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  1. Hi Glen and John thank you for your thoughts,I still need someone to write a note for my wife to tell her I must have one
  2. Hi Glen, is not the Starwave the same scope as the Lyra but with a better lens?
  3. Hi thanks for thoughts so far, does the extra size of the Bresser outweigh the better quality of the ED scope?
  4. Hi, I was thinking of selling my existing scopes,the Bresser 127AR and the Lyra Optics 102 and buying this scope,am I being silly or would it be a better scope?any thoughts please cheers Gordon
  5. Hi at the risk of repeating the photo more than once, my setups just getting fresh air really and that was more than a couple of years ago now just collecting dust and the wife's displeasure
  6. All I can say is you are all very brave Gordon
  7. one that set itself up and then put itself away
  8. just shows you have to be really careful
  9. Yes it was on ebay I put a couple of bids on it but checked today and it had disappeared altogether
  10. Hi is £1200 a good price for a secondhand TAK TOA 130? cheers Gordon
  11. you could always take up weather watching,there is always plenty of that around
  12. Hi from Truro Gordon
  13. http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/UNITRON-POLAREX-REFRACTOR-Circa-1965-AMAZINGLY-FINE-CONDITION-/272625902837?hash=item3f79c524f5:g:v7MAAOSwls5Y65MD try that one
  14. you could always go for this one http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/UNITRON-POLAREX-REFRACTOR-Circa-1965-AMAZINGLY-FINE-CONDITION-/272625902837?hash=item3f79c524f5:g:v7MAAOSwls5Y65MD
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