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  1. Nice report. Can"t to get back to darker skies for some DSOs. Hopefully it will be a bit warmer than where you are!
  2. You"ve got that right. I"ve got lists of lists!
  3. I plan to be in the middle of Texas for 2024. I went over for the 2017 eclipse and saw it from Idaho, then drove down through Utah and Arizona. Not sure of my entire trip plan for 2024 yet. Last time I was in Florida it was for a rocket launch, the next time hopefully for the star party.
  4. Excellent. Thanks for sharing. Something I have been meaning to do but not got around to. Making plans for the 2024 eclipse already though.
  5. I've one of the adjustable Skywatcher torches as mentioned by David above. It"s been fine for me. I've been at star parties where people have a bright head torch with flimsy red film over it, and completely dazzles you.
  6. Thanks. I"ll have to book the day off work.
  7. Thank you. Fingers crossed for a clear night soon.
  8. I think air quality is a huge thing. I saw the triplet under bortle 8 skies with a 6" reflector. I lived on a hill and I think a lot of the surrounding sky murk sank below me. I moved 2 miles down the road in a dip. Despite having a street light shielded garden the sky is never as good as my flat balcony. Don't think I would see them from my garden in the 6", even though it"s much more shielded.
  9. They were a struggle with my 6", where I live. Easy from a dark site though.
  10. I went to Japan that year. Wonderful country. I didn"t see the astro shop though. Will have to go back!
  11. I vowed to do that recently after another post about doubles. It's been cloudy ever since!
  12. If I had £1500 to spend I would buy a 12" flextube, shroud, dew shield, hair dryer, power source and a nice ep.
  13. Great images. I went to Lapland a couple of years ago. I did see the aurora but they weren"t as strong as that.
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