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  1. Lockie

    Takahashi scopes???

    I think he's right regarding Vixen being comparable to Tak yet a bit cheaper. @F15Rules might be a good person to ask as a refractor connoisseur, and owner of Vixen and Tak scopes.
  2. Lockie

    Takahashi scopes???

    Takahashi scopes are right up there when it comes to optics and build, but it kind of depends on how discerning you are really? The reason I say this is that people often say you can get 85% of the performance of a Tak 100 with a Skywatcher ED100 which costs 1/3 of the price. You are basically paying a lot more for a small performance increase, but the build of the Tak is probably twice as good as the Skywatcher having owned both.
  3. Good to hear from you Skyline, I hope you are well? I'm guessing some SA's are better tuned than others which is relatively understandable at the price point, I hope I've got a good one like yours, 5 min subs at any focal length sounds excellent. I've got a bunch of old vintage lenses I can try from 28mm to 200mm, with my m43 sensor that's 56mm and 400mm full frame equivalent. The Tak and 100p are over 700mm FF equivalent so might be pushing things, but even if I get 90 seconds I'd be happy compared to my current fixed tripod shots
  4. Thanks Robert, lol yeah that battery cover didn't take long to stand out as the weak point!
  5. Lockie

    Cheap DSLR camera

    Another vote for MPB.com, they are very competitive with the second hand market, and you don't have the risk of ebay/private sale. I've bought a couple of cameras from them and have been very pleased. You can pick up Canon 1100D's really cheap now, or maybe a 450D.
  6. That looks really good Dave, and if you don't ever use this config for guiding it would make a lovely finder! Nice lens by the way
  7. Hi Dave, That's good to hear. I did have a look at the links Pierre gave, and the guy has put together an interested setup with a Lacerta autoguider handset rather than a pc, so it still remains portable. However, the main reason I bought the SA was for it's portability and simplicity, so any kind of guiding isn't really for me. I'm sure I'll be happy with the results as everything is relative and I haven't had any kind of EQ mount for quite some time now. It's going to do a lot better than my fixed tripod
  8. Well, I've ordered a ball head and fitted the mount with Duracell Ultra, almost ready to rock.
  9. lol Yeah they aren't exactly wallet friendly, even the baby 60mm! I have to say I was very lucky and got a great deal on this one
  10. Excellent! thank you very much, Pierre! I look forward to having a read through those links once the kids are in bed
  11. Thanks Dave, good point! I'll pick some up when next in Tesco's I pinched the rechargables from my boys xbox controllers, he's not noticed yet
  12. My Star Adventurer mount arrived yesterday (thanks FLO), so instead of just diving in I set up the cameras to do a little un-boxing and first impressions video. I'm really looking forward to getting this little beauty out under the stars to physically test it, but first impressions do fill me with confidence. I hope this is useful for anyone on the fence regarding this mount, I sat on the fence for so long I developed another bum cheek!
  13. Lockie

    Star Adventurer, Ordered!

    Thanks for checking Dave, that's all sorted I have a Foto mate tripod and one of the skywatcher ones, I think they market it specifically for the SA by chance! https://www.firstlightoptics.com/skywatcher-star-adventurer/sky-watcher-tripod-for-star-adventurer-mini.html
  14. I was going to say open it as I know kids, and if anything like mine the years of build up will lead to 10 minutes of interest followed by going back to playing the xbox, but good to hear your will power is strong. I'm doing the same thing with my childhood Commodore 64k which is stored in the loft....I'm going to get it down when my boy turns 7 in a few days as this was the age I got it.......I'm expecting him to be board even before the first game loads......if it loads!
  15. Lockie

    Star Adventurer, Ordered!

    I was going to do a Youtube review, I'll link it on SGL

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