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  1. Hello, Lately I have become quite fond of bird watching, long walks, nature in general but when the night comes I also continue with my other passion, observational and casual astronomy, I have several binoculars but sometimes they weigh me a lot, 10x50 for example, or have a little diameter ..I'm looking for some model that I think can be good for both hobbies, a 10x42.With enough lens and magnification, not to weigh too much, comfortable for walks.and good for casual astronomy ... I would be happy to recommend some, I do not know if roof or Porro. Thank you Paul
  2. Hello, Anyone have used this Nikon model? There is two models, Aculon and Ex Action!! For astronomy and terrestrial use it´ve too much CA ? Thanks Tico
  3. Wow! That says a lot in favor of the little Vixen !!
  4. Hello, I am looking for some first-hand information about the Celestron Skymaster PRO 15x70 binocular for use in observing the night sky, wide angle deep sky, and also to observe aircraft during the day, I do not know if it will have too much AC. Many years ago I had a Celestron Skymaster 15x70 but suffered from de-collision with some frequency and if I had CA for terrestrial observation, although I liked the 15x70 configuration, its field and its exit pupil, I used it habitually on tripode. Then I had a Celestron Skymaster 25x70, but both its mechanics and its optics seemed even worse than the 15x70 model, now I've read in some places about the PRO model, with good reviews .... Also I have been able to use sometimes a giant Celestron 25X100, of a friend, but I have found it very uncomfortable and unmanageable, heavy, I prefer a much more manageable binocular I would like to know your opinion about it, if it really is worth it, its value for money. Thank you very much in advance. Best regards. Tico.
  5. Has anyone tried it with a 25x100 binocular? Tico
  6. The following really caught my attention: "Lunt 10x50 - Very easy to identify, but color not as obvious as in the 16x70, but still detectable. Vixen 6.5x32 - Not quite as bright as in the 10x50, but color was better; still easy and obvious. Rank 2 " What is this about? I mean, a Lunt 10x50 Rank 3 and a 6.5X32 Rank 2? Thanks Tico
  7. Hello, Has anyone used the TS Photoline 60 ED (WO Z61) or the AT 60 APO refractor with a good 2 "diagonal star, and a good 2" eyepiece to observe deep sky, wide field? How much field could be the maximum that is still interesting to get to observe? there is a good narrower filter for nebula observation? In your opinion this small, but interesting for its optical quality, refractor, could be a good wide field alternative to good binoculars with wide field? By the way, do you know if it can be used with binoviewer? Thanks in advance for your interesting answers .. Paul
  8. Hello, Beyond personal tastes, what has been the binocular that has seemed to provide a sharper image? I do not know if this will depend on the exit of the pupil or the luminosity of the binocular in question ... or the quality of the lenses ..? Thank you Paul
  9. Again, thanks for your reply!! Paul
  10. I mean, have you employed any specific program? Thanks. Paul
  11. Ruud thank you very much for your reply and for fixing my post, How do you get such a good simulation?
  12. Hello, Which is your favorite binocular framer? I mean the one that provides that "feeling" of a good refractor vision, I mean an aesthetic image of quality, contrasted and sharp, ... and with a good wide field ... I do not seek to observe "objects" only (I mean deep sky objects) but "deep-sky objects well framed ", because to observe the objects of deep sky individually I think that we have a good telescope and with different magnifications ... I do not know if I explain myself properly ..., Perhaps the most accurate question would be: your favorite binocular to frame deep sky objects with low magnification, but within its context? best regards, Paul
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