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  1. South Birmingham

    I’m not a million miles away in Dudley.
  2. Live rocket launch

    I was at the Kennedy Space Centre today. There was a real buzz around TESS, and then a massive let down. Got a shed load of free stuff though. Going back on Wednesday. Fingers crossed. Still had a great day though. Saturn V and Atlantis amazing. Saw the ‘Belt of Venus’ from the beach early evening.
  3. Great pics. I was West of you in Idaho. I think most people got lucky with the weather?
  4. Unlucky this time - keep at it and you never know it might happen yet!
  5. Picked this book up today

    Bargain. I've just started reading that book.
  6. Rupes Recta

    Cheers Stu
  7. Rupes Recta

    Thanks Bryan and Gus. I have to admit I took this about a week ago before it got really cold. I'm tempted to get one of those things that attach the phone to the ep as it was a pain holding it in the right place. Yes it is one frame.
  8. Rupes Recta

    I normally like to sketch, but didn't fancy sitting out too long so took a picture with my phone (SW254px, 4.5mm ep, Samsung S7)
  9. Decisions decisions

    Once I've set up my scope I will observe even if it turns to a quick 30 mins. Tonight the bright moon has meant my scope stays under wraps.
  10. Thanks Stu, I'll set an early alarm on the 7th. Not sure my wife will be so keen though so may have sleep downstairs on the settee!
  11. I think the X is showing up now.
  12. Eclipse 2019

    Thanks Mike.
  13. Eclipse 2019

    Hi Mike, I planned my holiday last year to see the eclipse from Idaho. It was fantastic. I think you are right that planning well in advance is the key. A trip to South America next year will mean cutting back on other things but it will be worth. I like the idea of the Atacama Desert. Cheers
  14. Eclipse 2019

    Hello all, Is anybody thinking of going to South America next year for the eclipse? I see that the 'cheaper' organised tours have sold out already.