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  1. Just another up date for those that may run into this issue trying to do a mosaic with APT and CDC. It now seems to be working and syncing the Mosaic panels in CDC with my telescope position when I use APT. First I changed the settings in CDC so that force J2000 is selected. Next I changed the setting in EQMOD driver set up to J2000 under Ascom options In APT I made sure that the JNow button is not activated as we have told CDC to use J2000 and this would change that. And lastly I have kept my coordinates in CDC to Alt/Az not Equatorial coordinates as
  2. Goodness me that was driving me insane. So it seems that in CDC you need to do all of the above but now in APT there is a setting that changes the all sky plate solver setting for you as in this section.. I was going to just forget it and use eqmosaic as I have done in the past but will test it out again with the new setting in CDC and APT and report back on my findings fingers crossed. .
  3. I think I may have found the problem thanks to your information about the epoch setting and a bit of diggin g on the apt forums I found this.. Mon Jan 21, 2019 6:11 pm UPDATE 13/04/2019 As of APT V3.65.5 (beta), the problem described below has been resolved within APT itself. Now, when the APT > Gear > JNOW" setting is selected it automatically converts the PlateSolve2 (PS2) and AllSkyPlateSolver (ASPS) communications to JNOW. So: PS2/ASPS to APT is always J2000 (note: ASPS must be set to J2000) If APT JNOW is selected, then APT to planetarium
  4. Many thanks I will give that a try and see if things improve, Im used to hacking away at these kind of issues nothing is ever easy in this hobby thats for sure.
  5. My settings are set at this at the moment I had no idea what an epoch was?
  6. Not quite sure what you mean by epoch if you mean the time on cdc and apt they look the same what is J2000?
  7. Guess not then.. but I have been investigating this and have come up with the following issues so hopefully this might help someone who is daft enough to try it In this picture you can see the mosaic panels in CDC lining up nicely with the telescope position which looks good so you send the mosaic coordinates to APT using the send via server button into APT and use them to position your telescope but… The problem is the slew moves past the area when I use the coordinates that CDC is giving me when there supposedly lined up as in the above image. You can get around this by nudgi
  8. Has anyone used apt and CDC to make a mosaic successfully if so can you help me out as I'm having a lot of issues getting the frames CDC creates for its mosaic to match my alignment in apt. I can import the mosaic from CDC to apt after I've plate solved and aligned but it ends up shifting the position to the left just off were it should be, it's driving me nuts. The only way I can accurately align them is by nudging the telescope back to the frame marker but sending the frame position coordinates to apt just keeps missing the frame again beginning to wish I had not gone down this dark and trou
  9. Here is one of the darks stretched out looks like its in there waiting to drive me insane..
  10. Interesting thread I seem to be encountering banding on my recent images which I never had an issue with when using my old modded 350d now using an unmodded 450d and got some banding on my last set of subs 60 at 50 sec each and ISO of 1600 only stacked with 20 darks so maybe more calibration frames will help but to be honest I am getting fed up with dslr cameras and all the issues of dealing with noise all the time. I've stretched his image of Casper the friendly ghost nebula to show the banding that's going on I've not really encountered this issue before so hope its not going to become a bu
  11. Sunday night hopefully going to be clear wait for it wait for it lol
  12. Doing a mosaic will soon have you scratching your head if your camera is not aligned to RA and Dec even though the mosaic frames look good in your software they will come out all wrong if your camera is not aligned like this. The first picture is how my 4 shots came out when I stacked them all up the second picture shows the actually frames in CDC super imposed over the final image. You can see that if I had aligned my camera to ra and dec it would have lined up ok but because my camera was not lined up with RA and DEC my mosaic came out all screwy. Testing to see if your in line with RA and
  13. Yes indeed comrade ship in the freezing cold, actually I'm going to get another pc set up in the shed so I can use my laptop indoors to control it all and not freeze my bones outside while keeping an eye on the imaging session.
  14. I always blame the clouds they totally deserve it lol
  15. Well just to bring you up to date I received the Synscan go to upgrade kit last week and installed it on my EQ5 mount on the same day. It was easy enough to install on the mount despite the lack of instructions if you have installed the dual axis motors on this mount it will not be a problem. I also opted for a eq direct cable to by pass using the handset as I am using eqmod astrophotography tool APT and Cartes du Ciel to control the mount. The improvement made by installing this upgrade is totally worth it in my opinion and has made a massive difference to the eq5 mount. Tracking is improved
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