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  1. Think I would have to go with Jupiter too. Has to be something that is changes every time you see it.
  2. Nice report. I used to observe from a small light polluted balcony. My SW 150 and EQ3 would just fit on but I would be out most clear nights until the early hours. Probably spent more time observing on the balcony than anywhere else.
  3. You wont regret it! Even if you only get a couple of hours of clear sky.
  4. Great report. Big dob, dark sky, good transparency, quality eps - does it get any better?
  5. A dark sky changes everything. I would rather be at a dark sky with my bins than home with my 250px. You still need aperture to see much detail, but it is very rewarding with bins or a small scope.
  6. As the title says. I am in the countryside in Thailand. I remembered to pack my bins and there is no cloud. Should be good. It would be but they are stubble burning so not only is everything hazy but if I stay out for long I stink of smoke! Shame when I could be tracking down a load of DSOs normally too far south. Hope you are all having better luck. Bish
  7. Tough one. So many great things. Total eclipse jaw dropping. The thing I always come back to is first seeing Saturn through a telescope as a kid. The rings weren"t even that visible but it was the first time I saw it with my own eyes as more than a point of light.
  8. Excellent, that will make 3 things visible from my urban garden!
  9. Great stuff. It's very rewarding when you have to put the effort in to track down something new. Must have been a real buzz spotting the SN. To me it"s the thrill of the chase. Non astronomers dont get the appeal of looking at a dot of light or faint fuzzy thing.
  10. Nice report. I had a standard 150p for a number of years and spent many hours out on the balcony of my old flat. I had a limited view so would be out every clear night well into the early hours waiting for things to come around into view.
  11. I was just having a cup of tea before setting up and it clouded over!
  12. 250px is a good scope and I"ve found it easy enough to transport around. As said above it is a good all rounder.
  13. I"ve celestron 15x70, 9x63, 8x42 and helios 10x50. I use them all.
  14. Hello Tom. Ive yet to make it to Tucson but do love the South West USA.
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