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  1. Lovely! Big fan of the GSO barlow! What's the skinny boy in the middle of the bottom row?
  2. Hi @Chinapig - would you be able to post to Germany? If so I understand there would be some additional cost so please let mw know what that would be. Thanks!
  3. It's been a very long time since I last posted here but I felt I must give a quick update about my 2" case. I have just acquired my very first bit of green and black - and it is truly monstrous!
  4. It arrived! Holy smokes it is huuuuuuge! Now I just need to wait for the new mount to arrive so I can *actually* use it My current mount would almost certainly collapse under the weight!
  5. haha yeah, perhaps it just *felt* like I took forever to make a decision
  6. Wow! Fantastic first image! Welcome to SGL! I think everyone knows what you mean about being hooked... I had a couple of years break for one reason or another but now I'm back and raring to go... this hobby always brings you back around in the end!
  7. Soooooo... sorry for the old thread bump but in the end (and after some encouragement from my partner) I just plumped for the Panoptic(!) I'm upgrading my mount to an EQ6-R Pro (my first actually new mount, plus first goto) because my old tiny one doesn't cope with the 80ED well and want to future proof myself, so I thought if I'm buying a mount for life I should get the EP for life as well! It's currently constant clouds here anyway so I'm just taking advantage of the situation
  8. Thanks! My general feeling was that it should be possible. I'm still sadly waiting for cloud cover to break so I think I'm doubting myself just because I'm a little rusty and I can't go and check!
  9. Yeah, this is kinda my thinking. I'm determined now, so I will report back once I've nailed it! It's clouds from here on in for a while, but I'm using the cloud cover as an excuse to probably upgrade my somewhat unidentified EQ-??? mount which struggles with the ED80, to something much sturdier with tracking/goto. This will also mean that if star hopping is failing me, I can fall back on the goto.
  10. Very jealous! Maybe I'll just go crazy and buy a C11
  11. Thanks all. As you have all said the main problem might just be magnification vs. light loss. I must admit that I was also finding it very challenging last night once I changed EPs, even to confirm I was moving in the right direction when star hopping, so there's probably a reasonable dash of user error and super bright moon thrown in. Perhaps I was just very lucky when I got it before on the skymax. I think it was in my 9mm HD60 which would have given me nearly 150x, which is a struggle in the 80ED.
  12. Hello all Having recently got back to astronomy after a long break, I'm mostly spending time looking for DSOs, clusters etc. with my SW Evostar 80ed. In the past I have managed to resolve the ring (but not the central star) through a Skymax 102 under admittedly darker skies (class 5 IIRC, from a country park with no pesky street lamps), but I'm not having any luck with the 80ed from my current class 8 location. I've been using a 30mm to hunt down the patch of sky, and at higher mags I've tried averted vision and a (cheap IIRC - Kood) sky-glow filter amongst other things, but still no dice. I can pick up M13 as a grey smudge, so I feel like I should be able to at least resolve M57 as a fuzzy ball - am I asking a bit too much? Thanks all!
  13. Hello all, After much research I came to the conclusion that the 2" 40mm Aero ED (under various brands) would be great for my needs in the low power department. Not looking for any specific brand name, as they have come under many names. Please let me know if you have one you're willing to part with - I'm based in Germany so must be able to ship there. Many thanks!
  14. Coming back to this - I know I get technically more coverage in the EP overall due to the extremely long FL but would I get that lovely "my god, it's full of stars" effect like you do with the very wide angle EPs? Whilst the GSO 30mm is not the world's best EP it does have a reasonably large FOV and I'm hoping to get even more of an eyeful!
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