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  1. Awesome animations, looks as thought it was trying to evolve into a Mandelbrot set!
  2. Had another go at imaging on Sunday, and only just got around to processing the results. I managed to achieve focus with the Lunt 50 and DMK41 screwed directly to the blocking filter thanks to a C-T thread adapter (and thanks Macavity for the tip-off on that!) I haven't yet worked out why the center of my discs are darker as I deliberately moved the sun into the sweet spot and I think I've overcooked the processing on the images as there's a strange ring around the sun but apart from that I'm happy with how things are coming on. I think I'm starting to prefer solar imaging to DSO! For my next trick I might try properly centering the sun so I don't chop the bottom off...... And I played around with a negative as it seemed to bring out a bit more detail of the main prominence:
  3. That second one is amazing! It looks a bit like a tornado.
  4. Brilliant, thanks! The T2 adapter looks like it'll do the job so I'll order one of those and see how I get on! My image was probably uniform because once I'd put the camera on I was adjusting where it sat as I noticed that it seemed pretty strict in that if it was slightly off to the left or right and I got noticeable fading towards the edges. It didn't seem too bad moving the camera up or down. I'll probably order one of the rotaters too just to be safe!
  5. Those cloud ones look good in their own way and quite moody!
  6. Love the first one, it really makes the structure of the filament stand out, looks a bit like a viaduct!
  7. Well, it's been a while since I've attempted to do any imaging! After doing my back in and ending up on the wrong end of a surgeon's knife because of it I've been told not to lift anything heavy again. So with that, the HEQ5, ED80 and remains untouched and I've got something a bit lighter, a double stacked lunt 50! I had my first attempt at imaging today with it and a DMK41AU02, no matter what combination of adapters and barlows, I couldn't get focused. The only thing I found that worked was unscrewing the eyepiece adapter from the blocking filter and duct-taping the camera directly to it. If anyone has a more elegant solution I'd appreciate some advice! Unfortunately no sooner had I got everything setup (and taped together!) this morning the cloud started to develop so only got one 40 second AVI. After fiddling around with it for a bit: Had a go at colouring it don't think I've got that quite right yet....!
  8. Don't worry about the orange haze from LP too much as it can be removed - provided it hasn't washed out too much of the data! I've just had a quick play with the image and run it through Dynamic Background Extraction with PixInsight and got this - not the best quality as working from the low-res JPG in your gallery but this is what happens after playing for 2 minutes:
  9. I love the default quantity is 1000. Try adding them to your basket and try not to gulp when you imagine doing an online order for that!
  10. Just to say, it's not so heavy that it's not portable or it's cumbersome - it's definitely portable and not cumbersome! Now I just need a clear night where I can see more than haze and planes going overhead!
  11. I got an 8115 (and a pair of 15x70 binos to put on them) yesterday from FLO and it's great. Compared to the cheap tripods I've bought for DSLRs it's really solid, heavy and well-built. The head movement is nice and smooth and the stiffness can be adjusted too. Fully extended it seemed a lot higher than the 180cm which seems to be quoted a lot in descriptions of it, to me it seemed over 2 meters. According to FLO it'll cope with up to 100mm binos so should be fine with yours.
  12. As I found out to my expense a short while ago, a good way to get a star spike with a refractor is to forget to move the washing line out of the way when you're down the bottom of the garden...
  13. Try holding the camera and gently press down and rotate the barlow with the bottom of a rubber shoe if possible - I read about this trick recently when I got a filter stuck on my reducer and it got it loose in seconds whereas I couldn't budge it an inch with my hands.
  14. Posted the wrong link - FLO power adapter is this one: http://www.firstlightoptics.com/atik-cameras/atik-power-supply-unit-psu.html
  15. Brilliant, thanks! Was looking on FLO and saw they did the Atik power supply here: http://www.skyatnightmagazine.com/review/camera/atik-314l-cooled-ccd-camera but some reviews said it came with the car adapter which I presume would just plug directly into a powertank. Looks like I might be sending FLO some more money in the near future....!
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