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  1. http://astrograph.net/epages/www_astrograph_net.mobile/?ObjectPath=/Shops/www_astrograph_net
  2. Is the Stellarvue a clone of the XWA design, just a baffle and a steel tube on the bottom? Shame not available outside of US.
  3. The C11 is around 11 kg. However once mounted + items added the weight will increase, a G11 or SXP2 will do. The increase in light you get over the C9.25 is a lot, that needs to be offset against how many nights the atmosphere will support the C11 aperture. The main issue for me is dewing which an RC and Mewlon seem to be more resistant to.
  4. You will enjoy looking at the moon tonight, if it clears up.
  5. How does size effecting dewing these SCT’s? I know RC and Mewlons are less dew prone, however the C11 is a bit of a light bucket, so tempting, apart from its weight. Almost would need an observatory to house it in.
  6. Like somewhere else. I wonder where... To be honest now thing SGL site does well is the latest posts on other zones so you can see whats going on.
  7. I suspect a lot of telescope owners have both a refractor and reflector so don't really see where the silo idea comes from????
  8. Nice scope!. I'm sure your get another handle on another handle to buy...
  9. What do you mean nothing? Due to Brexit they are having to change shipping company’s , I’d order from Astrograph before 1 March and miss out on the 15% price rise.
  10. Well its standard approach here as well, issue is with lenses. LZOS lens cell for a 130 mm/F6 is retail around £3800. Don't know how thats going to get thru, one part of the triplet at a time?
  11. I don't see the 25% tarrif on china changing, its the new normal. Guess eyepiecesetc.eu is required, no orders above $800.
  12. Well eyepiecesetc importing APM got hit by the 25 % tariff rule. Customs googles where the products are made. How long with the $800 allowance last? This has stopped APM making some new telescopes as well, 25% hit on the sticker price.
  13. The advantage for me is for scopes faster than F6, no shift with a mirror diagonal.
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