panel mosaic. Best 15% of 1,000 frames.
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