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  1. Core blimey Gary, you've got some lovely top notch astro stuff. That TOA setup looks ridiculously good!
  2. Crikey! Next ZWO will be slapping on Peltier coolers to Fuji's 100MP Medium format sensor.
  3. This takes me back, I had an identical Skylight 60 f16.7. Well almost, mine had the Skylight leather lined brass rings. Obviously limited in aperture, but what they do show they show very well indeed. A joy to use with the buttery smooth focuser too. A future classic. Good luck with the sale.
  4. It's cheesy to say, but that's what heaven looks like!
  5. Still available. I'll give it one more go to see if it's useful for anyone before I store it for a future project. Might cut a longer pier pipe and stick a massive long focus refractor on it at some point, that would be cool.
  6. I really hope not Upon setting eye's on the Scopetech f15 I kind of wanted it like I did the StellaMira 80mm f/10 when I first saw that. For £430 it needs to be made to last with good fit and finish, else why would you not get the plastic but optically very good Bresser's 90/1200 at a fraction of the price? I can't abide too much plastic on a scope, I'm hoping the speculation is wrong.
  7. You know what, it's such a great little versatile easy to use mount, I'm wondering if @FLO would consider the possibility of looking into whether or not it would be possible to sell the mount separately?
  8. Cheers, I have a wanted ad for fringe killers so we're on the same page. I'm on the look out as I'm keen to experiment with different filters and imaging. "you don't see the CA" Hey! lol if you had quoted me a bit more broadly I actually said "you don't see the CA as purple" lol
  9. These look familiar! Has this pic been posted before? I can't imagine how much these cost but I applaud the fact they have been made. I only hope plenty of people get to look through them! What a treat that would be on a night of good seeing.
  10. Yeah I don't mind using a mono camera with an Achro so much. I guess technically mono picks up everything, only you don't see the CA as bright purple so it's not in your face like it is with OSC cameras. Some of the stars with my Ring neb capture were pretty large, so I put it down to the light being spread out more (CA) only they just look like big stars in mono, and they don't drawer the eye as much as the dreaded purple fringing
  11. That's a brilliant haul of captured objects there Geoff, nice one! I had a bit to say about the dovetail on the Starquest too, mainly that it was fixed and short which could be problematic for balancing heavy accessories, but of course it's totally acceptable for the budget entry level telescope it is. All this made the cutting room floor as I whittled an hours footage down to 19 minutes in an attempt to keep things vaguely 'snappy'
  12. I'm nothing to do with the ad, but this Fullerscope refractor looks like a very interesting scope. Lovely looking thing. https://www.astrobuysell.com/uk/propview.php?view=161663
  13. Hello all. I've put together a video which might be useful for anyone starting out imaging with basic entry level equipment? In the video, after I initially setup the StarQuest out the box and attach the motor drive, I set about imaging Venus and the Ring Nebula (M57) with a ZWO ASI120mm guide cam. I just wanted to show you don't absolutely need the recommended HEQ5 plus ED80 to have fun imaging and capture something you can enjoy and share. You probably won't get an APOD imaging with a cheap achromat and guide cam, but it's still lots of fun. Total cost for everything used here was £370 (£270 for the SkyQuest 102R & motor drive from FLO, and £100 for a second hand ASI120mm)
  14. All I can say is the sight of these makes me happy. I love a good long focus refractor, and these look like they've had a lot of care and attention put into them. Maybe not as practical as a shorter Apo, but if you can mount them properly, the views and the experience of using a decent long focus refractor is something really special. Nice one FLO!
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