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  1. Yes, you will have those moments as a limbo dancer. You can loosen the scope rings a little and turn the tube then tighten back up but you will need to re acquire the object in the EP. Better to find something twice and observe in comfort than be on your knees with a bad neck. You wait till you upgrade your mount. Integral polar scope through the body of the mount means you can accurately polar align. What they don’t supply is the hi tech carrier bag to kneel on to look through it, so your trousers don’t have dirty wet knees. The more tech, the more tape, cardboard boxes and plastic bags. Glamorous life of astronomy, once out of the dirt, stand alone in the cold, freezing whilst exclaiming to no one what an amazing thing you are looking at. Rare breed us lunatics. Welcome to the asylum. I have a feeling you will love it, or I may be wrong and never see you on here again. Marv
  2. As you can see I have only been at the Astro anvil for a few years so new like yourself. If you have any questions you want to ask people on this forum without it going on the main thread you can PM people. It’s a nice way of asking someone something if you just want that persons opinion without further comment. Marv
  3. This is to simplify things not frustrate. My first scope Orion Space Probe 130 Newtonian on an EQ 2 mount no motors. Served me well for my first year, but never polar aligned it, just plonked it on the ground in the direction of what I wanted to look at! I have to say I got my first glimpses of amazing things due to it being a five inch scope under dark skies The bug bit and I bought a SW NEQ5 mount with all the mods of Goto with polar alignment scope. Even with all that switched off and just casting around the sky on the EQ5 manually, my starter Orion was a totally different scope. With no change in scope I could see objects like the Ring Nebula!!! There is a saying... No Mount, no scope. Keep it small Dob at the beginning and you will not go wrong. Marv
  4. Seriously, you are at the beginning of potentially a long journey. You need to learn the night sky and what to look at, and I am sure you will. The only reason for an eq mount is to track an object, but at eq 1 or 2 level this is not really feasible as the way the mount is made is just not very good. I know as I have one with an Orion 130 newt installed. The scope is to heavy for the mount. After a simple focus adjustment it takes a few seconds for the mount to stop wobbling, which makes focusing a real trial and error. My heart felt advice is buy a Heritage 130 flex tube. Proper scope, galaxy capable under dark skies for a great price without throwing an eq1/2 in the tip after a year. At the beginning go aperture without the useless complication of a useless low end eq mount and tripod. Marvin
  5. Please accept apologies for assuming you have access to a vehicle, that does make things more difficult. Don’t despair at not having Goto, at the beginning of your journey it can add many unwanted problems and distractions. The Club night is the best thing you could do, so many helpful people to show you how. With the kind help of your friend get somewhere a little darker and relax... let your vision adjust... with the help of Cassiopeia pointing the way move west about a hands width held out at arms length. Andromeda is much more faint than you think and under my Bortle 4 skies if I look directly at it, it disappears. Look a few degrees off... hold it and without moving eye position do you pick up a light area in your peripheral vision??? I will say right now, that what I am describing might seem very difficult. But once you know where it is and what it looks like you will know for the rest of your life. Just so you know my first attempt at M31 took a few attempts without light pollution. I found the Pinwheel galaxy instead by mistake. Next night got M31 then couldn’t find the Pinwheel for another year! It’s a long learning curve to be enjoyed, and I hope I see you on here enjoying it in the years to come. Good luck and happy M31 hunting, start with the 30mm ep. Marvin
  6. M31 is a big beast but not bright all. If you are in a location with light pollution then this will not help. Trying lowering the magnification of the eye piece and do not use the Barlow. Less magnification is the key as in my 150 newt a short photo clearly shows the galaxy filling the whole frame. Half the battle with these dim objects is finding them in the first place. Once you find it, it will become much easier because you will know what you are looking for. If light pollution is a problem then stick the scope in your car and go somewhere dark. You will find it much easier and it will then give you a frame of reference for when viewing from your garden. Word of warning! Once you have gone dark sky site your back garden will no longer be good enough. Marvin
  7. Hi Bryan One piece of advice which is not actually related to your PA question is to keep an eye on the section on this site titled ‘Celestial Events Heads Up’. My first few months of astronomy meant I missed quite a few things at opportune times simply because I didn’t know they were happening or what I was looking at. A prime example is a non Astro friend called me a couple of weeks ago in a very exited state of mind begging me to go outside and look at “The amazing star that has appeared”. My first thought Super Nova! Then, calm down.... where in the sky? I asked. South West right now in the dusk. He was amazed he was looking at Venus. I told him to continue looking lower to the horizon below Venus and he saw a faint star in the last light before night time. He had just bagged his first look at Mercury. I would not have had my first look a week before if it had not been for info posted on here. Marvin
  8. Just a beginner at the very beginning. I worked out that I was probably taking a single frame of the Sunflower at sometime in your marathon. Now I know what it is supposed to look like after a lot of effort. Great image. Marv
  9. Hi Bryan Good to see you here and glad you are learning the night sky without jumping directly into tech. As long as you have some reasonably dark skies you are going to have a great time. I started with a 130 newt on an eq2 with no motors. Already star hopping! Good to hear. What are you hopping too? Do you have particular targets you are trying to see? Pankaj is right in answering your questions, but please understand that Polar Aligning an EQ1 accurately is not really possible. If you are not using an RA motor then PA is not really needed. Just get the mount pointing north and get into the night sky. The setting circles on much higher end mounts only get you in the general area. I find a really good sky atlas (laminated or it will go soggy) and Stellarium as a backup on a laptop if you have one. Stellarium is free and I say backup as I find laptop screens even turned to minimum brightness bad on the eyes when doing visual EP work. I don’t know how far along the Astro road you are, but M42 the middle ‘star’ in the scabbard hanging from Orion belt should be a good target. Anything Moon of course as the crater structures and Maria are fascinating. Sorry that the planetary highlights of Jupiter and Saturn are not with us at present but you have that incredible view coming your way in the future. Enjoy. Marvin
  10. Now a lot of us need help with spelling on occasion. But sometimes it makes a fool of the user. Recently I have sent a few DSO pics to non Astro friends who have asked questions and shown interest in astronomy. I sent a pic of M3 the Globular cluster and it seemed missed the ‘l’. Spell check changed it to ‘Globular Custard’ without me noticing! With connectivity that did the rounds in two minutes and two days later the cooking jokes keep coming. Anyone else been undermined by spellcheck and intuitive typing. Is there a way to turn it off? Marv
  11. Betelgeuse might be brighter as per my Feb 14th post. My wife said I was so romantic. Only just realized that was Valentine’s Day. Oops. Marv
  12. I like CN. As you say many great people, great people, good people.
  13. But why is E and F reported the wrong way round alphabetically? Besides I have been to Melbourne, a huge light polluted city. Very nice though and I did enjoy the botanical gardens and war museum. I bet a two hour trip into the country side must give you some great skies. But we are deviating. Back to E and F in the northern hemisphere. M
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