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  1. I took the picture (quite a few actually as the focuser on my scope is very simple) 19th September 2018 at 19.59. Sony Cybershot, 1/40th second f/3.3 4.5mm. ISO 200. The eye piece is an Orion Sirius plossl 17mm. I didn't select the settings, just turned off the flash and let the camera go auto. Just one frame and played around a bit with contrast etc on the standard windows picture programme and cropped a bit to fill the frame. My apologies to all, I should have posted this all in Lunar photography but didn't see that heading until after hitting send, won't happen again.
  2. Third time lucky, attached the first picture by mistake, the second is up side down, two clicks on rotate and this is what you should have had.
  3. Any thoughts on this picture? (I know it is still in it's mirror image) Taken using a Sony Coolpix point and shoot on an adjustable bracket that clamps to the eye piece. Post processing if you can call it that is one half second frame, not stacked. Cropped a bit on the standard windows picture programme, light and contrast tweaked a little. No option to 'flip the image'. Scope used, Orion 130st newt on eq 2 mount . Before I became a member I saw some great shots from people using mobile phones. I did try one of Jupiter but it went strait in the bin.
  4. As for extras, no filters yet as I am quite new to all this and the recent mount upgrade from an eq2 got me in trouble with my wife. I am pretty sure I was using a 10mm plossle, Orion again.
  5. My current kit is an Orion 130 st f5.5 I think on an NEQ5 pro go to. I think my skies are my main plus point. I have a couple of large towns to my south about 25k away but to my north and east nothing. I estimate my bortal rating around four, perhaps better when my local village turn off the lights at midnight.
  6. I’m using a 130 st Orion newt on an eq mount and depending on your light pollution levels you should have no problem seeing nebula, deep sky objects and planets. I was out the other night and had M81 and M82 in the same fov. My eye pieces are similar plossle’s like yours, nothing special.
  7. Biggest regret. Always looked up in awe but waited thirty years to get a scope and start astronomy.
  8. Astronomy first, cycling second, New to astronomy, old to cycling, Your choice, ultimate scope? Ultimate bike, any era?

  9. Thank’s for the informative replies. I still have that re occurring feeling of did I really see that? I had no idea it was in that cluster, so goes to prove that my eye sight has not been effected by heavy machinery, unlike my hearing. Who needs ears for astronomy anyway.
  10. I was out early last few nights to avoid the moon glow. Observed M46 for the first time and notice a faint smudge just off of center, my first thought was small galaxy in the foreground or background, or perhaps a nebulae. i looked it up on my planetarium software and it clearly shows a planetary nebula but gives no info. Anyone out there have any info about this object?
  11. I think I may have delved too deep into an area I know nothing about. Are you talking about CB which I have not been involved in. I was asking what your post were about in relation to astronomy as the jargon/tech talk made no sense to a new astronomer.
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