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  1. Yes, if you spot one, look out for other ice effects and halos... not uncommon, just people don’t go looking. https://www.atoptics.co.uk Peter
  2. If you want to have a poke with a screwdriver have a go. I “fixed” an old pair Sam one prism had moved and reseating seemed to fix. To properly collimate (so it’s colimated at all IPD settings) needs special kit, give http://binocular-repair.co.uk a call, it’s not costly to recolimate. petet
  3. Looks like a sensible decision. I got a pair of 45degree 70mm APM binoscope last year, my decision being made by a desire to carry them about birding in the daytime. 4kg is not too heavy and the tripod is practical and does a reasonable job at night too, I can reach almost the zenith. I would suggest sitting on the ground to observe, you save a lot of (potentially wobbly) height. I have the 8115, the head casting broke, I added a manfrotto head to it and it’s still doing good service. Good quality optics give a much more enjoyable view! Peter
  4. Was a Rob... I deleted the previous beta programme and they didn’t seem to get round to reinviting me.... I tried indoors for a few mins with my iPad. You neEd to ios connect to the mount wifi, then connecting from inside skysafari hurls you over to synscan to connect to the mount which then hurls you back to skysafari.... Where you can move, align etc... My iPad kept wanting to reconnect to my Router, so I didn’t dig deeper. One issue I have with using a phone app for moving the scope is knowing where the arrows are in the dark or not looking at them. If I had access to the 3D printers I’d make myself a screen mask with holes in it so I could feel my way round. peter
  5. Note that e latest version of iOS SkySafari now has. Skywatcher synscanlink mount option, no announcement. Not had a chance to give it a try yet though. Peter
  6. It appears the latest version of skysafari now has SkySafari synscanlink as a mount option! Not had a chance to test it though, only looked as someone complained they’d not been added to the beta programme. Peter
  7. You LOOK before you light it up.... the sky is not always full of planes.... I only need it for a second or so to get on target. It’s been very quiet of late.... more moving it lights from Mr Musk than piloted ones! peter
  8. Note the counterweight on the AZ3, enables successful use of heavier optics. I have found that resting a laser in the groove on the handle enables a quick pointing to be made. Also the friction locks on a manfrotto tripod head enable it to be used as well, even very close to the zenith (bit of neck bending needed). peter
  9. Get a cheap monopod and trigger ball head so you the hand-holdi NV question goes away: http://binocularsky.com/binoc_mount.php I find wide 7x are easier to find stuff as it’s less of a jump from naked eye, then 10x and then bigger ones. I got some 10x50ED APM and they are wide and very sharp... but heavy so they need a mount for best stability. If you want to use them in the day as well then a roof might be easier. If you have big pupils and dark skies then an 8x56 or 7x50 might be better, though i prefer wide apparent fields of view and 7x50!tend to be narrow. peter
  10. It’s very early stage, they tried it after they had some interesting animal results. They outline a number of questions for further study in the paper, wavelength, time of day.... lots to look into. This sort of sample never gets large samples as doing the faint flicker lights in the dark is not everyone’s idea of fun. Peter
  11. Low tripod and 80mm refractor, got a new bimoviewer to test. Low to the ground, so wind should be less of an issue, hopefully. peter
  12. Randomly came across this interesting new article showing the singing deep red light into the eyes can actually help reduce the decline that happens with a age, preserving your night vision in more than one way.... https://medicalxpress.com/news/2020-06-declining-eyesight-deep-red.html Peter
  13. Always happy to get another McNaught (I saw that one easily with a short tail just after sunset with binoculars before it headed off to the Southern Hemisphere (like all good comets seems to do!)) Fingers crossed to get something with a tail through binoculars. Peter
  14. Big Rukl was well over £500 at one point... could have made a profit (if it wasn’t so useful). One would hope that print unavailability would become a thing of the past.... so last century! Glad to hear you found a copy! Peter
  15. Present for the 80mm for lunar and solar viewing, thanks to @Highburymark Peter
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