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  1. Hello everyone! I am a bit confused between 2 scopes, and don’t seem to find any comparison details between them.. 1) Sky-Watcher Explorer 130P (EQ-2) 2) Sky-Watcher StarQuest-130P which one is better of two and are there any reviews for these please? Thanks a ton guys! best regards Sam
  2. Thank you all for the advise and recommendations... I think I am nearly there in deciding... 1) Skywatcher Explorer -150PL (1200 focal) EQ3-2 mount seems flimsy to me - aluminium EQ5 will make the kit very expensive (I think) 2) Skywatcher 150P (Dobsonian) just out of interest has anyone used both of the above? to get me a personal review? thanks !
  3. With reference to my earlier post about in dilemma of choosing a new telescope, seems like it that I might have to choose. 6” purely due to lack of funds and off course storage. which 6” reflector would you guys recommend? dobs or eq2 mount? focal length 1200 or 700? this will help me narrow down to a few! thanks in advance to everyone out there!
  4. with reference to my above query, would anyone throw some light on a comparison between Skywatcher Skyliner 200P Dobsonian and Skywatcher Skyliner 150P ? thanks sam
  5. Hello to all, Firstly let me introduce myself, I am nearing my 50th very soon, and I am developing keen interest on this hobby, having a set of celesteron binos (25x) I have been gazing at nigh skies (when its clear!) Recently saw the neowise comet through my binos and the bug has been biting ever since! So to all the seasoned hobbyist here on the lounge, my question is about the recommendations for my first telescope, keeping in mind the UK skies (I live in Dunstable, so moderate light pollution) I dont want to spend a fortune, but upto £300 mark should suffice? with
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