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  1. It's funny how some glorious images just don't get the recognition they deserve on many forums. This is not only an excellent capture, but it's very sympathetically processed too. Not overly aggressive or forced. It shows the value of good data in the first place, that requires sensitive processing rather than 'pushing'. What software did you run it through?
  2. That is gorgeous! You are not just a planetary imager any more. One of the best amateur versions I've seen.
  3. Well I'm happy. I went ahead and bought one, installed everything, mounted the PC to my setup and tested it. Everything works well and using W10 Remote Desktop I can look forward to the autumn & winter without freezing myself half to bits. Thanks for the assistance and advice, much appreciated.
  4. So, to conclude - this looks like a good one for the price. It will presumably run all the necessary software (Maxim, APT, Sharpcap, PHD2 & CdC) with me just linking to it from the laptop, thereby avoiding WiFi drop trashing my set up & guiding. Am I right with that? Only ever used usb hardwire till now Radec
  5. Evening guys I'm thinking of getting one of these to run my imaging rig wirelessly MINIX NEO Z83-4 Does anyone have any comments, suggestions or better alternatives? Thanks in advance Radec
  6. Late to the party here, but I have an 831 as well. Long story, but it has taken some stunning images of the moon - amongst the clearest I have taken. I’m desperate to find a finder for it though..... They are amazing scopes. Keith
  7. Just to wrap this up, I pulled the trigger on the 178m today. Couldn’t justify the extra expense and didn’t want the larger pixels. Thanks for the help all, will post some images when the penance is done
  8. Until recently I had a CPC800 and that's how I took my recent planetary images (as with the avatar) - had to go though due to physical constraints where I live now (carrying it a long way from storage to patio along an uneven cottage path). Dave - the 178c I have now gets the full disk in perfectly; it's just a waste of pixels using the colour matrix.I had some great results with the 5P-11m once I got Mr Newton sorted! - shame it's borked.
  9. I’m looking at the 174 as a mate has one and swears by it. The pixel size is an issue for the 50mm Lunt though (the only solar I intend to use). This tends to lean me towards the 178m and back around the circle I come. Not too happy with the fact that the 5P-11m has apparently decided to retire early plus there are some possibilities with the 174 and certain DSOs which add to the party a bit. thanks for the continuing input chaps Keith
  10. Thanks for that, I'll check them out. The reason is that the QHY5P-11m has decided to cease most functionality. It records light passing over it but cannot sustain more that about 0.1 FPS - no idea why so I'm trying to investigate the causes (it used to work fine but has been dormant for 2 years or so before trying again recently) with a new laptop. It is also usb2 which compared with the 178c is just way too slow. The 178c is a good camera and has given some pretty good results on Jupiter but for solar in particular and in mono mode, it is not sensitive enough. Colour on the sun is a waste of pixels imo. So, all in all it's time to move on and hence my question. Thanks for the comments
  11. Guys - time to choose a new camera. I have been using QHY cameras for some time but have decided to think again. What is the view on alternatives for lunar, solar and planetary? The only constraints will be USB3 obviously and price as I don’t want to spend a fortune (circa 500). The solar is Ha through a Lunt 50 and I’m partial to full disk images. Scopes can be seen below with the exception of my Swift 77mm refractor which has been very good on the moon. Thanks in advance Keith
  12. Thanks Cotak - that is what is so excellent about these forums. Your info has nailed the problem. The board that I pulled out is V1420 (obviously an old-ish one) and the one the retailer sent me to include the balance option is V1441. No plus, so that's the issue. So easy to think it's something you've done or not done yourself. Thanks for your help - sanity saved. Keith
  13. Yep, I checked it wasn’t the same as the one I pulled out. Do you happen to know what the number should be?
  14. Quick update - I re-did the entire operation by the book - no difference, still no RA balance option. So, my money is now on either the wrong RA board or a duff RA board. I'll post back when I know more Keith
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