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  1. The Pleiades showing different temperatures in a super unfocused image (by accident). Only after looking better to this I noticed all brightest stars are there. Love it! Stars info using SkySafary6 AVX SW80ED 700D 19s ISO12800, both images
  2. Hi everyone, I´m very interessed in this topic. But I remain with a very important question: I have a SW80ED and a Baader M56 Click Clock (amazing gear!), will it fit in this 72ED or I would have to buy the M54 one from Baader (or maybe an adapter that seems quite difucult to google about...)? And, about those locking screws that came with the telescope... I refuse to qualify them! Thanks in advance, Filipe
  3. Hello all! After 2 years I made a decision, now a lot of learning hours ahead, wish me luck! Wide field photos wait for me!
  4. Acording to Sky Safari Orion58 I would say its PGC 26572. Rather difficult for me to determine this as I can't freely rotate in the program to match pictures I see around, love yours by the way!
  5. Thanks for your reply nmoushon any help apreciated to focus my "dive" in to this. The all in one camera I was reffering: https://youtu.be/Hy-K2gSZfu0
  6. Hello SG´s! My budget is 2500€ max, insane top 3000€. I plan to buy gear (it´s decided, new stuff) to use my unmodded EOS 700D to start in AF, I´m ready for a deep and long learning curve so no need to rush for a dedicated CCD. But I want to be able to "drive" 2-3 more DSLR´s on the mount from friend/guests. The combo AVX C6 is driving me crazy as I want also to do visual, some binos would be very nice (TS ones look ok for me), if only to see moon, jupiter and saturn, more than enough nature targets are very welcome. So to resume I am stucked to this: - AZ-EQ6, my "natural" choice but budget
  7. Hello. I´m from Vila Real, at this point I can only say: check better because Portugal has very nice light saved areas in the interior north. Small towns, several hills above 1000m high, away from sea humidity. Really nice dark skies, I can assure you. I´m finishing my 2 year (!!!) search for a future proof investment in astro gear. I intend to organize sections for small groups and some astrofests, and I also intend to invite you all as soon as possible to visit this region: Trás-os-Monte e Alto Douro. Alqueva area must be very nice also because very little light sources emit there in the ni
  8. I read this very carefully, as I am about to purchase from them, the way this thread ended is quite poetical thow also very scary as not all of us has loads of money available.
  9. Very very nice! Isn't this an APOD level image?
  10. Hi, I'm following with great interest this post, hope to see shared experiences with this mod here. Thanks.
  11. Thanks Peter, forgot to mention the polar wedge, or a short reflector OTA than I think will be possible in winter days...
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