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  1. Lovely setup, Chris! I owned an F13 Vixen 102mm a few years ago - it was called a "Pulsar". It was actually the only Vixen scope I ever owned that under performed..I actually got the lens tested by Es Reid, who suggested that the outer 10% was the problem (he said it was operating at 1/4 wave at best). On Es' recommendation, I made a mask down to 90mm and it transformed the performance and turned it into an F14.7 90mm. It was always a beautiful scope to look at, and the guy who bought it from me knew about the lens' limitations but was more interested in it as a "statement piece" for his London flat! Vixen also made an F15 102mm frac, called the Saturn - not many of them about, but apparently totally amazing on double stars, with very little CA.. I once came close to buying one from a guy in Northumberland for £500 complete with a Vixen original full height pier and GP mount - now THAT was a gorgeous looking scope!! Dave
  2. Fabulous gun emplacement, er, I mean scope setup Kerry! I'd love to have a peep through an Atlux - as a much younger man in the 80s I used to drool over them in the catalogues and astro mags, you could buy half a house for the cost of one even then! Thanks for posting Dave
  3. Hi Keith, To be honest I wouldn't bother..unless you are into Imaging, the manual alignment with the original polar scope will work for years yet.. just get Polaris near the centre of the reticule and it will track well for visual use Dave
  4. Some beautiful Vixen based setups you have there Brian. That little Newt looks just so "right" on the Vixen SP, thanks for sharing! Dave
  5. F15Rules

    COMPLETED - Tripod spreader wanted

    Found, many thanks! Mods please archive ad☺. Dave
  6. F15Rules

    Hilkin telescope t-705

    It's an "Eikow" made scope I think, pretty much the same as a Swift 831, a well regarded old scope. There is a lot of info on the Swift 831 on the net, so do have a delve and digest as much as you can. Here's a link to start you off.. https://www.cloudynights.com/topic/578091-swift-831-restoration-advice/ If you scroll down you will see a few photos, the similarity to yours is striking☺. Dave
  7. I have available for sale this excellent WO mounting plate which fits all Vixen/Skywatcher etc mount pucks. It's in good, used condition and rock solid. Length 195mm Width 90mm (widest measurement), with Vixen width base underneath (see photos). Multiple pre drilled holes for various sized rings etc. Price £35 posted in the UK. Thanks for looking. Dave
  8. This lovely Tak clamshell is now surplus to my needs. It's in very good used condition with a few minor marks, and was originally for an FS102 scope. I have been using it with my Vixen ED103s and it will fit perfectly any scope tube with a 114mm diameter. Very solid bit of kit, made in Japan and in beautiful Tak green. Very secure and can be used with a Vixen style puck by adding a dovetail to the base (bolts not included). Price £100 including signed for shipping in the UK. Thanks for looking. Dave
  9. F15Rules

    COMPLETED - Tripod spreader wanted

    Thanks David, looks very professional . I think I have found what I need (definitely the spreader) possibly not the central bar..I should know later today. Thanks for responding☺. Kind regards, Dave
  10. Hi, I'm looking for a back or white tripod metal spreader for an EQ5 or CG5 mount. Just the spreader itself will do if you haven't got the central retaining bolt ☺. Many thanks, Dave
  11. Sorry, it was sold a couple of weeks back.. Mods ,please archive this ad, thanks☺. Dave
  12. F15Rules

    Vixen HR comfort

    ...Or maybe needs a clean? I think these tiny eye lenses are often so fiddly to clean that people don't bother.. ..But they can still get a film over them. Short FL Eps like these have one purpose - to give the sharpest, clearest, most scatter free performance your scope can deliver. So they need to be as clean as possible..☺☺ Dave
  13. F15Rules

    Hilkin telescope t-705

    That makes a bit more sense now, thanks David. Take a look at this thread on this forum.. New vintage 1960s SYW Yamamoto 60mm F13 refractor It looks very like the Eikow/Swift design but was made by Yamamoto, who I believe were bought up by one Mr Takahashi at one point. This one had wonderful optics and went north eventually to be used as a solar scope..I believe the buyer still has it.. Your Hilkin should perform very well..Would be good to see photos☺ Dave
  14. F15Rules

    Hilkin telescope t-705

    Some pictures would really help☺. One of the "Old Timers" Dave
  15. F15Rules

    Vixen GP-DX clamp upgrade

    Looks the business Stu...Looking forward to your first light report Dave

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