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  1. I've put together another tutorial for Explore Scientific's ExploreStars App for controlling PMC8 mounts. This tutorial covers connection, alignment and features. First Light Optics now sell both the EXOS2 and iEXOS 100 PMC Eight mounts, so hopefully this will be useful to some.
  2. I was going to say, Moon yes, but you do get diffraction spikes on the planets, they just tend to be wider but more faint as the above picture demonstrates.
  3. Worth it for the power port that looks like a Jawa:
  4. No worries. Lack of Skywatcher/Celestron availability is one of the reasons I decided on the EXOS2. Also Some of these Skywatcher mounts are fairly long in the tooth now days so I feel it's good to explore other options. So far so good with it, I've controlled the mount using the ExploreStars App for Windows 10 and all went well.
  5. Thanks Jeremy, I think it might be the longest video I've made so far lol Hey Mark, wow that's really kind of you to say! I'm very glad you enjoyed it! The Stella Lyra 8RC has a lot of potential as an obsy scope I feel, I'm pretty psyched about it! Cheers Mikey, You don't need to re install the Losmandy rail. I just did this to help with handling the telescope in terms of grip, but I did consider leaving it off.
  6. Hey Gus, just follow page 6 of this instruction manual and all will be well. https://www.telescope.com/assets/product_files/instructions/IN621_Classical_Cassegrains.pdf
  7. It's a real stunner, Steve. Congratulations, I'm sure it will give you many years of enjoyment and some wonderful sights! Fingers crossed the truss rods will be sorted out quickly for you.
  8. Thanks, and that's interesting! There is a second threaded hole for a second screw but I'm sure one will work just fine. Maybe that's how it's meant to be
  9. First impressions and a few pics now I've unboxed the Stella Lyra 8" RC, mounted it, checked collimation etc Fit and finish appears generally very good, It's a very solid well finished scope and feels more premium than the price suggests. The only minor faults are a single bolt missing from the finder shoe (missing in action somewhere other than the packaging) and a fleck of paint? on the secondary which wont effect anything (This didn't cost Tak Mewlon money!). I love the piano black and the Stella Lyra logo not only on the OTA but on the dovetail and focuser too, nice touch! The focuser is pretty good considering the price point, there are no rough spots and it's fully rotatable, but you obviously get smoother if you spend more on a third party higher end unit. One concern was not being able to switch the Losmandy and Vixen rails around to fit mounts with only a Vixen saddle, but thankfully the screw positions are the same top and bottom of the OTA so it was an easy job to switch them around. Come to think of it, the spec of paint on the secondary could have been the result of me doing this!? The rails are on par with ADM quality which was a nice surprise! The Orion GSO version comes with two finder shoes whereas the Stella Lyra comes with one. The Orion may well be a tad bit more expensive though. The primary mirror looks mint and super reflective, and the external paint job looks good. Baffling excellent, it's very dark in there! The back focus extension rings are very nicely machined with lovely threads. I checked collimation using my Cheshire and self centring adaptor and both the primary and secondary were quite far out which isn't surprising considering the distance the optics have travelled. I made some adjustments and the collimation screws appear to be spring loaded, smooth and accurate. Making adjustments was intuitive and I soon got the secondary and primary lined up according to the Cheshire. I needed to over correct the primary to make up for a bit of malalignment caused by the focuser I'm guessing? so I may need a third party tilt plate? of course I need to properly star test before deciding on further action there. The dust cap is quite tight and can be tricky to get on and off, but I prefer that to too loose. The 2" to 1.25" adaptor on the focuser has a brass compression ring so it doesn't mar accessories, max points for that one, I really don't like pointy scratchy set screws. I couldn't see any paper work with the scope but pretty much everything you need to know is online anyway so happy to save a fraction of a tree lol The secondary obstruction isn't as big as I had imagined or worried about, so it might even be ok for a spot of visual once I've got the collimation spot on. That's it for now. I of course recorded a video whilst I was doing all this so that will follow. Here's some pics (I Know, I know, I'm under mounting it for DSO imaging but we'll see how that goes)
  10. Maybe to clean up the messy edges of the mirror figure wise to improve Strehl? It's one guess.
  11. Definitely worth throwing a Classical Cassegrain into the mix for consideration, it could be the best compromise of aperture, contrast, sharpness, and cooling time.
  12. FLO are stocking a couple of these PMC Eight Wifi mounts by Explore Scientific now, the EXOS-2 and the iEXOS-100. There are a couple of not very obvious steps to installing the ExploreStars control software so here's a straight forward guide:
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