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  1. Lockie

    Our lovely Moon Tonight 22-1-19

    Nice one Charl, which scope did you use? I
  2. Lockie

    Boxed Tak FS60 with all the trimmings

    It's all good Peter, it wasn't any bother to take a few extra pics Oh, and I've replied to your PM
  3. Lockie

    Boxed Tak FS60 with all the trimmings

    Thanks for the vote of confidence Dave, Steve, and Martin, much appreciated
  4. Lockie

    Boxed Tak FS60 with all the trimmings

    You can see it in action on my you tube channel here:
  5. Lockie

    Boxed Tak FS60 with all the trimmings

    I know I could ask for more, but I got a good deal on it from the dealer. Think it was ex display or something like that.
  6. Lockie

    Boxed Tak FS60 with all the trimmings

    You have second dibs
  7. Lockie

    Boxed Tak FS60 with all the trimmings

    Hi Peter, the optics are pretty much mint I can assure you, but I'm of course happy to supply further pictures, please see below......It's the first time I've removed the dew shield
  8. Lockie

    Boxed Tak FS60 with all the trimmings

    Now I'm on my laptop I'll add a bit more detail. It will be double boxed for shipping to ensure it remains safe. The postage is for UK only, ask for other countries and I'll try and find out a price. The marks on the inside of the dew shield seem a lot more apparent with flash photography. Removing the finder from the bracket does show some marks on the finder tube paint where the screws touch, but this is un avoidable as we all know. The scope it self looks pretty mint. Optics are excellent and can be pushed to very high mags for it's aperture. Optics have never been cleaned but still only has minimum dust. Any questions just ask.
  9. excellent condition, lovely clean optics. Original box and paperwork. Includes Scope, Tak finder, bracket, clamshell, dovetail bar, and all caps. 495 pounds includes 24 hour tracked delivery. Oh and it also includes all the required extension tubes. PayPal gift or bank transfer. Pics below.
  10. I have a feeling you're not going to find a consensus on this one For me it depends, if it's a dry night and there isn't any dew I replace all the caps before going back inside so the warm air of the house doesn't condense on the lens/mirror. If it's a damp night and the optics are damp anyway I'd be more inclined to bring the kit in with the caps off and wait for them to dry before replacing the caps.
  11. All the fun of the fair combined with astronomy
  12. Lockie


    Good attempt, but maybe next time work on your focus a little. If your still unsure of focus after practising It might be worth making a focus mask to help you. There are plenty of instructions on the net for how to make a focus mask, or you can buy one fairly cheaply too. Failing that just try and get the star to be a small point of light rather than a larger diffuse disc as in your video. Nice dramatic music I like it Apart from focusing the star, I think it would be great if you could put the name of the star in the title of the video, and maybe some information about the star such as distance from the Earth, Size, luminosity etc. I'm a YouTuber myself, and this is what I do
  13. This is the first scope to tempt me in quite some time. The combo of classic long focal length refractor and ED glass is very intriguing. However, I've lost my mojo recently owing to my present location, there isn't enough of the sky to see where I am, so I probably won't buy one for both that reason....and mounting reasons. I remember there being an f/11 Pentax ED frac on Ebay a couple of years back, and everyone went nuts over it. This could be a very good budget version.
  14. Well this scope has put the cat amongst the pigeons. Even an achro at f11 is v good, so with half decent ED glass it should be 'Tak' sharp.
  15. Yes, I think it would be the distance between the flattener optics and the sensor that would make the difference, I think changing the distance in front of the flattener would just change the focus.

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