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  1. But, I have used the Lunt zoom ep. And... For My Eyes it've a black out effect enormous!! Tico
  2. Hello. I've one solar telescope Lunt 50 B400, and I like know which eyepiece can be a good candidate for this solar scope. Maybe a single ep. With a wide angle? Maybe a good zoom ep. ? Thanks. tico
  3. Hello, It's a good visual solar telescope? Similar to the PST 40? Thanks. Tico.
  4. Sorry, I meant that for the price of these solar telescopes ... that this is a lottery, this is what I mean, I'm sorry if someone could feel offended but that's my opinion ... Tico.
  5. Of course, this is the doubt, I also think that a <lunt 50, simply not because it is Lunt but because it is 10mm more, would show a brighter or brighter visual image, with higher resolution, but with lower contrast compared to the DS PST ... I imagine that the prominences would look better in the Lunt because of their higher resolution ... I don't know about the sweet spot anymore, if better or greater in the Lunt ... But I am clear that Lunt's after-sales service is light years away from Meade's. Something very important !! Nor am I clear about the problem of rust in the PST Coronado, I re
  6. And for visual it´s a good performer? Tico
  7. Hi, I will try to be very clear in my question: For visual observation which of the proposed instruments would provide me the best visual image? - On the one hand a new Lunt 50 / B600. or - I have the opportunity to get a second-hand double stack PST for 900 euro and I would like to ask you if it is really worth it on a visual level, is there much difference between the PST with or without double stack? Both possibilities would have a similar price. A greeting and very grateful. Greetings. Tico.
  8. Hi, I have seen this solar telescope: "DayStar H-Alpha Solar Telescope SolarScout SS60-DS Double Stack Performance Set" for a good sale price and I would like to ask you if you have been able to use it or observe for it on some occasion. Will the visual images be similar to those given by the Coronado PST or the Lunt 50? Thanks in advance. Best regards. Tico.
  9. How much weight does it have? How does it behave as a visual instrument? Greetings Tico
  10. This refractor in the 80-100X territory for visual daytime , how is? Thanks Tico.
  11. I have used with good tracking results some spotting scopoes (some with ED lens) and I have been able to see good details and liveries with 60X and a good manfrotto tripod with a 501 head, the maximum in these spotting scopes, all with zoom eyepieces, but I lack some magnification, I do not speak 125 or 150X, it would be a lot of power and it would be difficult to follow, but the 80 0 90X would be very good, it would be the mag. almost "perfect", a good balance between presentation of details, good tracking ...
  12. Thanks all comments!! Two questions: - Can all three filters be used together on the wedge? I mean, ND3-Conntinum-Polarizer? the three at the same time will not subtract too much light from the image? - Is a solar wedge good for visualizing solar granulation? And one last, do you know any web address where you can see images in white light through a solar wedge? Thank you very much. Tico.
  13. Hello, I am looking for information on some telescope that I can use to observe airplanes when they fly at high altitude ... Well, I will tell you my little story, I will try to be brief, it is essential to be able to use a zoom eyepiece because first you have to locate the plane with low magnification, then go up little by little without losing the visual field, if it gets lost it goes down to lower magnification and start again, I have done it with a short refractor telescope, (with a long refractor it is impossible, it is very low, close to the ground) and an image erector, but these
  14. I´ve two possible refractors one ED80 and the other is one 127mm.. Thanks. Tico.
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