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  1. Hi , I am looking for a Skywatcher 180 mak OTA. It needs to have a standard SCT thread on back of cell , so it will be a more recent version. Optics need to be in first class order and in perfect collimation . Not so bothered by tube cosmetics or a little dust on optics . Not in any particular rush but if you are considering selling your's please let me know. Perhaps you are thinking of trying one of the new Lyra Classical Cassegrain scopes and want to sell your Mak ! I can collect if in reasonable distance of North West subject to whatever Covid rules being followed on that day . PM me or drop me a text on <private contact details removed> Regards Dave
  2. Hi, I don't think that is acceptable even though a little dust makes no difference to optical performance it would bug the hell out of me! I don't think it is representtive of what to expect from a premium Skywatcher product from a state of the art optical manufacturing facility(so we are told). regards Dave
  3. Hi all Reduced to £550 ! An absolute bargain . If you want a 12" light bucket what you waiting for ? It's truly an as new scope! I will run ad just a few more days as really wavering on selling at all, I will just put away till dark skies arrive. Cheers Dave
  4. Hi Ron, Nah nothing on the horizon .I still have a nice 5"Apo . I am uncluttering my life a bit . I am happy with occasional short viewing sessions these days and spend most of my time with double stars and lunar onservation . I may spend the proceeds on a new mount although my old non goto (gasp) heq5 still performs well and after 45 years observing I can just about find Polaris ☺. But you cant beat aperture for the showstoppers ! Cheers Dave
  5. HI Sannerz , Sorry for late reply ! No deposit needed . You are welcome to view the scope if you wish. Views are subjective anyway and fainter deep sky objects depend to a great degree on how dark your sky is . You can see some hints of structure and detail in brighter galaxies but as I say depends entirely on your sky conditions . From my suburban garden the views of showcase items like Orion Nebula and globular/open clusters fantastic and can see hint of spiral structure in M51 but most deep sky objects are just brighter and still grey without colour . Unless you go really big on aperture 16" plus faint objects are still just that faint objects.! cheers Dave
  6. Reduced to £590 for SGl only. Will be going on Astrobuysell later today at original price. Regards Dave
  7. Hi all, I have for sale my immaculate meade lightbridge 12" Truss dobsonian. It is less than 2 years old and comes with all the sensible upgrades. This is the latest version with dual speed crayford focuser and blackened truss supports. Everything is in pristine as new condition. The optics are in superb condition just a couple of tiny dew spots you would expect from normal use. It has been upgraded with Farpoint collimation knobs and heavy duty springs on the primary and holds collimation far better than the originals did. A full set of Farpoint balance weights 3x1lb and the additional 2 lb slip on weight. This honestly makes getting perfect balance of the tube a dream no matter how heavy an eyepiece set up you use. I have owned several Skywatcher flextube dobs and the motion of my lightbridge with the balancing weights is so much nicer. Astro engineering dew shield for main truss body also a homemade but very effective lightweight dew/light shield for end of tube. Oh and a nice lightweight shower proof cover for the whole assembly. I will include an as new 2" Hotech self centering laser collimator to aid set up , it is incredibly accurate and easy to use. Scope comes with all the original factory accesories , excellent quality RDF finder , 2" eyepiece and 35mm extension tube for focusser. Built in fan on main mirror uses a small battery pack included. The scope can easily be broken down for transport or if you struggle with too much weight , in one lump it weighs 80lb . I can put together in less than 10min but in reality I leave it assembled in an unheated conservatory and carry out rocker box and tube assembly in two parts. Please note if you are relatively new to this hobby and never seen a 12" DOB they are big ! But performance wise you just cannot beat aperture and it gives really pleasing views of deep sky objects , globular clusters are stunning and Messier objects start to resemble what you think they are ! if you view the moon with it is absolutely jaw dropping! Unfortunately for me even my back doth protest these days and I am reaching more and more for my small refractor in the not so dark skies that are my garden. Originally over £1500 spent on this lot and I am asking **£550**collected from my home in Southport , Merseyside. First to see will buy as it is in better than new condition and all mods enhance the viewing experience. Please note I am not in any particular hurry to sell and I would actually consider a swap for an immaculate neq6 mount as they would be of comparable value 2nd hand. If you have any questions please ask and you are of course welcome to come and view if local enough. As always I will delay putting on astrobuysell as would prefer this fine bit of kit to go to an SGL member . I attach some images from my so so phone. Cheers Dave
  8. Hi All, Selling my Altair lightwave premium 2" dielectric SCT diagonal. All boxed and pristine . Bought new by me in October 19 . Used 3 times and no longer needed as scope sold . Is as brand new off the shelf . Paid £99 from Rother Valley Optics. Selling for £65 includes first class recorded delivery. Fits later Skywatcher maks as well as SCT . I wii accept paypal as well as bank transfer . Drop me a PM if interested . I will put on ABS if no takers this weekend. Cheers Dave
  9. Very true! I just informed my long suffering wife what is coming . She just smiled and said " life is short " , probably means mine !
  10. Hi All, I will let this go to any SGL member for a reduced price of ***£300****! It is an absolute bargain . I will not be offering at this price anywhere else and I would prefer one of the SGL members to get it. As new, it is optically and cosmetically perfect . Will probably come to my senses and decide to keep it shortly ...Depends how better half reacts when I walk in with 12" dob I just purchased, yes I have a scope addiction ! Merry Christmas all ! cheers Dave
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