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  1. For me I love your imput. I have always wanted to persue astronomy, and have kept an eye on the news, but not on astronomy for real. Now I know, and I am wishing for cosmic invaders invaders. Marv
  2. Makes me wonder what shots like these would like now in the digital era. I have two comets in two years 46P Wirtinenen and Africano. Both of which in my 130 newt were distant fuzzies.
  3. Going to attach a couple more from the archive, couldn’t say how strongly this should be looked at, and all credit to the team that put it together.
  4. Thanks Paul M When was the last time you saw a comet that size over your house? So many on the archive, are we in a comet glut?
  5. Don’t want to beat an empty drum but thought I would attach these pictures. Well before the time of everyone having tracking. And I am yet to see better images despite the advances in technology! If you feel you have done better then post and compare, taking into consideration they were using 35mm film and the delay in seeing the results.
  6. Couldn’t give a hoot about 4K loved it. Be proud of your achievement. I would be. Marv
  7. Sorry, didn’t mean to leave you out. I have seen plenty of your work product and you need no help from a relative beginner. I wasn’t deliberately leaving you out but you are well established on here, and for good reason, your Astro pics are amazing. I am going on a bit of a road trip next year, so perhaps I could knock on your door and say hello. Never been to Provence or near the Alps. Marvin
  8. Some amazing stuff on this thread. Been running for a long time, so guess the topic is really relevant. I have a couple of pics that I am not happy with. But as soon as the weather is clear I hope to contribute to this as it seems sooooo valid. Marvin
  9. My skies are ok about a B4 as I am in the countryside without neighbours. My nearest small village is three kilometres away and the street lights are turned off at midnight, which is great. I do however have some light pollution to my south and west thanks to large towns about twenty five k’s away. All in all I can’t complain as I see some of the inner city back gardens some people on here have to use and I count myself lucky. I have a mountain range about 100k to my south and if I can see it during the day then conditions are normally amazing. Big problem at the moment is it will not stop raining. Now how about that bird?
  10. Amazing....... it stopped raining for ten minutes. Raining again.... Standing water in the fields and now 5deg C with some sleet. You guys have it good. I haven’t seen anything for over two weeks. It’s like living under a wet duvet. Marv
  11. Good to see you here. How are your skies in New Mexico? Interesting avatar, is the beautiful bird an Eagle Owl? Marv
  12. Steviebee, roughly where in the Lot? I have this strange idea for a southwest star party some time in the future. Nothing heavily organized but just a meeting of minds somewhere in the dark at first. Never know where these can go. There is a group of astronomers that did an outreach around St Maurin, Puymirol, nearest big town Agen which I missed. I intend to get get in contact with these local star gazers and find out if there is a club. If any expats are interested in getting together then contact me direct on here. A little networking maybe be a good thing. Marvin
  13. A truly great trip round the night sky. So many questions, but the one to ask -18c!!! That lazy feeling may have been approaching death as your brain shuts down blood flow to hold heat in your core. Well done despite dodging the grim reaper, that is a session to remember. Marv
  14. Hayduke27, how is your weather? So bad here I can’t believe it. I get the feeling that I am going to miss this one, so if you get the chance to see it please post. I will keep an eye on widefield, comets and asteroids in the hope that someone with clear skies can at least give me a description. Marvin
  15. Arrrr spell check. Biko should read Bukko.
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