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  1. Thanks Rob! hehe the opposite for me When I opened it up I thought it was bigger than I remembered! I think it should be the perfect size for the obsy though and I really hope I get on with it well
  2. Thanks vlaiv! Darnit! I completely forgot about the secondary being a bit larger on the PDS version, and I plain didn't know that the thickness of the spider vane didn't effect intensity of diffraction. I do now at least, cheers! Skywatcher must make them thin purely for increased contrast then
  3. I've just received my 200p from FLO, so I've recorded an overview and comparison to the PDS version whilst unboxing it:
  4. Hey Carole, I should remind myself all about mono I think. The last Mono camera I owned was something called a Brightstar Mammut (similar to the Atik Titan), and that was way back in about 2011/12 ! lol
  5. Hi Carole, I really like the SHO's especially the first one as it's more striking. A really fantastic Job, and it just goes to show what can be done from light polluted skies! You're making me crave Mono narrow band now for those Moon lit nights
  6. Congratulations Nicola! You'll love it for sure I had the FS60CB a few years back and it made with laugh how far you could push the mag without the image breaking down. I've been giving that 76DCU on the FLO clearance site a few cheeky sideways glances
  7. The RC8 is now sold. Mods please remove the ad, many thanks
  8. Imagine lol I would be shopping for Takahashi's before I knew it I just hope for peoples sake it doesn't get turned into a drinking game!
  9. Steps for collimating your laser collimator begin at 2 minutes in:
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