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  1. Slim pickings, it changes so quickly. Last night was meant to be clear, by 9 am when I was going to get setup it has clouded over and scope nights said a no go. Tell me this is rare for this time or year, spoilt over the summer.
  2. I use scope nights, it's been wrong once in current memory. As far as the weather, its bad, but good for my bank balance .
  3. This could be a new interesting scope for NV. https://www.facebook.com/permalink.php?id=103346594423278&story_fbid=318484316242837 near to relaese, but is 260 mm, Flat field, f5 and had reported 95% transmission . However I'd wait for a field test before I went any further. Planewave make one similar to this but 3x the cost.
  4. How much weight does it save you over the steel tripod you have?
  5. What about 700 nm range (red)? Agree for larger aperture SCT looks the way to go, EdgeHD series looks like less maintenance than other mirror based systems. At lot of RC scopes have quartz mirrors which aids with cool down, but for NV less sensitive to acclimation.
  6. Googling for mirror transmission for reflectors comes up with limited hits, for instance I wondered if an Epsilon would have a higher transmission. NV I believe is not so sensitive to the green/blue frequency bands, do we have transmission values for the red band that NV is sensitive too?
  7. You forgot to mention collimation and acclimation. Actual quite scary number of threads on CN around collimation.... put me off RC types...
  8. I think the next 2 weeks are a write off. Apparently this winter is go to as cold as the ones 10 years ago. Whether that is a help or hinderance I have no idea... After the summer, this weather is such a change...
  9. Does anyone own a Boren-Simon newton and use it with NV?
  10. When I looked at scope nights around 2 pm, was meant to have a clear patch from 9-12 tonight. Now back to business as usual.....
  11. I have the digital copy, find it a great way to keep them archived. However ties you in to having an iPad to read them on...
  12. So far this is one to avoid until several patch versions come out. I suspect all the effort was getting it running on ARM silicon and x86 translator etc. Its a huge change this year, so best avoided while they fix teething issues.
  13. I've shut up shop until Sunday, however maybe clear skies tonight 12-3 am in Surrey area...
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