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  1. Very nice. That self same Lunt LS35 got plenty of use today! First chance to really spend some time with it. Got to try it with various eyepieces and getting the hang of adjusting the etalon. I was able to see plenty of activity around the spot at the limb and watch the prominences develop and change over time. So having good fun with it. Thanks, Gordon
  2. Great to hear you are pleased with the new scope Rob! Sounds like you are enjoying it. Gordon
  3. I find that in anything other than high powers, when the moon is fairly dim, viewing the moon makes eye placement tricky. I wonder if it is trying to line up a smallish exit pupil with a small pupil opening - when the pupil closes down due to the brightness. So I recently bought a 2" variable polarising filter too on a bit of a whim when I was buying some other kit. The idea was to fit it to the objective end of the diagonal so I could still change eyepieces without any fuss. The filter itself works very well, exactly as expected. But.... to be honest it only been used once and then languished in the eyepiece case. Perhaps I'll give it another go if the clouds clear - the moon is certainly bright enough tonight! Gordon
  4. Hi Neil Not quite, I'm afraid. My AZEQ5 has significant slop in the RA axis instead. Which affects how well the mount can be used in Alt-Az mode. Went back to the supplier who discussed with SkyWatcher. We even sent a video, but SW said it was supposed to be like that and not a fault. If anyone knows a way to reduce movement on that axis as well, I'd certainly be very grateful. Perhaps I'll have to have a go at the worms one day, when I'm feeling brave. The Dec axis is not so bad on mine and looseness in that one is a bit easier to overcome by slightly unbalancing the scope. But that doesn't work with the RA axis, which is vertical in Alt-Az mode, of course. I generally use it in EQ mode now, where I can unbalance things to help (probably not good for the long term health of the motors ...). But that spoils the point of the mount, somewhat. It wasn't for the slop it would be a great mount, but as it is I can't honestly recommend it. Which is a shame. Gordon
  5. The WiFi module is designed to plug in and replace any of the later SynScan hand controllers. So I imagine the AZ-EQ6 would work just fine with it. FLO or Harrisons will no doubt be happy to confirm. The AZ-EQ5 takes the Skywatcher WiFi module and it can then be controlled from SkySafari on a phone/tablet. Android is definitely OK but there is a question mark over using iPhones, to do with Multi-tasking. You need to run Skywatcher's own app for the actual connection to the WiFi module and control the scope, and then SkySafari actually connects to the Skywatcher app, so they both need to be running at the same time. (I am not sure, but believe some iPhones don't actually multitask, instead putting any background apps to sleep) So as long as the AZ-EQ6 works the same way it would be great. I had previously been finding things manually for decades and was (mostly) happy doing so. Not quite a luddite - I have used a tracking EQ mount (with a 10" newt) for the last 15 years or so, but it wasn't GoTo (older EQ6). That was up until this year when I got the AZ-EQ5 (and a smaller scope). And, whisper it very quietly, I am a convert. The whole set up frequently drives me mad when it doesn't all work, but overall the increase in actual observing, as opposed to grovelling on my knees with maps and charts trying to figure out if I am looking in the right place, has been a massive improvement! A bit of a revelation, to be honest. Reading this back, it all sounds a bit involved, but really it's OK. It's been a bit of a learning experience, but I'm getting there ? Gordon
  6. Rubs hands ..... I think that is all the eyepieces I "need" now. Probably.
  7. I think that is a terrific image! I love the perspective it gives. Great stuff.
  8. Just got in from looking at Mars and the moon. High cloud present, but I actually had good views of Mars from here (South of Bristol). Darker areas on the disk defined better than I have seen them for some time. You just can never tell, can you!
  9. I have the ES82 24mm and the eye relief is short. I use it mostly with the eye guard rolled down, and I don't wear glasses. I know everyone has different face shapes, but I think it very unlikely you are going to see anywhere near the full field with glasses. Once you get down close enough, though, I do find it a great eyepiece! Gordon
  10. Dave thanks for a lot for your input - very helpful. I have read elsewhere how impressed people are with the 17.5mm. And the primary use for mine would be in a 120mm/F7.5 refractor, so your thoughts are very relevant. Maybe I need the 6.5mm AND the 17.5mm. Interesting use of the word 'Need', of course .....
  11. Thanks for the post Geoff, your impressions are certainly very helpful. I am considering getting that exact eyepiece (spookily, Paul, for my SW 120ED also ...) I am looking for something between my 5mm (180x ) and 8.8mm(102x) and really fancy the comfort the Morpheus' are supposed to have. Wide fields are great ... when you can actually see it all (Explore Scientific 82 degree - I am talking about you ?) Gordon
  12. SkySafari Plus for me. I went a bit techno mad and added the SW WiFi adapter to the AZ-EQ5GT, and use the Synscan Pro on a mobile alongside SkySafari and it makes for a really great combination. You can use all the detail you get in SkySafari and then just tell it to point to what you are interested in and away it goes communicating with the mount via Synscan. Setting up observing lists ahead of time is easy as well. I have lists of double stars in a few constellations set up for example, and of course all the normal lists (Messier etc.) are already there. It shows you them on screen, so you can see what is close, check out the detailed info on it and then away you go (to). I am really impressed. Might invest in a cheapish tablet to make it easier to see on screen Of course we are talking about a mobile phone here, and a GoTo mount. So does everything always work? Heck, no. Some frustration comes as part of the package as well. Moving the scope manually you can see on screen exactly where it is pointing in the sky in real time. Which is fun. And helpful , since I do fair bit of manual moving, as the mount seems really quite loud when slewing at 1 am....? And SkySafari Plus cost all of £5.99. Astonishing value, I think.
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