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  1. mark81

    Absolute newbie from Doncaster, UK

    Welcome to SGL, it's a great time of the year to begin. Dark nights on their way
  2. mark81

    Dark nights coming back

    Wow that's what I call a session. An amazing selection of objects there and some nice detail. I was going to have a go at NGC7000 but nothing but cloud here. keep the reports coming
  3. I often look at this imaging section and am often tempted to comment but feel a little like an intruder as I have no imaging experience or any equipment to try it. This image is spectacular and felt I had to say so.
  4. Wow, even though a new scope for me is years in the future, this just went top of the list!
  5. Hi, I can only comment on the Olympus 10x50's which I really love - not sure how they compare to the Opitcron but from what I hear you cant get much more for your money if you chose the Olympus. Really nice crisp clean views and a great size for daytime use too. I do have a dark site here so I really do get the most out of them and I feel they are good enough for those quick short sessions when you don't want to use a scope. Star clusters can be seen - not in any detail - but faint smudges can be fun. Andromeda also. I also use them a lot for hunting objects down as I only have a red dot finder on my st80. You wont be disappointed with these.
  6. mark81

    Observing goal for life

    That NGC book sounds like something I would get if I had a big enough scope, but with an ST80, I have to be more than realistic. I use Stargazing and Skywatching by Collins, the Philips sky atlas - which is more for small scopes and of course Turn Left at Orion. I have printed off some o the challenges from the Astroleague, mainly the binocular ones for the ST80.
  7. I was 16 years old and the one moment that really stands out for me is the POLICE being called as me and a couple of friends were in the street taking a look at the comet through some binoculars and a nice neighbour had phoned the police worried that we were looking into peoples bedrooms - which we weren't - but which gave us a good idea
  8. mark81

    Show us your Frac

    Here's my first and only scope the wonderful ST80, got it in Jan, can't wait for the Autumn skies..
  9. mark81

    Cepheus !

    Fantastic report. It's great to see such a variation in reports as it makes you realise that there is so many avenues to look down. The first set of notes look wonderful without even reading them ! Interesting stuff..
  10. mark81

    Progress With The Dob

    Nice update on this dob. I have looked at it a number of times since you got it and really will be tempted when the time comes..
  11. mark81

    Saturn to Cepheus.

    It's always interesting to see the different types of reports here and I enjoy them all, but one with planets, binaries and sketches? Great stuff, thanks
  12. mark81

    New Dob Gets Raised Even Higher

    After you last post I thought you might need to raise that a little more. Looks good too. And some nice dark nights on their way....slowly. I look forward to more reports..
  13. mark81

    Mixed bag

    That's a nice bunch of doubles there with good descriptions. Reading about these type of observing sessions really make me want to get the scope out and start veiwing - but I'm having to wait for the darker skies to return.. Keep them coming
  14. mark81

    Sun 23/6/18 FD

    Great subtle detail on the first sketch - really brings it to life.
  15. mark81

    New Dob - Further Impressions

    It's good to hear more about this dob and how your getting on with it - I'm sure that when your over a certain height, a stool is a must for most dobs and then a ladder for anything really big...

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