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  1. Hi Snowfun. I clicked on the link and it invited me to download your stacked TIF. It is one large file! I understand that some people put their stacked product on here for others to have a go at processing, but I would love to see a jpg of your image as I am new to imaging. Other members first tries at the main targets give members like me some idea of what I am doing wrong, so are a great educational tool. All the best Marvin
  2. Yes gratuitous, as per the heading frankly rubbing it in! Still clouded out here, but nice to know someone is getting some scope time. In all seriousness I am sooo happy for you, we have not had a great time of it, so why not show us how it is done. Would be nice to have a raft of observing reports to read and then try to compare. Good luck to you all and clear skies. Marvin
  3. I cannot believe I found this in a cat charity shop for 1 euro! Signed by the author as a bonus. My only other signed book is an Andy McNab I bought at Southampton airport. I have long been a fan of Andrew Chaikin, ‘A Man on the Moon‘ and James Scheffer ‘The Race’. Moondust seems to complete the picture. I particularly like the way the story is told from the point of view of an English child who grew up in the States. Like both sides of a view point at the same time. I enjoyed it that much I feel guilty about it costing so little, so I made a donation of goods to the charity shop it
  4. Nice one. Getting the EQ5 head on the EQ6 tripod will do you a giant favour compared to the alu EQ2 tripod. Whatever you decide to do with motors and/if Goto option is your decision. That is one of the great things in Astro, you can ask questions but you can choose to listen or ignore depending on your needs. I hope you get a great hybrid setup. Perhaps you will have something to report to all of us. Clear skies, and please post up anything you capture AP, I need to have something to compare against as an EQ5 owner. Mavin
  5. Thought I would chip in as an EQ5 owner, and a dabbler in the entry end of DSLR imaging. Firstly I have the EQ5 with the big stainless legs. I think this is marketed as the EQ5 Pro. I added (later) the Goto SynScan V5 kit and motors, and I think for the cost, it is great. I understand the question about putting the EQ5 mount head on an EQ6 tripod. I have one of those and would consider it if I was on the non PRO tripod (alu). As an aside the EQ5 can be made to do AP without guiding as long as 60 second exposures are the max. If using a newt then windy conditions will be a proble
  6. I am serious, if you keep posting these then I will give up Lunar observing. Your Chalk Charcoal appear to better than my scope and eyeballs. Your capture of the difference between light and dark is perfect. Other than your obvious talent this medium is ideal for the subject. Long may you continue so we can all enjoy. Marv
  7. Thank you for that link John, mind blowing. I really got a grand scale feeling as you see that heat shield fall away and stay in shot. The quality of the footage very impressive, it was easy to pick out the gap in the wall of the crater just to the right of the landing. Marv
  8. Wow. What a report. I was out last night for just my third time this year (weather) and with only a limited window I went out with my five inch newt on an EQ2. Talk about opposite ends of the scale to your equipment. However, beauty is in the eye of the beholder. How does the moon not fail to amaze? Most of the time I am annoyed by her presence, then put a small scope on her and poke my eyes out. Last night I had thirty minutes of clear and perfect clarity. Stuck to 25mm and 17mm eps so very little mag and really noticed a sharp shadow, thrown from a crater rim peak. I think it was P
  9. I don’t know if it is for you, but I am currently enrolled on a free course via the internet with the Open University. OU. If you internet them (OU) and look at open courses, there is a course called called “using a remote scope online” or something along that that line. The course is basic to medium and educational, and allows you to ask a scope on Mt Tiede in Tenerife to take a single sub for you and allows you basic processing tools to gain an image. The Scope is called coast and you can look it up here telescope.org I am currently doing the course, and the data gathere
  10. Postman delivered this morning. Tax bill! Bang goes any chance of buying any Astro kit. Skies should clear now though, probably spot on full moon. Marv
  11. Brilliant. I am totally new to Solar with a brand new white light home made filter. I have to ask does anyone else see a sly smirk in the image? Or is it a cheeky grin? On a serious note great images. I am frankly astonished that clear skies allowing I can do Astro in the day!!! For some reason it did not occur to me that I can star gaze in the day. ‘Our nearest star’. Marvin
  12. Great images SaberJeff. The first one has managed to tame the over exposure of the core and the second has really shown the colour. Do you have any details of the scope, ep and phone or tablet that you used? I have not used my phone or tablet for Astro, but the improvements in mobile tech are fast and impressive. Well done. Marv
  13. Sorry, did you say -27 ? I have read that humidity in extreme cold is a problem. But -27! Do you get a medal for that? Don’t tell me, someone from Siberia will trump that with -30 something. I must be well soft. I think five below is hardship. Marv
  14. Gone into hiding maybe after you lot threw your hand bags around! Behave the lot of you or there will be hell to pay! Wow, now I know what it feels to have mod powers And to the mods, did you see how I used the emojis? M
  15. Your post brings back fond memories from just over one year ago. We had friends com over for a short break (remember those) and I was showing my mate Sean my mind blowing deep space 60 second subs. Sean asked... Have you imaged the Horse Head? I laughed and said are you kidding then looked at the flame neb picture I was actually showing him right there and saw the notch..... no way..... can’t be. A very generous friend who had much better things to do, took my mediocre single dull sub and turned it into a picture. Your effort and your result reminded me why I decided to put a camera
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