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  1. Thanks, I already have the Scopetech Zero, hence the interest. I've been using more and more then my SXP2 as so much easier to get setup with. Interested to hear you get on with the tracking kit, hopefully will be the most flexible in portable guided mounts.
  2. Do you think would work with a Vixen SD103S scope, same size as a Takahashi FC-100 scope? Is this the Alt-Z or GEM flavour? How do you align the mount? Thanks
  3. The t-pod is the only tripod I know of with a built in handle. Should gain some followers here... Agree on the scope zero, needs some more fine motion controls. I wonder when the AZ50 is coming out???
  4. @ecuador I don't know if this feature request has been discussed, but if the phone could be attached to the polar scope could it not do plate solving? In this way you would not care about the interference to the phones compasses etc? I think that some of the Celestron apps can do this to guide observers around the sky. Best wishes, Martin
  5. They do but they also use GSO mirrors as well, so their UK dealer tells me....
  6. GSO has a machine for producing mirrors by which all accounts is very good. They supply mirrors to other vendors such as ASA (very high quality) and CFF as well.
  7. Waiting, I guess quite a lot of people would have overlap (share a nexus) with the AZ100?
  8. Asked Sergi at astrodevices if there is a digital circle encoder kit. Not the first person who has asked.
  9. The motorised goto mount seems to of been pulled, any ideas why?
  10. Is that fabricated by Long Perng? Even so just because it’s the same factory different specs, happens a lot with EP’s and scopes.. Wonder what the back focus is, 96 mm, very short…
  11. This model was also an option https://www.365astronomy.com/apm-telescopes-super-ed-apo-astrograph-107-700-apochromatic-refractor-telescope-with-3-apm-focuser is F6.5, it’s been discontinued due to SharpStar quality control issues. However there is a Long Perng 104/650 built model for APM in the pipeline with an optional Starlight FT focuser option. Not LZOS but half the price.
  12. Any idea what the modern day equivalent of the Vixen ED102SS (F/6.5) would be? I'd imagine the weight would be similar to the SD103S.
  13. What mount do you use with say a Ethos 21 and Vixen ED102SS (F/6.5)? When I use my SD103S on a ScopeTech Zero with an APM XWA EP the scope will move any time I change an EP due to the larger then usual weight of the EP.
  14. With your dark skies @jetstream you can see quite a lot due to the contrast you have. Even with your TSA-120. However with portability in mind to get to a dark sky a smaller scope might be the answer. I’d imagine a Mewlon 180 would be very good which @Fedele already has. Presume that’s not portable enough???
  15. Interested to hear what the differences are between standard and uprated version. It’s not although I’ll be able to order one anytime soon, given the availability of lens cells…. Next year, however the FT and rube adds a thousand to the price… In addition what it performs like once barlowed if possible. You can always add focal length but cannot take it away, without cutting the tube. I know Takahashi Q extender might be an option, works with AP scopes as well.
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