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  1. Has others have said, amazing! Really quite inspiring images. Well done, Michael!
  2. You're having a laugh now, Dan, these are ridiculously good! A night that will be hard to beat and the same goes for these pics I should imagine!
  3. You're still young at 30 buddy, I've got ten years plus change on you, and I'm still young....ish
  4. Thanks These are even better than I'd expected. Very little vignetting indeed! p.s That's one clean chip you have there...zero dust bunnies!
  5. Aw nice work Dan, really like all that dark dust and M31 in the corner. I gather this is a very dark location. 1 sub!!
  6. Yes, please do if you get the chance, thanks
  7. Skywatcher colour scheme

    I also like the classic Meade blue on their SCT's and Mak's, but really don't like their latest 'crinkly finish' on their new SCT's. Don't mind the lighter blue on the new ETX range, I'm just happy that Meade offer a 'poor mans' Questar
  8. These shots look great and wide! Thanks for posting them up, Adam So, was there any vignetting of the full frame sensor, did you need flats?
  9. Skywatcher colour scheme

    I'd like to see them do white OTA's with some colour accents. Maybe like the Esprit livery. Black mounts for me as they make the OTA stand out and don't get scruffy looking with age like the white mounts.
  10. Difficult to pick just one. Lunar at 15x and above can be pretty mesmerising with bins owing to the slight 3D effect. Objects such as Kemble's cascade and the coat hanger asterism are framed nicely in bins also. Maybe M42 through a Vixen 81mm binocular telescope was the best I've seen, tough to call.
  11. ZS61 first light

    Thanks for posting such a comprehensive and fun to read report It's such a tough call weighing up portability against aperture for visual, but it does sound a perfect match for the SA and AP.
  12. ...but optics are really simple...

    Thanks for the link, really interesting. I guess it only gets more complicated when you sub-categorise scattering into different 'type', then we're back to reflect, refract etc. It's as simple or complicated as you want it to be, but it's nice to know it can be simple
  13. The WO61 is fpl53 synthetic fluorite. This would be my choice for the SA due to optical quality, weight, and focal length. The 71 is fpl51 so semi apo.
  14. I must have missed this thread first time around but I'm glad I've read it now. A very well written and illustrated report Piero I also enjoyed Mike's post. Busy family life plus not knowing how long the clear gap will last means my 10x50 bins are my most used optic. Having said this a small apo does solve many down sides of a binos, i.e. I'll always get neck strain from straight through viewing, and It's limiting and less fun to be stuck at 10x for example. I've been eyeing up the new WO61 for some time now but managed to resist so far, and it has crossed my mind if I have sufficient IPD to stick two WO61's together to form a small apo bino with comfy 90 degree viewing....I'm thinking that would be quite a thing!