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  1. bish

    Horse head nebula

    Perfect sky conditions at a very dark site. At least a 10" scope (although people have seen it in smaller) and Hbeta filter. Even then don't expect to see something that resembles a horse.
  2. What a great report. Your set up is a killer on galaxies - I bet M51 is a real jaw dropper.
  3. bish

    Getting ready for galaxy season ...

    Just don"t let any observing get in the way of a good drinking session
  4. The Cambridge University Press is a good place to look for good in depth books. They can be a bit pricey if you don't find a used one though.
  5. bish

    Heads up " Sky at Night " Sunday

    Thanks - I need reminders these days!
  6. bish

    Messier list completed

    Well done. I haven't counted recently but am still a way off. Not enough dark sky trips!
  7. bish

    Virgo galaxies

    Thanks for that.
  8. bish

    Virgo galaxies

    Hello all, Does anybody know of a list with the magnitudes of the Virgo galaxy cluster? I have charts but would like a list of mags to save flicking through books when I am outside. Of course I could type one up but it would save me some time. thanks
  9. bish

    Comet 46P /Wirtanen

    Just had a look but couldn’t see it with my 15x70s. Could be that I was at the front (street lights) of the house, whereas as the last few times I was in the back garden (no direct lights).
  10. I meant to post this a couple of weeks ago. I was out scraping ice off the car, but at least had a nice view.
  11. Great job Stu. Having tried a bit of this myself I know how hard it is to get results like that (I haven't managed it!)
  12. Same here. The moon was behind a thick hedge and the gap in the cloud very clear and the right part of sky. With 46p now being higher in the sky it makes a huge difference where I live.
  13. bish

    46/P & M45

    Excellent image
  14. Has anybody been following this one. P46 seems to be taking the limelight. Might have a go at 64P with the scope if I get a clear night.

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