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  1. Seafury

    Show us your set up in action at night.

    Hi at the risk of repeating the photo more than once, my setups just getting fresh air really and that was more than a couple of years ago now just collecting dust and the wife's displeasure
  2. All I can say is you are all very brave Gordon
  3. Seafury

    Bodmin Moor - an International Dark Sky Landscape

    Very strange folk up there,eating roadkill etc
  4. Seafury

    Whats your dream telescope

    one that set itself up and then put itself away
  5. Seafury

    Show us your Frac

    just shows you have to be really careful
  6. Seafury

    Show us your Frac

    Yes it was on ebay I put a couple of bids on it but checked today and it had disappeared altogether
  7. Seafury

    Show us your Frac

    Hi is £1200 a good price for a secondhand TAK TOA 130? cheers Gordon
  8. Seafury

    The Disillusioned Astronomer

    you could always take up weather watching,there is always plenty of that around
  9. Seafury

    Hello from Cornwall

    Hi from Truro Gordon
  10. http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/UNITRON-POLAREX-REFRACTOR-Circa-1965-AMAZINGLY-FINE-CONDITION-/272625902837?hash=item3f79c524f5:g:v7MAAOSwls5Y65MD try that one
  11. you could always go for this one http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/UNITRON-POLAREX-REFRACTOR-Circa-1965-AMAZINGLY-FINE-CONDITION-/272625902837?hash=item3f79c524f5:g:v7MAAOSwls5Y65MD
  12. Hi Chris the 102 looks like all metal from the photos ,perhaps you should swap for one of those Gordon
  13. Hi Chris top of the range from Dixons was cheap when compared to the other scopes on offer from the other co's at that time, I think my 550 was about £35 in 1968 ish? but I might be remembering wrongly and it was pretty awful in terms of build quality, the 660 was much better still I thought it was wonderful at the time cheers gordon
  14. They were fairly cheap scopes back when new, I had the Prinz 660 and the 550 still have the 550 they came from Dixons I think, love to hear about the Bresser 102/1300 when you get it Gordon
  15. Staring at photos of the 102/F13 ,figure hovering over the buy now button, trouble is wife also hovering I have to work out if my fear of her outways my desire for another scope which can join the other two I already have which have barely seen the light of day or dark Gordon

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