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  1. The great thing about such a well regarded and popular eyepiece is that you can try it, and if it doesn't suit you then should be able to sell it on easily with little or no loss - it's free! (kind of ...). And if you do prefer it, then the ES82 8.8mm (one of which I owned and thought very highly of) should also prove east to sell. Gordon
  2. And a non rotating focuser, which is an improvement on my otherwise excellent older small Lunt which has a rotating helical focuser that is perfectly good for visual, but not when using a camera. All good stuff.
  3. Hi Steve I use mine without power sometimes, as a kind of grab and go, although it (well, mine anyway) is not very smooth to push around that way. With regards to tracking without alignment, yes. When I am just going to use it visually on the moon say, I don't always bother to go through an alignment process. As long as it is turned on whilst pointing in pretty much north and level ( in alt-az mode) you cam use the go-to to get near the target and once homed in, it will track well enough for visual use. I confess I don't use mine much in alt-az mode because of the slop in azimuth - at least in eq mode you overcome that a bit by being slightly out of balance. Hope that helps. Gordon
  4. Excellent! Shows it very well with good colours,too
  5. No, sorry, Gina - I meant the glass cover that forms part of the camera front, which I also managed to get dirty, held in place and away from the sensor by a rubber grommet. I guess that normally provides a fairly sealed dust free zone over the sensor (unless you remove it ...) When I say the sensor, if that has glass directly on it, then that glass was what I had clean the streak off, and then dust spots - many times. Need a better blower and brush. So not too terrible. Gordon
  6. I have that camera too and when I went to try some solar photos a couple of weeks ago I rather carelessly unscrewed the nose piece .... only when it came off did I realise I had unscrewed the front off the camera .. and must even have touched the sensor as there was a long streak on the first photo I tried. Spent the next hour removing the front, gently cleaning the sensor, (and the protective cover) screwing it back together, taking a photo ... loads of new dust spots ... try again ... and again ... and again. Sigh. What fun that was. Not perfect even now, but good enough! Gordon
  7. Almost snap. Though not as neat, obviously! Lots of Morpheus (any idea what the plural would be?) and the XW5. The Pentax is a fine eyepiece but I was wondering whether the 4.5 Morpheus would be as good. It would 'fit' the collection better and on a practical note, since I use the 2" fitting it would have a focus point closer to the rest. I would love to hear your thoughts on comparing the XW5 and the M4.5. Thanks, Gordon
  8. Spectacular detail, Rob - great stuff. Gordon
  9. Breathtaking! I also love the coloured shot. Thanks for sharing this.
  10. Thanks, Lee, that's kind of you. It was supposed to be 4, but in the end I had 7 altogether (due to some misalignment on my part) so I used all 7.
  11. Following on from my post a few days ago of the crescent moon, I had a chance to go for a quarter moon on the 3rd January with the new ZWO ASI290MC on my SW120ED. A little sharper and less over processed this time, showing more real detail. I did have some odd colour banding going on that I have not figured out yet, so I have set it to greyscale which looks OK. There's so much to learn. Again kudos to Photoshop Elements for really simple stitching - it seems to adjust exposures to match as well. There was cloud scudding across the moon during the videos that does not seem to have upset anything.
  12. That high res mosaic is just breathtaking! Great stuff.
  13. Outstanding! Love the subtle cloud detail. Gordon
  14. Ah you'r very kind, Paul. Thank you. And yes I agree, Des, I did take time after all the faffing (and fun!) with the photo kit to put an eyepiece back in and just sit, and look, and enjoy the view. Important, I think, not to forget that is the best bit.
  15. Bit of a Christmas present - new ZWO ASI290MC. I have used an unguided DSLR before, but this is the first time with a dedicated astro camera. Videos taken on 30th December, early evening. Trying to learn how to use Firecapture and Autostakkert. There are a lot of wires, what with the camera, PC and a new dew heater strap as well! This is a mosaic of 4 images at prime focus of a SW120ED. Photoshop Elements did an excellent job of stitching them together with no help or guidance from me, which I though was impressive. A bit over processed I suspect, but pleased with it for a first go.
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