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  1. Thanks for the report John - always good reading. I think I was out a bit earlier than you and not too far away on the other side of Bristol. I did some of the same targets myself with my 120ED too, up to the point of when you got to Cancer by which time I had to give it up. Trapezium E was steady with occasional glimpses of F as seems to be the norm in this scope. Rigel, sigma Orionis and Beta Monoceros all lovely. Must remember to look up 32 and Eta Orionis - not aware of those. I did get to spend some time exploring the moon's terminator as well. I have much cheaper UHC and
  2. I don't think there is any such thing as PC (as in Windows) version of Sky Safari is there? It is available for MacOS but it looks like an iOS purchase is separate - from their FAQ I already bought your iOS version of SkySafari for my iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch. Can I get a free copy of (or discount on) the macOS version? No. SkySafari for macOS is a complete rewrite of our iOS app, running on a computer with a different kind of processor, under a separate operating system with a very different user interface. Our Mac and iOS apps are sold through different app stores. Even if we co
  3. I spent quite some time on Thursday and Friday evenings trying to get the pup with my 12" dob in reasonably good skies, but I am afraid I just could not see it. A hint of something perhaps, but never anything certain. Rigel B was clear bright and well separated at the same times. Anyway a good one to keep trying for over the next month or so. Determined to bag this one now! I have deliberately avoided looking up where it should be, to avoid imagination taking over.
  4. Yep want one even more now ...... Thanks for sharing the video!
  5. Thanks for this - a lovely report. I had a brief first look this year at M42 a coupe of days before Christmas with a new 12 inch dob and I too managed to get the F star for the first time! Previously have picked up the E fairly regularly in a SW 120ED, but never had a definite yes on F before. Visibility for the pair does seem to be very dependent on the conditions, doesn't it? Anyway glad someone has had some clear skies!
  6. Great! I just came in from grabbing a brief look between trees with the ED120 at 51x too, before the clouds wiped it away. I reckoned about 10' apart. Little detail of course but at least I got to see it.
  7. Wow that's brave. Look forward to hearing how it works out. Really interested to hear how much of a difference the Orion mirror makes - I have wondered about that upgrade myself before. Gordon
  8. No that's not it. Freedom Find DOES mean you can manually point to another part of the sky and then continue using GoTo from there, or continuing to manually slew as you choose. At no point do you have to tell Synscan where it is pointing - it already knows - that is where you are I think you may be missing the point. Just tell it where you want to go next. You don't have to re-sync or anything - just carry on using it. Hope that helps and it becomes clearer if you get a chance to try it out. Good luck! Gordon
  9. Yes agree with Gfamily - once you have carried out the alignment you don't need to tell it where you move it to when you push it manually. The whole point is it already knows where the scope is pointing even after a manual slew, and will track correctly. And you definitely should be releasing or easing the clutches before moving it manually too (so as not to damage the motors). Freedom Find is SkyWatcher's name for encoders - devices on the axes that measure any movement of the scope so it knows where it is pointing now. You rightly have identified that you need to enable the auxiliary decoder
  10. Super view of Mars this evening. Using a 300mm Dob but very contrasty and sharp right up to 333x. I don't recall ever seeing as much detail before. Does it always look like this in locations away from the jet stream I wonder?
  11. Wow 22Ah for 70 quid is bit of a bargain!
  12. Brilliant sketch. I am amazed at how much detail you are able to see. Do you find sketching helps pick it out - taking the time to be sure of what you see, I guess? Gordon
  13. I think those images are first rate, especially the veil - really great!
  14. I do have sympathy. I am finding higher powers difficult on my 120mm because of exactly what you describe. It is very frustrating as it is a lovely scope. So I have just invested in a large newt again. Only had one chance to use it so far, but happened to hit lucky with the seeing and yes, the big exit pupil helped enormously - nearly 2mm at 166x. No floaters really at all. But of course it comes with a big cost in terms of practicality. My floaters have got considerably worse over the last few years, particularly following some eye issues, and although you kind of compensate in normal li
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