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  1. @FLO similar to Amazon/Ebay and others, do you think you might be able to offer the service of prepaying EU taxes, import charges etc. some time in the future once its clear exactly what the situation is?
  2. Great, thanks! Was thinking of setting up a plate of some kind on the top mounting holes for my scope, but I only have the smaller tube rings as it's an 80ED. As it's only a small number of accessories perhaps perspex would work for me too.
  3. Nice setup. What's the accessory plate/tubering/dovetail combo you have there?
  4. New member of the owners club here! Decided to treat myself (ordered early Oct) and just arrived a few days before Christmas. Will be mostly using as a sturdy long-term investment for visual; initial setup will be with an Evostar 80ED. I finally have a mount sturdy enough to use my Panoptic 41mm! I enjoy using the synscan app with the AZ-GTi so I've also bought the WiFi dongle to give me more flexibility in the setup. Eventually I may plan to do some AP which I know is where this mount shines, but in the medium term I wanted a tank, and the EQ6-R Pro is certainly that!
  5. Yes, Ducky is surrounded by quite a lot of farmland still, so the main LP comes from the village itself which is not too bad, and the M1 and commercial park where the pit used to be. My stepdad does have a cheapish frac but not sure how much use he gets out of it. I have only had my gear out there once some years ago. We went out to Clumber Park and found a great spot out of of the way and sheilded from local LP, had an excellent night's viewing. Would love to do that again!
  6. Dronnie eh? I'm a Chesterfield (Duckmanton, nr Bolsover) lad originally although in Berlin now! I would much prefer your Bortle 5 skies
  7. I had the foresight to get my C5 outside on the balcony before I went out for the final food shop of the year in the vague hope that a) I would get back in time and b) it would still be clear. Despite the landlord's best efforts to delay us leaving I did manage to get back in time and it was, remarkably, still clear. I got set up upstairs on the shared roof terrace with my pre-cooled gear, and fit in a solid 20 mins of reasonable viewing, and maybe another 10 of not so good viewing. Still, both Jupiter and Saturn looked great even at 71x in my Morpheus 17.5mm, and I was able to ea
  8. Maybe with a quick peek through some binos to represent the Eyes of Our Lord Charles Frank
  9. Can us 'new owners' of an old book join the club? If so I'm in!
  10. The thought just occurred, that around the time I found a hardcopy, I also managed to to track down a PDF version - I've attached here for your delight! Of note is that the same illustrations posted by @Moonshed occur on different pages in this scanned PDF version - pages 118 and 122 in the pdf rather than 112 and 115. Presumably, then, there must be a couple of editions released. CharlesFrank-FranksBookOfTheTelescope.pdf
  11. @Nigella Bryant looking at your photo again, I think, apart from the pier instead of the tripod, the above is true of yours too?!
  12. Great thread! Although I was not around when Frank's were still operating, the first scope I ever looked through as a young lad - and which years later became my first scope - is a 6“ F8 Charles Frank newt which belonged to my Grandfather. It was given to him by the Chesterfield Observatory (Derbyshire) / astro society where is he was a member and looks to be one of the deluxe versions, mostly original with a few modifications, such as an added Cruezet Valence AC motor. The finder is an Aldis WW2 illuminated gunsight and the tripod is British military / govt from a Ross of Lo
  13. Looks great, and also excellent for the OCD crew amongst us!
  14. This is awesome. Great match for the EP colour scheme as well!
  15. Maybe it will become part of @FLO's Black Friday sale! Seriously though, a huge loss for astronomy and Puerto Rico. Arecibo was on my fantasy list of observatories to visit. The one silver lining is that they had not decided to repair it and had people working on it at the time of collapse.
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