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  1. Taken last night. 14 x 600s with Atik 4120EX and Hutech IDAS LP filter. C11 on Mesu 200 Pixinsight, SGPro and PHD2 software. I've played around with this and its as if I can go through layers. Bring out the dark outer explosive dust or the internal star explosion and all that inbetween. I've not yet managed to bring all the details out at the same time while keeping the image viewable without feeling nauseous lol. It's been fun but I think I have done it to death, just not posted. Anyway, here is my latest rendition. Im improving my processing skills but still on the
  2. Have you tried to Debayer the file.. Just open Debayer and drag an instance over to the picture. Make sure you have the correct Debayer matrix selected
  3. Sounds like a great job for the right person.
  4. Very entertaining video. That must have taken an age to make. From setting up to imaging and all that work in between....Must have taken days to make. And yes, Hammonds brother, maybe?
  5. Having been sold a CG-5GT and C11 as a good setup when I was a Beginner, 10 years ago. I had to laugh seeing it in this video. I took my 5GT to a star party once... They only said no lights...No one said you had to be quite!! Its the noisiest mount I have ever heard. Back home in the garden I had to choose an object before kids went to bed else the mount would wake the neighbours when slewing.
  6. The chip looks to be the same....So you are looking at manufacturer and add-ons. Having the Atik 4120EX and dealing with ATIK, I have found them to give great service. I have never used Trius, so could not say. Trius is cheaper though, at the moment https://www.firstlightoptics.com/atik-cameras/atik-460EX.html https://www.firstlightoptics.com/offers/starlight-xpress-trius-pro-694-mono-ccd-camera.html I'm sure you will be happy with either camera. Good luck.
  7. Thank you for your comprehensive list. I do have USB3 and i7 Gen 4, with SSD, so quite fast. I was using SC but I will download and try Firecapture when I attempt again this evening, if I can. That's great info. Thanks. Dave.
  8. Geof, thats a great image. The core looks almost 3D. I'm very impressed with that. Must have taken a lot of time processing. Thanks for sharing. Dave.
  9. Both are good. More data is ALWAYS needed The wide shows at least one other galaxy, top left. Dave.
  10. Another galaxy far far away....I need a bigger scope Astromap.com  - NGC 6700 - galaxy in the constellation Lyrae I kept coming across this galaxy many times I was trying to find something to image when looking at CdC Charts And last night it was there again....So, it was something to leave the scope on for the short night. I've posted the main image and a crop version. Out of the 25 subs, I managed to use 18 x 600s. Taken using the Atik 4120EX OSC with Hutech IDAS LP filter 18 x 600s Lights Master Darks & Bias C11 on Mesu 200. SGPro, Pixin
  11. I agree. Leave alone. I can only make it worse now
  12. Played with the pink/red a bit to show the illusion I used Ha filter Plus a few other tweaks. I think I will leave this alone now......for a while anyway.
  13. Thank, yes. I was busy this evening but Wednesday is looking good to try. I will try to use barlow too.
  14. Thank you Mark. I'm glad I worked again on it. I was intrigued with the detail that started to appear. I think I will return to this with the scope to get more subs. There is a wisp of an arm sweeping right to left from the top. That arm drifts all the way to 8 o'clock. More data needed
  15. Reprocessed with 21 x 600s Subs Used 300s darks instead of 600s. Next time eh!! ( making new 600s darks now )
  16. That about sums it up for me!! Welcome to SGL Dave
  17. Looking through my files I have found many images that have yet to be processed. Should keep me going over the next three months while I wait for darker nights to return. Nothing special, just a nice galaxy far far away. I took 25 x 600s but only managed to stack 10 frames. I will go back to this later and maybe manually stack the 25...if I get bored enough lol. Wiki NGC 3631 is a spiral galaxy located in the constellation Ursa Major. It is located at a distance of circa 35 million light years from Earth, which, given its apparent dimensions, means that NGC 3631 is about 60,000
  18. I agree. I spent a lot of time adjusting to the right focus. In the end, fortunatley, I have a Celestron Auto fuser...so sent it one way until Venus had two obvious edges...took a reading. then moved the oposite way past focus until Venus again had two edged...Took the reading...Rewound to half way between the two lol. Close enough for a first try Do you know what setting should be used for Sharpcap and ZWO ASI 290 Pro OSC to record Video instead of FITs files? Dave
  19. And about as good as I can get it withough spending a lot of time on it. Its good data but but, for my taste, the galaxy is just too far away. I am used to working with focal length of 2800mm on my C11.
  20. I usually image DSO's But the darkness is vanishing and Venus is so bright I thought I would give Venus a shot. I did not use the Barlow...I know I should have. Also, my setup will stay on Venus all the while...Great when observing. Not so good when imaging as the image stays put. There is no dithering. So, the image hits the same pixels all the time...again, not so good. One can see the pixels here. This was 6000 shots. Taken using FIT's files...I should have used some other file as Autostakkert would not see the files. Hence, processing in PixInsight manually using Comet to stack.
  21. that file appears to be debayered wronly on my PI. It comes out RED. Did you set the debayer matrix to RGGB?
  22. Had another go at processing. Darkened the background and reduced the noise a little...or is that, moved the noise elsewhere Well, its only 95 mins of data at f/10 lol.
  23. Last night was such a clear night I could not resist imaging something. I set my scope up and let it roll. Imaged from 00:17 unitl 03:17...After which the subs where too light. Out of quite a few miss starts, fails and resets. I finally got going on NGC6946. Processed while relaxing after a beautiful day but with tired eyes. 19 x 300s Subs Atik 4120EX OSC with IDAS LP filter. C11 2800mm on Mesu 200. And guided with Lodestar x2 on ZWO OAG. Processed using Pixinsight. 30 flats Master Bias and Darks. Thanks for looking. Dave. Astrobin
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