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  1. bish

    The difference a day makes

    Wouldn't it be boring if we knew what to expect every time.
  2. Stayed clear but very annoying that it was just obscured by branches. Telrad lined up but scope too low. Hope others had better luck!
  3. Thanks Stu. Fingers crossed as I have about a 15 minute window due to trees. Around 10ish might be OK.
  4. bish

    The Veil Nebula, at last. 7 July

    Nice one. I think the veil is a lot of people's favourite. I never tire of it.
  5. bish

    What's your dream telescope/equipment?

    Dark sky, observatory and 25” Obsession.
  6. bish

    David Lukehurst

    Sounds like a story John.
  7. bish

    Are you comfortable standing when observing?

    I spent years hunched over an ep. Now I'm in my late 40's my back doesn't like it so I either perch on an ironing chair or stand up straighter by putting my dob on a platform (or garden chair!)
  8. bish

    David Lukehurst

    Patrick Moore, Alexei Leonov (first man to space walk), Prof Stephen Hawking (only got to say hello in a big group who all wanted to have a chat!), I was on an eclipse tour with Pete Lawrence and Paul Abell (and John Culshaw) Bob Cenker (a Space Shuttle crew member). Helen Sharman (standing in a queue to see Alexei Leonov and prof Hawking). Science historian Alan Chapman. I saw David Levy do a talk but never got to meet him. That was a real shame.
  9. bish


    Fantastic image.
  10. I didn't even get a crisp disk the other night as the seeing was terrible. I hadn't seen it in a while and was surprised how bright it was when it first appeared above the horizon. Luckily Jupiter and Saturn didn't disappoint in the ep.
  11. None of my friends have any interest. My wife thinks I'm mad - but loved the Kennedy Space Centre. She is also loves total eclipses.
  12. bish

    Jupiter - 1st July - 9:30pm BST

    Thanks for the heads up. I forget to check for these things recently. looks like it will be cloudy here though.
  13. bish

    First light optics

    I prefer e-mail at work. It is nice to speak to people but I like the trail you have with e-mail. When giving information to customers enquiries I always e-mail the details.
  14. bish

    Mercury 29-06-28 @ 22:20 hrs

    Well done. I think I have only ever used bins on Mercury, and in my current house I have to drive up the road to see it at all. Always some sense of achievement just to spot it.
  15. bish

    Stunning Saturn at opposition

    Great report Kerry. I was out until about 00:30 last night and Saturn was stunning. For me nothing beats a crisp view of Saturn (solar system observing). The colour and banding apparent and Cassini division sharp. Plenty of detail on Jupiter and Mars so bright but also very low so nothing like as sharp. I should have stayed up another couple of hours but was set up in my wifes parent's garden to get views of Saturn and Mars.

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