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  1. Thanks Dave, I can now justify a new purchase, if my wife ask me I will say " Dave said it was fine "
  2. mareman48


    Welcome back, I'm in the same position as you jones in 2012 Lost my details and found the site again a month ago.
  3. Are these scopes custom made? Is it crazy that I want to sell all my gear and buy one of these
  4. Are these scopes custom made?
  5. I actually bought the same or similar model a few weeks back, my second scope. Always wanted this model so my children can use it, mine was actually brand new boxed, belonged to an old boy who kept it in storage and never used it. The exact model is Meade LX10 EMC 8"
  6. Nice, had a similar experience a few weeks back, was looking a Jupiter and feeling pleased with my self as it was crystal clear, then I saw lights coming out of Jupiter, ( What the Heck ) Anyway, took my eyes away and then refocused the telescope, turned out it was a jet flying across my line of sight
  7. Talking about bringing out the big guns Not Jealous at all......
  8. Great post, just what I was looking for, nice too about the Aquafina as well, thanks guys.
  9. Nice work, wish I could see that with my own eyes
  10. Very interesting, thanks for the link, will check not out.
  11. Have you tried Disk Drill https://www.cleverfiles.com/data-recovery-software.html Ive used it and its one of the best I've found.
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