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  1. Hi - I recently acquired an iOptron iEQ45 Pro and last night was the first attempt to use it in 'anger'. I'm unable to see Polaris and so was intending to do an iterative polar alignment process, but first needed to set the finder scope properly. I selected 'Solar System Align' from the alignment menu and with the moon leering at my back, found the only object that was suggested was Mars. No amount of button pressing, back, re-do would show anything other than Mars, which was behind my house! The manual suggests that pushing the SS Align menu function should show up a list of 9 objects to select from. The GPS was fully on-side and showing the correct information, so has anybody any suggestions? I'm assuming I'm doing something wrong here as usual! LOL Thanks Keith
  2. Amazing image - as the weather improves and the sun rises higher, I sense you are going to blow us away!
  3. Great images. This reminds me, the sun is getting high enough for me to crack out my solar gear.
  4. Following the sale of my Celestron, this ADM guidescope system is up for grabs. The scope rings will accomodate a telescope up to 100mm and the main dovetail bar is for a Celestron C8/CPC800. Complete with an additional mounting plate which allows for use with a standard vixen mount (not shown). This would cost in the region of £200 new... It's in almost perfect nick - just one slight mark visible to the left of the C8 bar (was like that when I received it) £90.00 plus postage at cost. Thanks for looking
  5. No skywatcher mount now, so this is surplus. £15.00 plus postage at cost. Thanks
  6. I don't have a Celestron mount any more, so this is surplus. £60 plus postage at cost.
  7. Aaaggghhh - again - guys you are absolutely right - me a muppet! Should've thought that one through better. They are indeed 40mm each therefore sanity has returned but carelessness on my part conquers all! Sorry for wasting your time
  8. Ok guys Here are a couple of photos to show what I mean. In the first one, the draw tube is out by 12.5mm and there are two extension spacers connected each of 20mm but together only 37.5mm.The EP reaches focus at the 12.5mm point giving plenty of in and out potential. In the second one I have removed one extension spacer and extended the focus tube by 20mm to compensate. The EP will not reach focus! In fact, it won't even reach focus when wound right out to 45mm! Now I'm obviously missing something; can anyone explain what it is? Thanks in advance Keith
  9. Defo the same tree - The scope is in the garage, I have to go outside to get it and it's persisting down with the stuff sent to punish us all because I bought some gear....well, quite a lot of gear. Mind you, I sold quite a lot too, so it's their fault too. Sorry. Photos to follow when it stops
  10. Yep indeed Justin - the only difference between the two was the removal of one extension tube. I accept the light path theory, but if the focal point is (say) 55mm from the end of the retracted draw tube, surely it shouln't matter whether that is made up of one extension tube plus a lot of focus tube travel or two extension tubes and a small amount of focus tube travel....? And yet it does! I mean, it's not like it won't come to focus; it does. It just messes with my head!
  11. Thanks - not very far - I am hopeful of the difference a few million miles will make John, but it still doesn't answer why the maths doesn't work with the tree! The focal point should surely be a factor of distance at the back of the tube, whether through an extension tube or not - yet it isn't! Puzzled......
  12. Sorry for the Drama..."No drama...." Ok, here is a conundrum. I recently acquired an ES ED127 Apo EDF100 - lovely scope - yep, back focus for visual! So, the focus draw tube is their now standard 45mm and they supply 2 x 20mm extension tubes. If you screw these together they actually extend the focus tube by 37.5mm because of the thread engagement. With my ES 2" EPs, focus on a local tree is only achieved with the two extension tubes (37.5mm total) and around 11.5<12.5mm of the focus draw tube extended plus a diagonal. So....about 49<51mm of total extension to the draw tube - yes? Now, trying to be logical and reduce complication, I removed one extension tube, thinking that with (originally) around 12mm of the draw tube's available 45mm used, I should be able to achieve focus with a single 18.75mm extension tube plus around 30.25<31.25mm of the draw tube used. WRONG Focus couldn't quite be achieved even at the very end of the draw tube (ie 45mm + 18.75mm = 63.75mm) Now my maths may be wrong or I must be missing some important optical principle. Can anyone help and enlighten me please? Thanks in advance Keith
  13. I’m with number two too - there’s never a simple answer as it’s usually down to personal taste, but whatever, there is superb data in there, no doubt.
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