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  1. Last night's 'Grand Tour'

    Me too, found one by another Rob which looked excellent, but these are conventionally imaged with long exposures not EAA. There can't be that many EAA images around of this object, great job
  2. Meade ETX-105 and extras

    I had the 90mm version of this scope which I bought new about 17 years ago, so the same vintage. I can certainly vouch for the optics, razor sharp! Good luck with the sale.
  3. All stunning images, well done all!
  4. Last night's 'Grand Tour'

    I know, pretty crazy being able to see galaxies through it like a looking glass. Some nice galaxies surrounding too. I'll have a quick look for the Olly P version, cheers.
  5. Last night's 'Grand Tour'

    Found an APOD for Jones Emberson 1 https://apod.nasa.gov/apod/ap121030.html Beautiful PN!
  6. Last night's 'Grand Tour'

    What a productive night Rob, got to be very pleased with such a big haul of interesting objects. The Jones Emberson 1 object looks faint but very intriguing, I'll be looking that one up to see if there's a Hubble pic of it? The Sunflower galaxy is my second favourite galaxy after M51, and the detail you've caught is lovely, really like that one! The box group of galaxies is great too, first time I've heard of this group! Inspiring stuff Rob
  7. Show us your Frac

    How wow yes, proper scope that!
  8. Thanks but it sold on Fleabay a couple of hours ago, sorry.
  9. Does it come close to focus with the mirror diagonal? If so maybe the shorter light path of a 1.25" Prism diagonal will work?
  10. Price drop! £250 with UK shipping £230 Collected
  11. M42 with the 5SE @f/6.3 and ASI120MC.

    Thanks Rob! I did enjoy it, so hopefully there will be more to come. I just need to think of bright small targets in reach of the camera Very much enjoying the 5SE, it rocks for such a small setup.
  12. Hi, well I think it would cost £15 by Parcel force, so say knock 20 quid off and call it £240 for collection.
  13. The 8.75" f/6.7 Mirror Grind

    Cheers for the offer Ron, no worries though, I'll have the one I've ordered in a few weeks. Still got one more grade of fine grit to go in the mean time, plus I'd better look at putting some kind of test rig together too. I'm sure there's some info online for this.