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Found 182 results

  1. I’ve been using my 8’ Edge HD on an Evolution mount for a couple of years now and I added a wedge to it a few months back. Using SkyPortal with StarSense I’ve never really had any major issues getting it aligned. Last night I was setting up to photograph Mars and went through my normal procedure. StarSense took its images but, after confirming success with the third plate, instead of just winding up a bit and parking it proceeded to pitch the ota towards the north well below the horizon. Fortunately nothing snagged. I skipped the ASPA and instructed it to goto Mars and was surprised to find it was spot on (better than usual actually). Anyone any ideas why it took that nose dive? Thanks.
  2. Hi guys, this is my first post and i apologise in advance if this topic has been discussed before. I am having some issues with my explore scientific iexos 100 mount, i cannot seem to get it to line up with whatever star or other object i am looking for. For example I sent it to look at the moon last night, being December 29th, when it had finished slewing to what the mount thought was the correct coordinates for the moon, the mount was facing far away from it, so i tried to do 3 star alignment and every star i sent it to, it was facing nowhere near where it was meant to be facing. Does anybody use this mount or has used it before, could you please help me out with this issue please. Thanks.
  3. For sale is my beloved but now superfluous to requirements HEQ5 Pro for £650 It's in a used condition as you would imagine. I've had it for about 4 years and found great success with this mount. Ideal for those beginning astrophotography and also good for visual users. I'm calling it "deluxe" due to the upgrades I've had done. - It's belt modified - It's had brand new bearings and grease - The backlash has been expertly setup - It has the latest polar scope - The power port has been replaced with an aviation style port which is a lot more secure It'll come with the hand controller and at least 1 counterweight (if I can find the second it'll come with both). The polar scope cover has been lost. The counterweight is rusty as always. There is some marring on the counterweight bar housing as shown in the photos. It also will come with the modified power cable required also. Note: the power LED sometimes doesn't illuminate but the mount is still powered (please see the photo with the hand controller). Collection or local delivery within Northampton
  4. Hello Everyone, This is my first post on this forum (although I've lurked in the shadows for a while). So I thought I'd share some of the modifications that I've had done to the new Mesu MkII I received last week in case someone can benefit. Sadly I haven't tried it imaging yet only balanced, slewed it around and read the Sitech documentation to make sure everything is functioning. The day it arrived we plunged into sub-zero temps and snow . The mods include an extended wedge for some limited imaging past the meridian, and an angled counterweight bar for clearance in the tight space. Some have commented in other posts on the long Mesu CW bar but its necessary to balance the weight of the head (unloaded) and to accommodate counterweights for the significant payload. Once tested I'll be loading this bad-boy with a number of different focal length scopes as changing equipment at 25C below is not fun. I lasted one winter doing this and the automated ESO (Exceedingly Small Observatory) was born. Has anybody with this mount installed homing switches? The Sitech1 controller has an aux port for this purpose. For me this would be for integration into the ROR control system to prevent an expensive mistake. Eventually the goal will be to monitor for inclement weather and shut down the system safely or automate parking and calibration frames at the end of a normal session. This is a work in progress as I only completed the ROR roof upgrades this summer. Thanks Gary. PS That flats panel needs moving. It was ok with the old mount but every inch counts now!
  5. Hi all, Got bored during lockdown and purchased a telescope. It's a Bresser Refractor Telescope AR-102/600 EQ-3 with mount and tripod from Amazon for about £280. I've been enjoying it and added a Bresser Full HD Deep-Sky Camera to it so I could share some images. Not really sure what I wanted to look at and feel I may have bought the wrong things, but hey I'm having fun. I've been looking to get the mount motorised (RA) and spent much time looking at all the options. As a beginner I'm now thinking why not just jump in and get a computerised mount with all the features built in by experts. I found the Explore Scientific EXOS-2 PMC-Eight GOTO Mount on BresserUK for about £600, twice what I paid for my entire setup so far. But thinking the mount is very important, no matter how good the scope is a bad mount is going to make things hard. Working from the ground up so to speak. I'd like to get into stacking some images of the planets, moon, maybe some general stary shots and even something nebula like. Would you say this is a good purchase considering the scope and camera I have? A good starting point for building a better setup over time? And if I changed my mind later on, it would have a good resale value? Cheers
  6. Hey everyone, I'm new to visual astronomy and I have an Astromaster 130EQ by Celestron. I have a problem with my tripod. It is the standard stainless steel tripod which comes with the telescope. I am having issues with leveling it as it bends as soon as the weight of the counterweights, mount and optic tube is put. Please help me.
  7. Vixen Polarie Star Tracker with Vixen Quick Polaris Locator Compass in mint condition - For Sale. This mint condition Polarie Star Tracker and Vixen Polaris Locator Compass have only been used during the course of a review that I carried out for Vixen UK and will be supplied in their original boxes with manuals. This tracker is the ultimate in portable camera tracking mounts being lightweight yet manufactured to Vixen’s usual exemplary high standard and the additional Vixen Polaris Locator Compass makes polar alignment for wide field imaging quick and simple. The new price for the two items would be £399.00 For sale at £195.00 delivered. Payment by bank transfer - WILL NOT SELL OUTSIDE UK. Polarie Star Tracker Vixen Quick Polaris Locator Compass
  8. I know it may be a bit of a long shot but I'm looking to buy a HEQ5 Pro mount or an NEQ6 Pro or something similar. Preferably belt driven but not necessary as can happily modify it. Please let me know if you have anything! Thanks.
  9. Hi folks, I just upgraded my main imaging scope to a Sky-Watcher Esprit 100Ed. I'm currently looking for ideas to attach my 60mm guide scope and mini-PC with Pegasus Powerbox on top of the main scope. Probably an additional plate might help help? Anyone mind sharing some pictures as a reference? Many thanks in advance. Jairo
  10. Hi. I am looking for some advice for my cousin who is looking at getting a new telescope. He is not the type to go for a cheaper option and is looking at the 120 esprit, as i said not cheap. I believe that his intended use for this scope is lunar/planatary viewing and possibly some astrophotography of the moon/planets, he has a unmodified canon 5d mk iv DSLR. I instead recommended the skywatcher 120 evostar ED since it's a lot cheaper, but still supposed to have good optics. Would there be much difference in visual between these two scopes? e.g more chromatic aberation in the doublet, or in pictures. I have no idea on what mount to recommend either. Would appreciate some direction and recommendations on these two scopes, or possibly other scope/mount combinations. As a dob owner, i have no idea on the photography side, or mount types.
  11. Hello, I was wondering if a 2kg telescope would be good for a heq5 mount, i am worried that the counter weight Will over power the telescope an the whole thing Will be unbalanced. P. S im looking for a resonnly cheap HEQ5 goto mount if any one knows where to get one. Thanks, Lucas
  12. I can't get my Skywatcher AZ-EQ5 PRO connected to Stellarium. I'm tring to de that by cable, an usb in my laptop int the other end plugged in the usb port on the hand SynScan hand controller. I did that about 2 years ago, and it worked perfectly, but now i can't get it working. In the end, I want to be able to control my mount via Stellarium. I've tried everything, even plugging my laptop in the mount directly. What am I missing? Did something change in the way Stellarium works or something?
  13. Overall I'm loving my new Scopetech Zero - however I can't get past the Alt axis being much tighter than the Az. If I loosen the Az clutch then the mount turns very freely, and I can adjust the clutch to be reassuringly present while still allowing for slo-mo control. All as I expected. The slo-mo controls on both axis seem to be similarly set, if slightly tight, but I also don't have anything to compare this to and doesn't seem to cause any problems. But the Alt axis is altogether stiffer. With the clutch fully disengaged it still takes noticeable force to move. Any guidance on how I can adjust this?
  14. Many of you will recall when I purchased my APM LZOS 180mm triplet a couple of years ago I wanted to mount the scope on an Alt-Az but at 23kg for the barebones OTA and more than 1 metre in length, there was very little choice available that was up to the job. Fortunately APM themselves actually manufacture a seriously heavy duty Alt-Az mount called the AzMaxLoad. At the time a number of SGL members expressed some interest and more recently I have received a couple of PMs asking about it so I have finally got round to committing my thoughts into a review (work seems to have taken over my life over the last year, hence my inactivity on SGL). You can find the review on my astro-site on the link: http://alpha-lyrae.co.uk/2016/02/27/apm-azmaxload-mount-review/ To give a flavour of the size, here is the AzMaxLoad (on the left) next to my very capable Tele Optic Ercole (18kg OTA capacity). Quite a bit bigger isn't it!
  15. Hi All, I thought I report on an issue I recently faced with my Celestron AVX mount that features the new dual saddle plate. The plate takes two standards of dovetails, the narrow CG-5 dovetails and wider CGE. Most people know the CG-5 as a "Vixen Style" dovetail and the CGE is Celestron's version of a 3" (but not compatible with a Losmandy) dovetail. Now the issue. I own a 7" Mak (Skymax 180 from SW) which has a classical Vixen-Style dovetail. When you try to clamp the 7" Mak to the AVX, the saddle plate clamp does not really fit. Interestingly the 7" Mak has too large of a diameter to fit the AVX saddle, which comes to a surprise, given that a C8 or a C9.25 are popular choices for that mount. As you can see on image, on the left side, the clamp rests on the OTA and the dovetail does not touch the clamp on the bottom. When you tighten the fixing screws, tension is built up between the clamp and the OTA and not between the clamp and the dovetail. In addition this makes it quite harder to balance the OTA on the mount (the clamp-tube jams). In the end the OTA will get a dent at that location, I guess. Luckily I caught this right a way and my OTA is not yet damaged. Anyhow for some this might not be an issue, but I changed the AVX clamp and now use an aftermarket clamp from ADM. Thought I share this with the community as this might be interesting for some. Clear skies Alex
  16. Hi I own a Skywatcher SynScan 130P Explorer but I find it does not take good astro images and now I hardly use it which is really sad and with some money coming in the next few months I want to sell it and buy another good scope to support taking pics of the night sky. Well, my question and I need advice : Since I am really enjoying photographing the night sky at the moment, I am using my Canon 70 D on a good tripod with Samyung 14mm or Tokina 11- 14mm. I have got some ok pics from this of the Milky Way but I am not greatly satisfied with the results much. As an upgrade, I am keen on buying a star tracker and a astro modified camera( or something similar to this ). (I want to kick myself as I sold my Canon 450D two years ago for £100) Do you think I should ? Is this useful ? Can I use the Star tracker with my canon 70D? Also, If I get the star tracker will a astro modified camera help me take better pics. I have seen some stuff on You tube , but I am confused. Also , If I buy another scope will I be able to use the modified camera with that ? Sorry for asking so many questions.
  17. So, that Mesu-Mount (http://www.mesu-optics.nl/mesu200_en.html) looks nice doesn't it? It would probably be great for my Skywatcher 300P tube... except it's quite expensive. Could I cobble together something from second hand eBay bits, scraps I have in the garage, and a few other cheap components? The first job was to make some bushes (from 35mm steel) that will hold the main friction wheel: They bolt onto a 20mm diameter steel rod: A 150mm diameter, 10mm thick, steel disc was drilled to allow the bushes to be mounted: Then the center of the disc was bored out: ...and fitted to the 20mm rod, along with a couple of bearings: To finish the outside of the friction wheel, the rod was mounted in a collet, to ensure the wheel is machined true to the rod: Just under 0.04mm (about 1.5 thou) out of round. I'm pushing the limits of my little lathe (and my non-existent metalwork experience), but I hope that'll be OK: I sourced a used 1:100 harmonic drive from eBay, and turned a sleeve that will form the driver for the friction wheel: In order to mount the harmonic drive (and the stepper motor that will power it) I'll need something to hold them. Time to chuck some 6mm scrap MDF on the CNC: It's not exactly pretty, but it will support the stepper and harmonic drive (hinged on the smooth rod on the curved side of the MDF sheets). Hopefully it will allow the driven wheel to be pressed against the friction wheel without undue stress on the harmonic drive output shaft: Using the very highest quality "scrap bits of chipboard", carefully sourced from IKEA's skip, the wheel and rod are mounted, along with a lever that will push the harmonic drive output into the friction wheel: With the rod screwed down (into a threaded insert in the chunk of pine) the bearing on the lever raises up: Here you can see how the bearing on the lever will engage with the harmonic drive output - pushing it into the wheel. This part of the mechanism will give a 10:1 ratio: The carefully cut (read: hacked to fit) sheet of plywood (glued together from two parts of a jig I no longer needed), supports the lever, rod, and the about-to-be-installed harmonic drive/stepper motor cradle: Like this: I have some (almost) working code running on an Arduino to control the stepper, but for the moment I removed the stepper and spun the wave generator in the back of the harmonic drive by hand. It was OK lifting a 5lb (2.3kg) weight, on a beam that is 33.3cm (rod-to-string-hole distance). I make that 2.3kg x 9.81m/s^2 = 22.56N, at 0.33m => 7.4Nm of torque: Attempts to get it to lift 10lb (4.6kg) were not successful; the friction wheel slips. I could tell there was a lot of flex in the lever as it had bottomed out against the pine block. I hacked a bit off to allow it to move further (i.e. bend more), and not surprisingly it failed. It did get close to lifting the 4.6kg though, so I might have got away with 3kg (which would be nearly 10Nm of torque): The lever was designed to be the same dimensions as some standard metal stock (I wasn't expecting 6mm MDF to survive), so once I take delivery of that stock I'll make a new lever. How/if the rest of this will actually work I don't know, but the above is "only" about 3 months of occasional work (which includes a previous all-wooden prototype to test the theory), so it may be a while before there's much progress to report.
  18. Hi SGL forum. I currently have a HEQ5 Pro mount which I am just about to attach an Astroberry to for normal astro pics etc. However I am really interested in sticking a normal camera and wideish lens to do some wide field panoramic milky way shots and stitch them together. So mt question is have any of you ever seen anything that will drive the mount to do a patchwork of shots automatically?
  19. Hi, Sorry if this has already been asked ( I think it would have been, there are posts similar but can't see the the answer I'm looking for) I have a celestron C8-N scope that came with a Cg5 mount, it's at least 10 years old and although it had a lot of use to start with it's been gathering dust the last few years. So I would like to fit a motorised goto mount to it and was considering a synscan pro3 for an Eq5 mount. Can someone tell me are these 2 mounts the same and if so will the synscan be OK for my Cg5 mount. If not are there any others I should look at? Thanks
  20. Hello, I have been lurking in the background for the last few months, reading the great posts from many very knowledgable members, I’m now after some personal equipment advice and thought it was time I asked the pros! I’ve been interested in the stargazing for a long time and have been enjoying casual scanning with tripod mounted binoculars for the past year. Up until now, due to work commitments, I’ve been unable to dedicate much time to my interest. However, I recently changed jobs and now have a lot more free time and the opportunity to really get started. I’m in Yorkshire, fairly rural and not too much light pollution. I’ll be setup primarily from the garden but I’m only five minutes drive from remote moorland for any local out-of-home viewing. My aim initially is visual viewing and studying with a good quality scope. I worked as a photographer a long time ago so further down the line I’d like to try AP and add a second scope specifically for imaging. I’m thinking long term overall but would like to jump in with a solid core setup I can add to over time. My budget can be up to £2,500. After much research I’m considering the Sky Watcher AZ-EQ5 or AZ-EQ6 mount - both these seem highly regarded and adaptable to future needs, I believe the EQ6 may be better considering future imaging use? For the OTA I’ve been looking at the Celestron 9.25? It seems to deliver well for planets and lunar but I would welcome personal recommendations of other ideal scopes within budget. I’ve also briefly looked into accessories such as the Baader Hyperion Zoom Eyepiece and William Optics / Baader diagonals but one area I need to know more about is eyepieces. Thanks for your time, I’d really welcome advice from you all on what I should consider for my aims and budget. Cheers
  21. Hello, I was wondering if any of you guys know a place to buy a HEQ5 mount for a cheap price about £600. Thanks Lucas
  22. Hi guys, new to SG lounge and new to the hobby. I have just bought my first EQ Mount (Used 2018 model HEQ5 pro, belt modded). I hate to be the newbie to ask questions about polar alignment, but I have what I hope to be a relatively simple question to answer, yet have had no luck with the search bar. When my mount is in the home position (counterweight bar down) and tripod north my polar scope reticle is orientated as per the attached photograph (photo 1). When I was reading prior to getting the mount I had simply assumed that the reticle would be oriented with 0 being directly at the top and 6 at the bottom when in home position. As this is not the case, my question regards what I do during the process of polar alignment. Do I rotate the R.A. so that 0 is at the top and 6 is at the bottom and then place Polaris in the relevant position as per my iOS polar alignment app (photo 2) or do I need to somehow rotate the reticle within the polar scope such that the reticle is orientated vertically in the home position? Are the date and time dials on the mount itself obsolete now that we have the privilege of apps that do the work for us? Apologies if this is a basic question that has been covered before.
  23. I`m looking to upgrade my mount. looking for a goto mount with a payload capacity of 5.5kg upwards. EQ5 HEQ5 mount with goto. I`m in the yorkshire area but willing to travel 100 miles of leeds to collect
  24. Hello I was wondering if it would be Worth buying a motorised mount but sińce it is mosty cloudy through out the year where I live i was wondering if i should buy the mount or not. Thanks Lucas
  25. Hi, I have a Meade LX85 6" Mak. The OTA weighs about 13lbs without accessories. I'm getting the hang of the GEM mount, but I find it a hassle to get right and miss the ease and speed of the Alt-Az GoTo I had with my previous 5" Mak. I'm primarily a lunar observer and have no real interest as yet in astrophotography. In consequence, I'm looking for a relatively inexpensive GoTo Alt-Az mount (and legs) to carry the Mak. I will be keeping the GEM. Advice much appreciated.
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