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  1. I think it goes down to personal preference whether a standard tripod is comfortable enough.. I have found it a little annoying before , when you want to look above 65-70 degrees and have to tilt you neck too much and try and keep your eyes close enough to the eyepiece.... Of course you could look into a parallelogram mount - I've used one before but I've never set one up and they do take up a little more room.lt will allow you to view in comfort, either standing or sitting/laying back Mark
  2. Fantastic.... I have always wanted to have an old pair of 14x100... Some of the best binocular targets you looked at there, as I did last night with a pair of 10x50s - I imagine your 100mm showed just a bit more detail.. If you have a chance, it'd be great to see a picture of them Mark
  3. Great sketch Mike, really wonderful soft colour... These sketches always make me visit the FLO telescope section....
  4. Nice report with some interesting targets there - especially when you can see nice colour differences between stars with bins... I haven't done a binocular session for a while so next chance I get I'll have a go.. Mark
  5. Brilliant! Congrats! Im excited for you.... Let's get some clear skies, some good seeing and a few nice observing reports.. Enjoy Mark
  6. Fantastic sketch! That really does seem to jump out at you...
  7. Fantastic! The only cylinder shaped thing of that size I can look into is my coffee cup! Enjoy...
  8. A couple of great sessions there with a nice variety of objects. Picking out the big Messier's in Auriga is great at this time of year.. Keep enjoying those 10x50s..
  9. Thanks for the wonderful report. Very enjoyable read ... I've looked at a pair of those Pentax 20x60s a number of times and look forward to hearing more about them and how they compare to the others... The only problem is, the pair of 11x70s I have been using were borrowed and had to go back... So reports like this get me thinking... Mark
  10. Great sketches Mike. I always enjoy the subtle detail you manage to pick out. I often find that when I sketch, I'm too eager to see the finished product and often end up rushing a little, but of course the more time at the EP the more detail can be seen.. That's where experience comes into play I guess.. Mark
  11. Very nice sketches as always..
  12. mark81


    That's an interesting idea with a great outcome...
  13. Great start. It's always nice to get the first session done so you an get a feel for the bins. I had the x16 versions out last night... Fantastic around Cassiopeia.. Glad your enjoying them... Mark
  14. Thanks Steve... The darker nights are finally on their way.. Mark
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