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  1. Hi, I just acquired a clone of the Vixen 2.1X42mm, a tiny and handy binocular, and I gave it the first light, it is a true "constellation catcher", beautiful images under winter skies, crisp and clean. it´ve threads in the objects to thread 2 "filters ..., by chance, has anyone used a nebular filter, CLS, UHC or some other to achieve more contrast in the images? Thank you, tico
  2. Hello, Really in a Lunt LS50 have the B400 for visual observation (strictly) there is much difference with a B600 in this same solar telescope? Thanks in advance. Greetings. Nebu,
  3. Hello I would like to know your opinion on whether there is much difference,in visual image, not photographic, between the model Lunt LS50 THa Pressure tunner and the model Lunt LS60 THa Tild tunner, both with the BF600... on paper they are only 10mm apart although I have not had the opportunity to use any of them, years ago I used a Coronado PST 40 and the image seemed dark, without apparent details and not too much contrast.. I thank you in advance for your opinions. Tico.
  4. Hello, i like know how long is the Lunt LS60T model with a serial number: 20111741 It,s a used telescope and I have the opportunity to buy this ítem. In your opinión 1200 euro is a good price? Very thanks in advance. Regards, Tico
  5. Hello, Today during the morning they have lent me a spotting scope of 65mm with an eyepiece at 45º and with a zoom, 15X-45X magbification, and well ... on the one hand I have to say that the eyepiece at 45º I think it does not benefit the search of the plane, it is quite complicated to find him, I think it is easier, much easier with straight eyepieces, such as with the small binocular that I have 8X30 or even with one that left me 12X50 ..., I will say that the use of the zoom goes well to enlarge the image although it is not easy at all. That is why I think that an instrument with a straight eyepiece is better, but I wonder if a spotting scope with a straight eyepiece would be better than a straight binocular with a fixed magnification, of course with a magnification of 20X upwards, since when I could "catch" the plane with powers of 20x or 25X the image was much better in details than an image with 8X or 10X .. Thanks again.
  6. Hello, I ´m looking for a good binocular with CF and high magnification for airplanes observations, but also Moon,some Messier bright and terrestrial aplkcations.. Thanks in advance for your comments and advices. Tico
  7. It seems that APM 10x50 can be a good astrobinocular !! Tico
  8. Then, there is much difference between this two binoculars? Tico.
  9. Mark, You're really right, sometimes, I think about it, effectively if I'm always going to use a tripod because I don't go for more aperture, for example, an 80...or a 100..but maybe these already think too much, I mean, the difference in manageability is much greater than the advantage in resolution or luminosity ? I don't know, I'm not very clear..., on the other hand those 4 degrees in the visual field of the 16x70 would lose them with the larger models.. Tico
  10. Hello, Right now I am looking for information on some binocular of the type 15X70 / 16x70, Helios Apollo, Orion Resolux.TS, Omegon Argus or Lunt ..., I imagine that all of them will be very similar. My intention is to use them as an astronomical instrument for a wide field, to observe large celestial fields, big nebulas, star clusters, Milky Way, ..., with some tripod (because the image trembles even with 8X) or even with some monopod ... I read in some posts that even it´s possible use nebular filters to observe nebulas .. !!! I love this type of object, although I imagine that this can only be possible under very dark skies. The reality is that I usually observe under skies say "suburban" and I would really like to know if the 15X70 /16x70 model would give good results under these skies .. I do not observe with glasses ... in your opinion these binoculars have enough eye relief for a comfortable observation without kidney beam or blackout problems? thanks for reading me Tico
  11. Wow! It looks like a fantastic place to make wide-field observations of the Milky Way and stellar fields, open clusters and dark nebulas ... precisely with an instrument like its 16x70 ... Thanks for sharing tico.
  12. Then, Hurra!! for the APM..lol!
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