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  1. Thanks everyone for the comments. I would have been out again last night but I had a big meeting about the future of my job ( 32 years service). I thought it best not to fall asleep during meeting. Over the Moon that my job is safe. Lee
  2. I thought the same Gav, Moon was so bright and close but I had not been out for a while so thought I'd give the kit an airing. Please I did now.
  3. Surprised with the results from last night. Not had chance to image for a while. 8" Orion Optics Europa QHY5Lii colour camera and x3 barlow. 30% of 6946 frames Stacked in AS!2, wavelettes in Regstax6, final processing in GIMP.
  4. Well the wife treated me to a new phone and I need to fill it up with apps. So which is the best star chart app? Thanks in advance for any suggestions (and move to relevant section if needed). Thanks, Lee
  5. Excellent to see you out and imaging again Jake. I respect your dedication in setting up and putting away each session. I just couldn't go back to those days. Are you still on the IOW? Regards, Lee
  6. Many thanks for the replies, a lot to look into. If there are any more suggestions then just add. Cheers, Lee
  7. I've been using the free Gimp for post processing of my images but looking to put hand in pocket and upgrade. What would you kind people suggest - and more importantly why? Many thanks for any help. Lee
  8. Thanks guys for all the advise. I'll take a look at the mirror at the weekend and I may certainly take your advise Damian and simply leave it alone. Lee
  9. Thanks Steve, I always check, and if necessary, collimate before a session. Just decided that while the scope is off the mount that I'd give mirrors a gentle wash. Just wasn't too sure what type of water as Halfords seems to sell Ionized water for car batteries. Lee
  10. Morning everyone, It's been a few weeks since I've been on this site. I've had a bit of a disaster - the main bolt that holds my HEQ5 pro mount to the pillar decided to strip out the thread to the mount. I wondered why I suddenly lost the Moon while observing, suddenly there was a creaking sound and I just managed to catch the whole set up from crashing to the floor. Very heavy and difficult to disconnect everything while in the dark, but at least no damage to scope etc. I've managed to cut a new thread and everything is ok. My question is this, while I'm out of action I've decided to gentl
  11. As Stuart said if you stack your RAW AVI in AS!2 it will automatically sort out the debayering. Lee
  12. Great capture Jake, nice to see you about even though your scope is homeless. I decided to have a go at a Moon mosaic last night. A little difficult due to it being low and at one point obscured by a tree branch. Lee
  13. My family...... they were fed up with me moaning about what was on T.V. of an evening so my wife bought me a scope so I'd spend my nights outside. Lee
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