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  1. I"ve nearly always bought new as I like things to be pristine. That will change now.
  2. Getting glimpses through cloud. Just wont get any photos.
  3. Day off work. Total cloud as expected. Off to the cinema instead.
  4. Buy her an AP set up for christmas (make it a combined birthday present due to the cost)
  5. Hi all, I think i will take a few pics of the partial eclipse, if it is clear. I"ve got a white light filter for my mak and might just hold it over the camera lens hood. Will be a bit more fiddly than buying filter paper and making one, but I probably wont use it again until 2024. I think it should work OK? Thanks
  6. Yes, I also moved from the top of a hill to a dip. The amount of air pollution was also more noticeable. Galaxies and nebula are my favourite thing but I don"t bother with those at all now. I do a bit of solar system and variable star observing. A couple of clear hours with bins at Kielder last year was a tonic. Hopefully get some clear sky up there this year.
  7. Out observing with 127mm mak and white light filter. Lots of detail when seeing good. Eye floaters and dust on the optics a bit of a nuisance for white light looking at black spots though!
  8. I"ve got a white light filter for my mak but the fov is a bit too narrow to take pics with my DSLR. Think I will get some baadar to make one for my camera lens.
  9. I had a look 2 nights ago. I'll be honest looking at the moon has always been bottom of my list. However, when I looked at the area around cathatina, etc at x533 and then a wide angle of the bright earth shine it did change my mind. As a kid I mainly looked at the moon in my small frac, but tend to ignore it recently. Decided to make a start on the lunar 100 now.
  10. That's great. Thanks for your reply. They do look really good.
  11. Nice image, well captured.
  12. To be honest my 10" dob is ideal. I have a 127 mak that I only use because I bought a white light filter for it. It has the goto which I don"t use because the telrad on a dob is easier. Having said all that I have been tempted to get a good quality small frac to stick on an AZ for a grab n go on drives out.
  13. Hi all, Does anybody have a google pixel phone? My samsung might need replacing and I wonder if its worth getting as I have seen some really nice milky way photos with them. Thanks
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