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  1. Blimey, last night I added the 3.3 reducer to my Meade 8" SCT (Old LX10) on the new mount, no guiding or cooling using my planetary camera(ASI462 MC). I took 200 x 10 sec subs, Live stacked on the ASIAIR Pro, Sky Safari said I would get this and I certainly did, photo slightly tweaked on the ipad(30 sec jobs). I only intended a quick test......33.5 mins of data
  2. Well, in the end I pulled the trigger on SW EQ6-R Pro(risking divorce). After speaking with Ron on here, he gave me some brilliant advice on de-forking the SCT from the Meade arms/mount(see attached document) and it now sits and works brilliantly on the new mount. I think the actual time took approx 45mins when I looked at the time stamps on the photos I took. So far now, I have only used the new mount visually for the SuperMoon(moon filter as well), but blimey, rock steady and no noise, I probably know no difference, but I am super impressed with it. I did also then use my
  3. Funny, I was just doing a search to see if anyone had created any documents as I had just completed one today after changing my Meade LX10 8" onto a EQ6-R Pro yesterday and your process like very similar - great minds, although Ron pointed me in the right direction. Deforking a Meade LX10 8inch to SW EQ6-R Pro PDF.pdf
  4. Hi Could I pick your brains please and regarding the SkyWatcher EQ6-R Pro mounts. So are you(all) saying it's the case that the latest version of the mount should includes the new additional USB connector ? OR Possibly as stated, the latest version comes in several versions, one that happens to have the newer usb connector on the main case ? I was just wondering is it the situation if it does not have the usb connector then its an older version of the mount? Thanks in advance
  5. Hi So just to confirm, you connected from your ASIAIR Pro(using one of the usb 2 ports) <--> SW HEQ5 into the port that normally would have been used to connect the handset ? Using a EQMod cable (usb one end and the other looks like a ST4/telephone plug) Thanks
  6. Rosetta is not mine, but fine - always great to try new things. So does it literally take off the green tinge ? Sugar, windows only........I use a Mac!
  7. I did have another bash at M42 after adding some more data late last week before the weather changed.
  8. Cheers, still learning and its a bit hard to see with a lower res screen print, I will have another go at it sometime to try a bit more post PS
  9. Olly hi Thank you for the prompt reply. USA Basically, I have a friend in the USA and he has a Meade SCT 14" LX200 GPS F10 and it would be purely in this instance for astrophotography. I believe he has a 6.3 Reducer(waiting for him to confirm that) and because of the long focal length of his scope, I was wondering if anyone had used a 3.3 ? My thinking, at least it will increase his field of view, speed it up and make it more forgiving for some DSO work, eventually possibly even looking to get it guiding with a guide scope etc. UK I have a Meade 8"
  10. Out of interest and I am not sure what approach you chaps normally take. And bearing in mind, this is just a screen print and my initial image on the left, I did take longer to process that in PS. Left Usually I throw all my 10/30/60/120 exposures in together, stack(DSS) and then PS etc. Right So, yesterday afternoon (taking not as much time as I normally would on the final image) I stacked the individual exposures for each duration in groups to end up with 4 stacked pictures(10/30/60/120) and then I did a HDR merge. Hard to see on these screen prints, b
  11. Hi I appreciate this is an old post, but does anyone happen to know what Focal Reducers this scope is compatible with please ? I assume a 6.3, but anything smaller/faster ? Thanks
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