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  1. If the aperture is small and the focal length is long as is with the scope you mentioned you can get away with a spherical mirror. As the aperture gets larger and the focal length becomes shorter it becomes important to figure the mirror into a parabola in order to bring all light to a single focus. E.g. if you had a 6" f/5 scope I think a parabolic mirror would noticeably out perform a spherical one. Or at least this is my educated guess
  2. Wow! I somehow missed this post 5 years back. Very pleased it was resurrected, what an incredible mosaic by an amateur or a professional, well a human really! Wishing you good weather Kirkster. I'm sure it will be something special, and I hope I catch the thread when you post your results.
  3. Darnit! I probably should have mentioned this in the review lol
  4. Hi Rob, just checked whilst packing away and it is indeed the standard 3/8".
  5. These look like they'd compete directly with the WO ED doublet range scopes. I personally like the livery. Some might not think that matters, but if you're paying good money why not have a scope you like the look off as well as the specification off. We pick colours and styles for everything else in life from clothes to cars. More recently for us, a new front door. It took is ages to pick a new door colour and style lol
  6. Thanks Robert, for both the review and the beard compliment Yeah considering how good the mirror is 175 for everything that's included is really remarkable. I've spent more than that by far grinding an 8" mirror, and I'm only half way finished. That's also excluding labour which has been a lot of hours so far! Remarkable how SW make their scopes so affordable. The tripod that's included is probably not far off an Horizon tripod, and a 1.75" steel tripod would be overkill I feel. I really think it needs is something like a 1.25" steel tripod. Steel will dampen the vibrations much better than Ali. It's a shame they don't supply wooden tripod any more, that would dampen really well and look amazing, but I guess it's not economical. I'll have to double check the tripod fitting.
  7. I just want to know how the council guys face looked when you told him the Heroin golfer story, Tim.
  8. Yeah, he probably should have mentioned it to the neighbours with it being 12' tall total, but I'm not really buying the sunglasses story, I just think he got the neighbours back up enough for them to find an excuse! I do feel for him though, the council don't appear to be listening to what I would say are reasonable corrective measures which would solve the 'sunglasses issue' "In all the circumstances, it is considered that the council should accept the applicant's proposals to: 1) paint the dome matt grey, 2) plant a vegetative screen along the south western boundary adjacent number eight 3m high.' However, civic chiefs turned it down after council planners branded the building 'incongruous' and 'un-neighbourly.'"
  9. Amazement and terror all in one post!
  10. Hi all. I'm pleased to say I've been making the most of the clear nights! So here's my review of the Skywatcher Starquest 130p kindly loaned to me by FLO. I've tried a very different 'cinematic narrated' style with this review, Hopefully it's enjoyable. @FLO I'll be in touch early next week about returning the scope. I've used it so much I've ran down the RDF battery! lol I just need to get a new one over the weekend. Thank you FLO! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GHdDs2PLIrk
  11. lol It does as well! Thanks neighbours for coppicing that tree
  12. Probably the best placed meteor I've captured to date. Canon 5D mk1 with 28mm lens. Shame about the vignetting but still happy with it
  13. Looks amazing Garry, lets hope it is the last you'll buy. I can't imagine you'd need anything better!
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