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  1. Excellent find, Dave! As has been shown by your willingness to take the risk, and your care cleaning the scope - you deserve the scope and it deserves to be owned by you! Hope you enjoy it!
  2. Once again, SGL helps me in my quest for the perfect accessories!
  3. I've been out a couple more nights and days with the Tak now and have done lots of eyepiece testing to see what comes to focus with what extension or diagonal, etc. Basically, for ease of use, in 1.25" format, everything comes to focus using the 1.25" prism diagonal, with standard 1.25" vis back and NO extension. And in the Herschel wedge, everything comes to focus with a 50mm extension. Sweet. So for observing generally it is so much simpler to stick to 1.25" format for me. Especially given that wide field eyepeices are plenty available enough to give excellent fields in the f7.4 scope. In fact last night I only used two eyepieces for the whole night: the 24mm ES 68-degree and the Nagler 13mm T6. For solar the BGO's really come into their own. When I look at this objectively I think I could probably just keep half a dozen eyepieces and not suffer much! (But don't think that will ever happen...!!!)
  4. There's something quite sinister looking about that setup. Maybe it's the long thin blackness, or the danger-red mount head. Or the helical-ness. I don't know. It's just scary.
  5. It's just that the newer 152mm f5.9s benefit from better coatings, better glass, better tolerances, better optimization for visual observing, etc. They're just more up to date and more in line with what people want from a 6" achro for visual use.
  6. I have the 20mm, 15mm, and 8mm, as well as the older 10.5mm. I used to have the full set of smoothside ones too - the 13mm was my favourite. I don't quite understand why people who wear glasses would keep them on when using short focal length Plossls though. At medium to high magnification astigmatism isn't going to be obvious, and the telescope's focuser can adjust the "focus" to the eye, so I would have thought that people would do what I do - take them off to observe from medium power upwards. Also, you can bet that the optical qualities in TeleVue's eyepieces are going to be higher than in your specs, so you're adding a lower quality item to the optical train... Maybe it's just me...
  7. Damn. Just messed up my keyboard drooling on the laptop......
  8. No, not that. The pupil-guide that is an external accessory. I'm assuming the 17 T4 came with it? Or was it just the 22?
  9. I really like the look of that Sky-Tour setup. I'd like to try something similar one day.
  10. I live in North Scotland and I would say the average for clear nights would rate 6-8. But getting the clear sky in the first place is the challenge! Scope-wise, I don;t want to pin a particular model, but for me, I travel 4 miles by car to a perfect (almost) dark sky site and I get the most enjoyment out of a 4-5" refractor on either an alt-az (AZ-4 or SkyTee 2) or Vixen GP equatorial mounted on a Berlebach Uni 18 tripod. I have used larger scopes (6" refractors up to 12" Dobs) but didn't seem to get the same enjoyment-per-session ratio as with the mid-aperture refractors. Ant
  11. Or it could the first step towards a collection of T4 Naglers.... Opportunity knocks.....
  12. Mike, I know it's a fantastic eyepiece and I've enjoyed it, but I do tend to skip over it when selecting eyepieces in the field. It's too close to my 13mm Nagler, hence the sale...
  13. Here are some pictures. The eye-adjuster-thingy isn't included. I never got it when I bought this a few years ago. I am not the original owner - though you'd be hard-pressed to tell!
  14. Hi all, After mulling it over, I've decided my Nagler 17mm T4 is surplas to requirements. Beautiful eyepiece, and mine is in very good condition, with caps and original box (which I'll need to dig out, hence no pictures at the moment, but will post them up later). As you probably all know already, it's 2" format and heavy, and gives stunning immersive views. I'm not sure what to ask, but I see one sold on ebay in June for £175, which seems reasonable and about what I thought it would be. So I'll put £175 as asking price. So if you're interested, please get in touch. Pics to follow... ** Sale Pending !! **
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