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  1. Lockie

    Show us your Frac

    Ah, I recognise this Atlux with the Moonraker balance bar! I think you must be the 3rd or even the 4th forum member to own this scope now? Nice to see it kept on the forum, it's becoming mildly famous Congratulations
  2. Outstanding work there James, I like all of it...alot! Put's my time-lapses to shame What camera do you use? I use the Pany G80's in camera timelapse feature.
  3. Lockie

    ED66 First Visual

    Well done Neil, you can be proud that you made it!
  4. Lockie

    Show us your Frac

    I obviously missed all the action, anyway, I hope you enjoy the new thing when you get it
  5. Hurrah! The scope is back and the azimuth no longer seizes up! My heart was in my throat when it arrived because the box with the fork mount and OTA assembly was delivered upside down with the full weight of the mount pressing on the OTA and alt bearings! I'm assuming the delivery people turned the box the wrong way despite the box being extensively labelled "this was up" because the bottom of the box was open for some reason!? I did fear the worst, but the only downside seems to be that the Alt axis seems much louder than the other axis, so I bit of concern about keeping the neighbours happy. Thankfully if I reduce the slew rate to 8 it's about 4x quieter and won't wake the neighbours. Looking forward to 1st light...take two.
  6. Lockie

    Show us your Frac

    Now how primed is this setup for a Televue Takahashi shootout!
  7. Lockie

    Anodising Is Addictive!

    Yes it does look good, very good. What a difference!
  8. Lockie

    Promtastic 9-9-18

    Very nice looking proms today
  9. It was sent to David Hinds UK, and the message back to FLO was that something just wasn't adjusted correctly. Poor QC in the factory then, all they had to do at Celestron before shipping is slew it in both directions on both axis and they would have spotted it had a problem.
  10. Yeah very true, the reason I opted for a replacement was because of concern about the azimuth motor taking a bit of strain whilst trying to figure out what was wrong, but indeed I could get a new one with a problem that needs sorted.
  11. Hi Rob, thanks for asking The story is FLO gave me a choice between the adjusted/repaired CPC and a new one, so I opted for a replacement. I didn't hear any thing for a two or three weeks until just the other day when Martin at FLO emailed me and apologised as they wouldn't be getting any CPC800 Edges until sometime in November, so Martin gave me the choice again of having the adjusted model back or waiting for FLO to get a shipment. I've opted to have the adjusted model back so hopefully I'll have it back in the near future. I'll post when I receive it. Just first world problems so I'm not sweating it Hope you are well?
  12. Lockie

    I wish....refractor Nirvana??

    No way would I be carrying that scope with one arm, I'd want at least 2 people and a third laying down crash matts in case we dropped it!
  13. As you're using a Dob which requires a bit of nudging, it might be handy to combine orthoscopic views, comfort, affordability, and a wider field of view, in which case you might want to look at Vixen SLV's Planets are low at the moment so we're looking through a lot of atmosphere and crud at the moment which doesn't help with achieving crystal clear views.
  14. Lockie

    SUN 25/8/2018

    Nice to see some spots Peter. I nearly got my little Lunt out today, but the kids were tearing round the garden. Enough said regarding the risk assessment there!
  15. Hey Gav, I did wonder were the other test report came from; was it a replacement test report I thought due to the first one being wrong? I'm having one of those days where I'm confused by almost everything, so not a good day to questions things in hindsight :d Good luck with first light, I did see your new additions on the show me your frac thread, very nice indeed.

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