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  1. Hello, Has anyone used the Nikon P900 (or the latest P900) for observation and photography of the Moon and some planets, ISS? Also planespottting and birds? Thanks Tico
  2. Peter, the Sky Watcher 2X Barlow is 1.25" or 2" ? Thanks Tico.
  3. In Europe how much the basic BF5 model ? when ? Tico
  4. For example, a binoviewer with one PST is a good option ? Tico
  5. Hi, I am looking for a PST 40 free of ITF rust. Thanks. Tico.
  6. Exactly , it´s not for pure astronomy, but for casual observing the Moon (cuasi the unique object visible in MY sky) and observing planes (my other passion), I have used one refractor and spotting scopes 45º but no like me, inclined vision and one eye ..ummmm!! Thanks Tico
  7. Hi, Anyone have used some "good" zoom binocular ? Thanks, Tico.
  8. Yes, the truth is that I give many (too many) turns to things, I think I suffer "paralysis by analysis" ..., I have not just decided ... and the truth is that I do not have any test option ..., sorry if you felt offended. Cheers, Tico.
  9. Hello, I would like to consult you the following subject: I would like to start in the solar observation H alpha, and I ´ve not very clear which telescope I can be better, if the PST 40 DS or the Lunt 60 B1200, I would use it for visual observation. I currently do not have a refractor telescope, so I do not wanna ask for the Daystar chromosphere model. Is there a difference between the two models? Any clear advantage over each other? Thank you very much . Cheers, Tico
  10. Available but Meade doesn't produce it anymore? Cheers, Tico
  11. Hello, Is the Coronado PST 40 really discontinued? I ask it because a store specialized in telescopes told me a week ago ... that is, does Meade no longer produce it? Thank you Tico.
  12. Really, for the expense involved, is it worth exchanging the B400 for the B600 if it is exclusively for visual? How much more field can we get? 1/2 º? If the L35 has 400mm of focal length, the B400 would allow obtaining 1º of maximum field, right? Usually, what magnification can this solar telescope hold up well? Cheers Tico.
  13. A question: the colour of the visual image in the PST 40 is the same that in the Lunt 50 ? red? or red in the PST and he orange in the Lunt 50 ? Thanks.
  14. Hello, I have been able to observe a lot with a PST 40, and a little lately with a Lunt 50 B600, visually always, not photographically ... In my opinion, the photographic images of the sun made with both telescopes have nothing to do with what I have been able to see visually ..., always in favor of photographic images ... Cheers ethical
  15. The current models also suffer from this problem? Tico.
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