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Found 109 results

  1. I see there is now a firmware upgrade allowing the az-gti to be used in eq mode . this is exciting for me as i have a staradventurer as well and could use the wedge from it with the az-gti to have a full goto eq mount has anyone done this yet?
  2. This was bought new back in 2014. It was used for a short time in our observatory before we decided to get a Mesu 200 in late 2015. Following that, it received little use – we would occasionally get it out for visual work. Further purchases have meant that the CGEM is now not being used at all, and it is time to shift it on. The CGEM is, in most respects, equivalent to an EQ6, although you should be aware that it cannot be used with EQMOD. It comes with the original tripod and a 17 lb counterweight (as shown in the photo). It comes with the 12V cigar plug power cable. • Payload Capacity: 40 lb (18.14 kg) – visual • Computer Hand Control: Double line, 16 character Liquid Crystal Display • 40,000 object database with over 100 user-definable objects and expanded information on over 200 objects I kept the original foam for storing the mount, but the original box has gone. The total weight of the package is not far short of 80 lbs. I don’t know how much it would cost to ship (or quite how I would ship it), so I think collection would be required. I don’t mind driving a reasonable distance to deliver or exchange (maybe we could meet half way). Note that I am also separately selling a Sky Q Link which works with this mount and enables you to control it using an IOS or Android device. £580 The mount is also for sale on UK ABS
  3. Eq6 power modification completed

    Took the bull by the horns and done the power modification on my Eq6 pro to connect via the 2pin connector , bit nerve racking haven’t really done much soldering before ,managed to do soldering without frying anything, used Blu-tac to isolate surrounding area so I didn’t solder anything I shouldn’t have , mount powered up checked slewing with handset , steady red light voltage reading 14v dropping to 13.9v slewing phew 😅
  4. Hi everyone! I need some advice , i just ordered a beautiful WO ZS 73 APO telescope with finder , i going to use it for visual observation only. What mount would be best for this telescope? Let me know!
  5. Well, I was finally able to put the newly repaired Sphinx through its paces over the weekend, Saturday night turned out a bit of a bust weather wise, however it gave me the advantage of already being set up for the following evening which was a completely different story. Sunday...? Transparency not all that great, (perhaps NELM variable 3 to 5) and with a half moon shining, not ideal conditions for deep sky observing, however was still able to bag a few old favourites, including M53, M13, M92 and M51, M81 & 82. Then spent the next two hours exploring some galaxies in Canes Venatici, Coma And Virgo. Managed to pick up M63 - The Sunflower Galaxy, NGC 4565 - The Needle Galaxy, M64 - The Blackeye Galaxy, M104 - The Sombrero Galaxy, NGC 4631 - The Whale Galaxy, NGC 4559, M84 and M86 from Markarians Chain, The Leo Triplet and M87 - Virgo A, plus a whole host of other NGCs. Not much in the way of detail, (mainly due to variable conditions), they pretty much all lived up to their names as ‘faint fuzzies’, but nonetheless a most rewarding couple of hours. The Sphinx performed spectacularly, with each goto resulting in the target well within the FOV. The most gratifying aspect of the evening was the integration of the Avalon X-Guider into the ensemble, getting the main scope and finder dialled in is just so much easier now. Also the laser pointer performed its function perfectly as well, that being to improve efficiency of initial star alignment. All in all a most enjoyable two hours or so of observing. Date: 2018 03 25 22:00 to 00:00 Wind: None NELM: Variable 3 to 5 Seeing: II Antoniadi Restrictions: 1/2 Moon to SW Scope: C8 EdgeHD with modified longer focal length due to 2” Crayford and Diagonal. Aperture: 200mm FL: Approx 3200mm FR: F16 Eyepiece: 22mm T4 Nagler: Mag: 3200/22 = 145 AFOV: 82 Deg TFOV: 34’ Exit Pupil: 22/16 = 1.3mm
  6. A bit ambivalent about this as scopes come and go and a scope may come in the future resulting in seller's remorse, but here we go! For sale is a Discmounts DM-4 as follows: DM-4 Head 4" Tilt-in Saddle-3 4" Dovetail Converter Universal Angled Handle (shortened a bit as it was too darned long!) 4K Encoder Kit 4" Tilt-in Saddle-3 GRAB & GO BAG FOR DM4 DM-4 8" Tripod Extension Priced new these are (prices shown on Discmounts website) $1,555 + $190 shipping and insurance cost (took this from the invoice that Charles sent me) = $1,745 At today's rate it is £1,245 + VAT (ours is 19% so I will use ours to show my actual cost, not yours which is 20%) £236 + Tariff code 90058000 on telescope accessories of 4.3% (not applied on shipping) £48 = £1,529 which was my cost and the cost you would suffer (well, just a bit more as your VAT is just a tad higher). I am willing to part with it for £1,050 and I will throw in a Nexus II so that you have use of the encoders (if you don't "know your way around" or you are in a light polluted environment) which costs $199 + shipping + above taxes or about £185. Price includes shipping with full insurance and tracking via EMS (takes about 4 working days to hit your local post office) and PayPal fees. I will only accept PayPal (best for the both of us). Dropbox link with some photos here: Dropbox Link I may be willing to sell the tripod if someone is interested. It is the Sirui 5214X and if you grab the package above, I will toss in the tripod at less than half the price of Amazon. Amazon charges £799, I'll sell for £350. Tripod not sold separately unless mount sells first and kindly note that the photos include other equipment which do not form part of this ad and are not for sale. Prices are not negotiable as they are already quite low and also because I know that I will live to regret it when I decide in the future that I want yet another scope for which the DM-4 would be perfect... Here's your chance to grab a premium mount that can lift (and has according to various photos you can find on the internet) up to a 5" refractor (I have seen photos of it with a AP 130 and I tested it with my FS-128 and I only had to be a bit careful changing eyepieces because of the scope's length!) at a competitive price. I have had this setup for a year but used it sparingly (a total of 5-7 times?) as two months after purchasing the mount and tripod, I purchased a FS-128 and a AYO DIGI II mount and well, I love the FS-128 Clear skies, Nicos
  7. Mirror mount

    I have a pair of 15x70 binoculars but due to neck problems I am struggling to use them even when tripod mounted. I am thinking of making a mirror mount but I don't know if they are any good? Can someone please advise me on which mirror I need, size and thickness, fixing method etc.? Do they suffer from dew problems in the UK and if so is there an effective way around this? If anyone could advise me on this it will be very much appreciated. Thanks
  8. Hi, A polite appeal to the collective wisdom of SGL to get my HEQ5 mount back together again correctly... I was trying to install a counterweight extension bar to my HEQ5 mount (it doesn't fit, but that's another story) and once I'd unscrewed the bar from below this little piece shown in the photo below dropped out. Does anyone have any idea where it's supposed to go? Any info is very welcome before I throw the offending part away and pretend it never existed. Many thanks, Jason
  9. CGX Noise

    Can someone please take a look at this video and tell me what they think.I've got a horrible noise coming from the Dec motor only in one direction.https://youtu.be/4E-oRAANk_QThanks!
  10. CGE Pre mount

    Is it possible to put an EQ6 for example or other equatorial mounts on a CGE Pro tripod?
  11. CGX Menu Tree

    Hey guys, I'm not sure if anyone is interested in this but I'm always forgetting where certain features are in the hand controller so I created this menu tree for the CGX with the current firmware. Man, what a pain it was. I didn't realize how deep the structure was until I started handwriting it out. And then I find out the manual for the CGX-L has the menu tree in it! Why didn't they include it in the manual for the CGX? They are pretty much identical though I went into a little more detail in mine. CGX Menu Tree I can send it to anyone that wants it as a PDF if you send me a private message with your email address.
  12. Hi, I’m looking for some help in deciding on a new portable premium mount for Astrophotography. Currently I have a modified DSLR in use (also have a Starlight CCD boxed up waiting to come out to play soon). I’m no stranger to premium mounts having owned an AP1200 in the past. I’m looking for something that can handle a small refractor and APM 152 f/8 Refractor (yes I like refractors) - one at a time, so probably looking at around 15kg payload with cameras etc. Extra spare capacity is welcome for possible future use. Prime use will be imaging and I want something that won’t take much more than 30-40mins to set-up and get running with tracking capable of say 10mins unguided (I may look to do guiding at a later date perhaps with an OAG or ONAG (just to eliminate flexure as much as possible). I want the mount to be reliable in operation and set-up in order to maximise the few opportunities I have to get to good skies. On that subject I am based in the Midlands of the UK, so skies locally are not the best, I can get to better skies in 30mins or good to very good in 90mins or so. Also I’ve never been a big fan of taking a laptop into the field, but if I’m to get using my SXV CCD Camera again I will need to, so it’s not the end of the world if I need to do that (just need to figure out how to power it - any suggestions). Also it may be that I can’t get the best from the mounts without a laptop (MacBook - can run a Windows VM in Parallels) or tablet (iPad). So my short(ish) list has ended up as follows: Paramount MyT - lower than 10Micron on capacity and MUST have a laptop/tablet connected to work (see above), well established company and great software suite which supports Mac (not sure the SXV-H9 works with the camera addon though). Plus it’s a lovely red colour… lol. 10Micron GM1000 HPS and GM2000 HPS UP - (do I really need Absolute Encoders and to spend the extra cash, will I really benefit). Supposedly great unguided capabilites due to it’s modelling abilities. AP 900 - while probably on the edge of portability, these seem difficult to get second hand in the UK. AP Mach1 - very tempting now, considering the 30kg capacity. I have also looked at the ASA DDM85 (too expensive), the Mesu 200 (doesn’t look very portable). I have read and researched for months on this topic, so I have seen good and bad reports for just about all mounts, but I need a balanced opinion (if possible) to help me make my final decision and place an order. Right now it’s really between the MyT and 10Micron, but not sure if I can justify the extra for 10Micron considering how many clear nights I get and how many I can get out on. I am aware I may need to make some sacrifices to get what is suitable to me. Any comments would be greatly appreciated, especially if you have first hand experience with these mounts. Thanks everyone, Mark (desperate to get a new shiny mount).
  13. Hi, I have Bresser EXOS II EQ5 mount with dual motor drive. Want to upgrade to GOTO + guiding support. Read many negative reviews about GOTO Upgrade kit given by Bresser. So wanted to know are there really such issues like incorrect GOTO, loud noise while slewing etc. If yes, then as an alternative can we use Sky-watcher Synscan GOTO upgrade kit with Bresser EXOS II EQ5 mount? Will it work? Thanks! - Abhijit Juvekar
  14. Hi guys This topic was opened to see if anyone can help me determine which operating system is compatible with the telescope control. I have a Skywatcher 130/650 I can not control my GoTo telescope and windows 7 but I can not see the planetarium program.
  15. I found an Exos 2 Goto mount for decent price, i hear this essentially was the LXD75, anyone out there have any experience with this mount? i am fairly well versed on Celestron, skywatcher and Meade mounts having had them, but i know nothing about this exes 2, i would use it for visual mainly and solar AP tracking.
  16. Greetings, Im new to the realms of astronomy and have just acquired my first telescope; an Orion Skyscanner 100m reflector. I've taken it out a few times using a childrens Ikea table as a mount and attempted some afocal photography using my Canon EOS 100D DSLR camera (without a great deal of success as can be expected!). Though I have a keen interest in astrophotgraphy, Im settling for simply viewing at this stage, with a view to purchasing a good mount in the future perhaps. Currently, I could benefit from a mount that is going to offer me some reasonable stability over a flimsy table that isnt going to cost the earth. Would an inexpensive EQ (such as the Orion EQ-1) be suitable or should I perhaps consider a simple camera tripod or Altazimuth? Any suggestions here would be welcome. And if anyone has suggestions on achieving some basic astrophotgraphy with my prospective equipment in mind, Id like to hear from them. Or if its best avoided entirely (which I highly expect) then Id also like to know. Thanks! Nathan
  17. Due to recent equipment upgrade, I am selling my Sky-Watcher AZ4 mount including stainless steel tripod. The item is used and has some scratches, but is fully functional. I'm looking for £80. Collection only from Cambridge, due to size and weight. Thanks for looking, Piero
  18. I'm looking for a mounting bracket similar to the one that comes with the 8SE for the supplied basic red dot finder, it is to go on a tube ring which already has five screw holes in it along a flat section (presumably for guide scopes etc). The holes seem to have odd spacing, from centre to centre they are 11mm, 19mm, 19mm, 11mm, and between holes it is 5mm, 12mm, 12mm, 5mm, according to my approximate measurements. I just want to be able to fit my existing red dot finder to this scope as well as my 8SE, but for the life of me I don't seem to be able to buy that little mount that comes with the 8SE, curved base or not (I need a flat base or one that can fit either style). Thank you in advance!
  19. After having used my Meade Infinity 102 several times now, the piece that has been the biggest impediment to observing is the mount. The main issue has been with altitude adjustment, both course and fine. There's some play in the course adjustment, about 1-2º worth, and the fine adjustment is a bit on the rough side. The azimuth control is ok in both course and fine adjustment. There's also the fact that the fine adjustments have a limited range which requires re-centering them about a few times every hour or so. I've tried various tweaks to the mount to no avail. At this point I'm not really inclined to put any more effort into improving the mount. It is usable and if I stick with this and am still observing a couple months from now, then I'll be looking for an upgrade. I want to stick with the alt-az design. I don't want to pay for goto capabilities. I'm currently not interested in imaging. Would the Vixen Mini Porta be too small for this scope? Would the Vixen Porta II be a more appropriate mount for this scope? Any other options I should consider?
  20. IOptron Cem25

    Hello to all, I have got a chance of going for a IOptron CEM25P that I want to use in my back garden. I also would like to take it on my travels around the UK and possibly abroad. I have organised a deal for this mount together with an 80 mm triplet refractor and guide scope. I can order the mount with 1.5” or 2” legs; weight difference is about 3kg for the heavier version, extra cost about £100. I just wondered if anyone could advise if the 1.5” legs would be good enough and stay stable in the wind? Does anyone own this mount and have either of the two sizes of legs? I would love to hear your experiences before I finally put in the order. May I thank you in advance if you can offer any help. Cheers!
  21. EQ mount with no meridian flip

    Now when I have started to use my observatory I face a new problem, meridian flip. Earlier at my balcony I didn't have any problem because I only had a free view to East. Can that problem be solved and still have a German equtorial mount? After have googled on it I found some people who have solved it, not exactly how I want it but close. I have collected my information on my homepage and a first simple drawing how I think will be a good solution for me who live at latitude 59 degrees: http://astrofriend.eu/astronomy/projects/project-eq-mount-with-no-meridian-flip/project-eq-mount-with-no-meridian-flip.html I'm a bit angry at myself that I didn't think about this before I built the pier and observatory, it had been much easier if I had been built it alreday from the beginning. Tell me if you have done any attempt to solve this, maybe better ideas then my own. /Lars
  22. Mount current draw

    Someone a while back, most likely on a different site, was asking about the current draw of their mount so that they could factor it in. Anyway, I decided to measure mine out of pure curiosity so here's my readings in case they are of any use whatsoever to anyone else... CGEM DX + StarSense HC + StarSense Camera + Celestron GPS (Measured using a regulated 12v supply and multi-meter) Normal RA tracking: 470ma max (5.56W) Full speed RA+DEC slew: 1550ma max (18.6W) I suspect there is also a momentary surge as the motors start as the power supply needed to be set to give up to 3A otherwise it cut the voltage on a full speed slew and the motor controller objected (although the hand controller was fine as it regulates down to 5v or so anyway I suspect). This wasn't picked up by the meter so it wasn't sustained. Rich.
  23. A table of Mount payload ratings and a spreadsheet for Baader Hyperion variations and your Scope & Barlow / PowerMate / Amplifier. Might be of use to a few =) Mount Payloads.xlsx Mount Payloads.csv Baader Hyperion Varsiations.xlsx Baader Hyperion Varsiations a.xls
  24. Hi everyone, Im currently having some issues with my goto mount, Im going through all the correct procedures and choosing 2 star Align for the allignment process, starting with Vega as its the easiest and brightest star for me to see at the moment. When it comes to the second part, the mount aligning itself with the second star ( I have been choosing Alkaid) the mount slews off in the compmetely oppossite direction. I have tried this with a few different stars and always have the same results. Any thoughts please guys maybe im doing something wrong. Thanks for your help!
  25. Losmandy G11, c/w Ovision worm upgrade, Gemini L4 GOTO, tripod, 3 x stainless steel counterweights, PSU & Peli case. Open to reasonable offers. Losmandy G11 mount Ovision precision worm gear (NS0700408) Gemini Level 4 controller software 3 x 9Kg Stainless steel counterweights (made by Brian at Astroparts) Polar scope with illuminated reticule Upgraded Altair Astro saddle (both Losmandy/Vixen dovetails) 12V regulated power supply 1 long and 1 very long serial cable, with optional USB/serial converter, for PC control Losmandy HD-Tripod 2 x 12" tripod extension Pelican 1650 case (with wheels, extension handle and pick & pluck foam) Printed colour manual Imperial Allen keys The head is in very good condition. Franck, at Ovision, replaced the worm gear under warranty in Dec. 2011. Ovision's worm gear measurement results are available. The mount has been used exclusively for imaging up to Feb. 2014, since when it has been stored in a clean, dry environment. The mount is kept in a peli case, with pick & pluck foam insert. I have included the 12V regulated power supply, which I bought for the mount. This is a very good setup whether you're a visual observer or an imager. Also included: Altair 8" Steel powder coated pier-head, the tripod extension bolts directly to it and it's got adjustable levelling. Cash on collection or bank transfer preferred Delivery options: Collection preferred, mount is located in Kent. Will consider delivering mount in person, depending on destination. Happy to provide details if you want to arrange your own courier, for collection. Offers around £2000