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  1. Dave "Skylight 102mm F15 Telescope" that sounds nice cheers Gordon
  2. Hi guys no it doesn't have the rotating focuser I'm afraid but does have a R&P one cheers Gordon
  3. If my wife knew I posted a photo with those books etc around I would be straight in for retraining on my housework skills,or lack of
  4. Hi, getting dangerously near to being released into the wild,the Lyra with ED objective fitted and original Kumming focuser,please excuse the mess cheers Gordon
  5. Hi Steve, don't worry you will have given up astronomy and found a new hobby by the time I get round to using them again
  6. Well I have now done the dirty deed and swapped the ED and Achro lens cells over,apparently without destroying either one, so I now have what I think is a better tube with a rotating focuser which also accepts a Rigel electric focuser and a very nice Achro scope as well. If you all check back in about the year 2025,which is when I am next likely to summon up the will power and energy to drag it all outside,I will be able to tell how much I have messed both scopes up Gordon
  7. Hi guys, having just bought the Altair scope and already owning the the Lyra Optics(Kumming) 102/F11 Achro and comparing the build quality of both I think I would say the the Lyra is better and obviously doesn't have the removable part of the tube which I don't like and I just wonder if it would be possible to swap the lens over to the Lyra and end up with what I think might be the better tube, a comparable,rotatable focuser which I have a Rigel electric motor on,any thoughts ,has anyone done it please don't get too technical as I am not that bright compared to the level of knowledge that ever
  8. Hi Glen and John thank you for your thoughts,I still need someone to write a note for my wife to tell her I must have one
  9. Hi Glen, is not the Starwave the same scope as the Lyra but with a better lens?
  10. Hi thanks for thoughts so far, does the extra size of the Bresser outweigh the better quality of the ED scope?
  11. Hi, I was thinking of selling my existing scopes,the Bresser 127AR and the Lyra Optics 102 and buying this scope,am I being silly or would it be a better scope?any thoughts please cheers Gordon
  12. Hi at the risk of repeating the photo more than once, my setups just getting fresh air really and that was more than a couple of years ago now just collecting dust and the wife's displeasure
  13. All I can say is you are all very brave Gordon
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