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  1. Hi David, I think you have made a sensible choice in keeping your C9.25. Looking at your lunar image cannot see any great advantage in going for the 180 Mak. Don't get me wrong I have actually owned 3 of them along with 3 C9.25 's. All you will gain is extended cool down times and perhaps a minuscule improvement in image sharpness and contrast and if optics perfectly collimated from factory they more or less stay permanently that way. Unless you keep in an unheated garage/shed /obsy getting perfect thermal equilibrium can actually take several hours especially if temperature is dropping away. I still love the 180 Mak and if I did not have either scope I would happily go for a used 180 purely on cost . I do think the C9.25 is slightly more versatile for general purposes at f10 and extra aperture always welcome , however as I own neither at the moment I am tempted by John in Derby's 180 Mak in the for sale section ! Cheers Dave
  2. Sorry James. Should have closed this earlier. The motors work fine . Thank's for the offer. Cheers Dave
  3. Hi James, I think I have rectified the problem it appears the RA worm was binding and stalling the motor. I Stripped down and re set worm and all appears OK now. I say appears and need to check tracking under stars this weekend just to see if any damage to motor. That seems a fair enough price and if I still have problem will take them off you . I will know in a day or two. cheers Dave
  4. Hi All, Does anyone have old HEQ5 non goto set of motors lying around. My trusty old black HEQ5 mount's RA motor has given up the ghost and needs replacing Probably someone who upgraded to the goto kit may have one. Anyway let me know if you do and what you want for it. cheers Dave
  5. Looking for cash sale only now £375 collected for SGL members. Cheers Dave
  6. Hi George, Early day's with ad and really would prefer a trade for more aperture .Not very keen on shipping abroad and would never say never but unlikely to want to go that route. regards Dave
  7. Hi All, I have for sale or trade my immaculate Skywatcher ED100 scope. It is the full package that did not include focal reducer. It is completely unmarked apart from usual set screw marks on dovetail. Optically it is superb ! In perfect collimation and the FPl-53 doublet is colour free to my eyes. Oh I have added a compression ring adapter for the drawtube from FLO much improved over original set screw job. Magnification with Eyepieces Supplied: x32 Highest Practical Power (Potential): x300 Objective Lens Diameter: 100mm Telescope Focal Length: 900mm (f/9) Eyepiece Supplied (2"): 28mm LET 2”/50.8mm Di-Electric Star Diagonal 9x50 Finderscope Dual-Speed 11:1 2” Crayford Focuser (Backlash-Free) Multi-Coated Objective Lens Supplied with Tube Rings & Mounting Plate Aluminium Carrying Case Love it but looking for a bit more aperture and ideally would like to swap for a sct C8 or c9.25 with cash adjustment or Skymax Maksutov 150 or 180 . Whatever you have, try me! Prefer swap but have an asking price of £400. The only thing I would say is any swap must have perfect optics . Not bothered by dust or even tube cosmetics to a degree but must have great optic. Apologies to the SGL member I who I nearly did the deal with a while back. This scopes superb optics held me back then . I hope you got sorted. Any question just ask . Not in any rush really and would rather wait for right deal to come up. I have of course posted on ABS as well as you do. Cheers Dave
  8. Jules you are spot on with those comments. The F10 4" Tal are superb achromats . Great buy Ian! cheers Dave
  9. Hi, I have an immaculate Skywatcher ed100 pro along with an earlier black version HEQ5 mount , Not goto it's the older version with just 3 speed hand controller. It has upgraded 2" dia Stainless tripod legs and mount is in great condition a few little marks on it but it is a perfect rock solid match to the refractor. Much lighter than the eq6 but much beefier than an eq5 . I am thinking of getting a bit more aperture and may be interested to trade . The Ed100 is full factory kit with Aluminum case . Comes with 9x50 finder and 2" diagonal along with 2" 28mm eyepice . Totally unblemished with perfect optic. I attach a few pics I took yesterday (had a quick look at the winter sun , I have a solar filter I would include. I am not a million miles away in Southport Merseyside . I don't mind traveling or meeting up . Anyway let me know your thoughts ! Cheers Dave
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