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  1. Thank you mate that's very kind of you hope you manage to get some clear nights as well and congrats on the twins ;-)
  2. That night focusing with a twig was a land mark in my journey still remember being scared witless by the growly hedgehog lol Hope that chap I sold it all two made good use of it all took ages to get it all but I've learned so much doing it I'm in a good position to start again. I'm thinking of getting another 200p and eq5 mount most of the hard part was learning how to process the data and getting good dark skies. I'm in no hurry just want to do it again I miss going out under the stars.
  3. Twin girls hey wow my step daughter has got twin boys there great fun . Our place is pretty good for dark skies but I've not done any imaging as I sold all my gear when I moved but I'm getting the bug again shame you had to chop down your observatory I burned mine to the ground when I moved as it was just an d shed really but I don't half miss it like you mate.
  4. I did it for 5 years then had a complete break from it for a year to do other things best hobby ever, I found the photography side of it very enjoyable and challenging to do and it does get a bit frustrating at times mainly due to all the cloud we get you learn to dodge them and make use of twigs.
  5. Yes indeed Starfox how are you pal, remember you showing me your cool observatory in ipswich many years ago with you neat set up, Hope live is being good to you.
  6. Hi John I did this one several years's ago with my ed80 and my eq5 mount my camera was a modded cannon 350d and as I had forgotten my bahtinov mask I used a y shaped twig from a nearby tree to focus with, desperation is the mother of invention. I think it was about 70 2 minute subs with 20 darks flats and bia to stack with. It was one of my favourite images had it made into a canvas picture for my bedroom
  7. Well its been a long time since I came on here having moved house and done a lot of fishing after I sold all my imaging gear. Just wanted to say hello to those that may remember me and thank you to all of you who kept reading my blog that I left up to help others as most of what I learned came from you all on this forum anyway. Hoping to get back into it all again starting right from scratch again just like I did 5 years ago and yes I will probably still go for another skywatcher 200p and eq5 mount just loved that scope to bits. This is the best forum on the net for stargazers and I am really glad its still going strong. Clear skys everyone. QM ;-)
  8. Thank you everyone some time off fishing rather then imaging will be a nice change and I can always go imaging at my local astro soc so its not that bad really. If any one out there would like to know what I think 5 years on it would simply be this, Astrophotography is one of the most wonderful hobbies I have done and although it can be very frustrating at times the rewards far out weigh the problems. When I look up at the night sky now my mind can picture clearly all the wonderful Nebula and Galaxy's cluster etc that are up there hidden in the stars, totally priceless to have that experience. I have seen things up there that have absolutely blown me away and that I will never forget. We live in a truly amazing universe long may it fuel our passion for discovery and adventure.
  9. Well after a long time imaging I have decided to call it a day and sell off my stuff to move on to other interests but I wanted to say a most sincere thank you to all my friends that I have met on this forum over the past 5 years. This forum is such a great place to learn about the hobby and meet others and dont think I would have achieved half of what I have done with out the stargazer lounge and all the great people I have met on here. So thank you from the bottom of my heart to all of you. Im still going to carry on my observation of the night sky with my local astronomy group but the imaging is not being replaced with some serious fishing this year, at least when I am night fishing now I will understand what up there in the night sky and beyond.
  10. having an observatory is a great bonus and since I built mine out of an old 8x6ft shed in less then a week I have enjoyed my imaging session much more. I tend to get it all set up then once the imaging run is in progress go indoors in the warm and watch it all taking place on my laptop indoors which connects to the one in the obsy via splash top. Upgrading to the heq5 was great but I got on fine with my eq5 set up as well just took a bit longer to slew to my targets with Tom Carpenters astroeq.
  11. You can easy do ten minute sub's if your guiding rig is up to it but for most stuff 5or under is plenty :-)
  12. Lol I wish I was no that's just my modded canon 1000d mate ;-)
  13. Yes its one good clear night followed by a load of duff ones sigh but what can you do :-(
  14. For such few subs it is interesting to see how much you get from your data. I think the chap I was showing how to image was impressed with what we were able to capture at the time.
  15. Had my friend round last night to show him how to do a bit of imaging and after all that wind and rain the sky was lovely and clear. We were just going through the basics and I took only 11 subs at and ISO of 400 and 4 and 6 mins in length. Processed them all today with the normal darks flats and bias and this is what we got. Now if only we could get another nice long clear night wouldn't that be great..
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