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  1. I've not found a picture of a WO61 with the dew shield fully extended yet, only retracted all the way. I'm guessing it extends far enough to keep dew and stray light well at bay but it would be nice to see a pic with it fully extended to make sure. It's surprising what a difference a long dew shield makes to contrast, well unless you're at a dark site.
  2. Excellent review there, Rob Those baby Dob's do pack a punch for their price. I was impressed with the tiny Heritage 100p, but narrowly managed to skip the Heritage 130p for the 150 Skyliner which I've been over the Moon with. The Heritage 130p sounds like a great addition to your arsenal, and will sit nicely in your sig between the RC6 and Tal RS....very good range of scopes you've collected now, Rob, I do admire your not selling ability I really do
  3. Well there's definitely a colour vote on that thread If I buy a blue one I'll name it R2D2 after it's shared livery
  4. I wonder if the size of this scope means you can stick two next to each other on an adjustable plate, and only need 2x diagonals instead of 6 to get a decent IPD? @Peter Drew
  5. This little beauty is really tempting me as an alternative to the Tak 60 I was kind of long term saving for due to it's big price tag for a small scope. The Tak has Flourite of course, but the WO61 has Synthetic fluorite fpl53, with near identical Abbe number, so I would guess the colour correction and contrast to be quite similar to the Baby Tak. I would be tempted by this as a scope that I can keep in my eyeopiece case, so super convenient to use for grab and go, and for widefield imaging with my EQ3. So tempted, I even spoke to Martin about it earlier, plus started a thread on it last week: A few colour opinions on the thread above. I like the Blue but the gold is growing on me as it's quite a classic WO colour scheme. There is some good info on the scope from the WO Facebook page on the thread also, but it's not settled whether the flattener will also be a reducer or not?
  6. Ah right, too short for binos then, can't have it all I guess
  7. Might also be good for small binos with an L-bracket, I wonder if the tripod and pier goes high enough?
  8. Well done, it's a beautiful image.
  9. Very artistic design, it's certainly a good looking mount.
  10. Looks like a great little mount for grab and go, and I think £139 is very keenly priced for the AZ mount head with slow Mo's', pier extension, and tripod. The package with the the 130 Newt, is it really a 130pds? if so that's great value at £219! The picture is of a standard 130p with 1.25" R&P focuser but the blurb says 130pds hence the question.
  11. Most the value is in the optical tube as the remaining lifespan of the mount might be limited due to age and electronics. A brand new C11 optical tube with fastar and XLT coatings costs in the region of £1800, so I'd guess at around £1000. This is my guess, others might have a different idea
  12. **SOLD** Mods please remove the ad, thanks.
  13. ***SOLD for £85, Mods please archive the ad, thanks***
  14. Cool, I'll mark it as dispatched within the next couple of days, thank you Mods please archive the ad, thanks.
  15. Purchased new from FLO a couple of months ago, but with commitments it's not getting much use, I'm going to try a really compact setup in the hope that encourages me to get out more. The scope is as new with the original packaging and includes a finder and 20mm Plossl as you get from new. They retail for £139-169 depending on the time of year it seems, but I got this one on sale for £99 plus shipping. Selling on SGL £70 plus £12 towards UK P&P. (£75 elsewhere) Pics posted soon, but be assured it's as new. Paypal, BT or cash on collection from Ipswich. Thanks Chris Lock