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  1. I do wish Canon would sort this out and update the drivers for the older cameras the 350d is a great camera for imaging and easy to mod as well which is why I got another one. I also found this article from a chap in france how uses stellarmate with his 350d I emailed him and he says it works great so there is hope for the 350d yet http://www.astrokraken.fr/stellarmate-a-new-start-for-your-beloved-canon-eos-350d-rebel-xt-a169407488
  2. Having got another second hand Canon 350d and finding that Canon have not updated the drivers so you can run it on a 64bit system or Backyard EOS all very frustrating I came across AButilites developed by this chap https://www.aemfoto.it/wp/2017/01/07/canon-5d-and-350drebel-xt-driverlibrary-for-windows-788-110-64bit/?unapproved=322&moderation-hash=9696922bfb25ea4a042c77a6bd455c1c#comment-322 Its basicly his version of the old EOS utilitys that came with the Camera but installing it will allow your 350d to be controlled on your laptop using a 64bit system. I have heard that Stellarmate used with a rasberry PI will also connect to the old Canon 350d but have yet to try that. Any one out there using a 350d still and if so how do you connect it to your set up? Cheers QM
  3. Also just in case any one has a 350d and want to run it on there 64bit windows 10 laptop or pc check out this chap who has developed a neat little bit of software that will allow you to control it from you laptop called abutilitys. You will need to disable windows from stopping you installing unsigned drivers but thats not hard to do and once its done you have a neat little programme to take pictures with view them and change camera settings. Check it out here. https://www.aemfoto.it/wp/2017/01/07/canon-5d-and-350drebel-xt-driverlibrary-for-windows-788-110-64bit/?unapproved=322&moderation-hash=9696922bfb25ea4a042c77a6bd455c1c#comment-322
  4. Hi I just took the filter out and prayed it would all go back together ok lol. the set up is all listed on my blog and I focused using a batinov mask I never used a clip filter alot of what I did was down to trying it out and if it didnt work on to the next attempt dont be afraid to experment that is the fun part you have to take risks sometimes to make progress. And now I am about to do it all again having been out tonight with my next 350d which I must confess I have forgotton how to use all the buttons and settings good job I kept a blog and lots of notes. Allways keep good notes.
  5. I modded my 350D many years ago and just removed the filter from it. Used it for about 4 years for all my images then upgraded to a modded 1000d and to be honest it was not that much better a bit sharper and it had live view. I have now got myself another 350d which I might mod like I did the first one its not that hard to do and I am the worst guy to ask to do electrical things but managed to do it. Heres a picture of the Rosette Nebula I did with it after it was modded Rosette Nebula MC.tif
  6. Selling my Skywatcher 150pl and Eq3-2 mount as I have upgraded to a larger telescope ( ( NOW SOLD)
  7. Equipment needed: a mobile phone with a 3mega pixel camera a steady hand and a sky watcher 130 telescope and a clear sky. Later up graded to a Sky watcher 200p with a single ra drive and EQ5 mount and a canon 350d and Lumix G1. The canon 350d is the best one!
  8. Just getting back into it all again and what better place to start then Mr Blobby taken with a Canon Rebel and a Skywatcher 150pl a couple of nights ago cant wait for all this rain to clear off though.
  9. Thank you mate that's very kind of you hope you manage to get some clear nights as well and congrats on the twins ;-)
  10. That night focusing with a twig was a land mark in my journey still remember being scared witless by the growly hedgehog lol Hope that chap I sold it all two made good use of it all took ages to get it all but I've learned so much doing it I'm in a good position to start again. I'm thinking of getting another 200p and eq5 mount most of the hard part was learning how to process the data and getting good dark skies. I'm in no hurry just want to do it again I miss going out under the stars.
  11. Twin girls hey wow my step daughter has got twin boys there great fun . Our place is pretty good for dark skies but I've not done any imaging as I sold all my gear when I moved but I'm getting the bug again shame you had to chop down your observatory I burned mine to the ground when I moved as it was just an d shed really but I don't half miss it like you mate.
  12. I did it for 5 years then had a complete break from it for a year to do other things best hobby ever, I found the photography side of it very enjoyable and challenging to do and it does get a bit frustrating at times mainly due to all the cloud we get you learn to dodge them and make use of twigs.
  13. Yes indeed Starfox how are you pal, remember you showing me your cool observatory in ipswich many years ago with you neat set up, Hope live is being good to you.
  14. Hi John I did this one several years's ago with my ed80 and my eq5 mount my camera was a modded cannon 350d and as I had forgotten my bahtinov mask I used a y shaped twig from a nearby tree to focus with, desperation is the mother of invention. I think it was about 70 2 minute subs with 20 darks flats and bia to stack with. It was one of my favourite images had it made into a canvas picture for my bedroom
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