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  1. Thanks for quick response Callisto - very useful pdf - interesting to see what is possible looking at the example images there. Munch appreciated, AD
  2. Hi, there will be plenty written on this but I’d be grateful if anyone could point me in the direction of a well written beginners guide. I am awaiting delivery of a 10 inch Dobs (250p classic) and although will be primarily for visual use I’m interested to see what would be possible astrophotography wise (planetary) using my Celestron Skyris 132C cam. I assume something along the lines of the drift method - I’m not expecting miracles given the set up here but any advice or tips on this would be appreciated to help get started. Clear Skies AD
  3. Hi Zermelo, thanks for taking the time to write such a detailed account of your experiences here - incredibly useful and will no doubt re read a few times as I get acquainted with the set up. Thanks again and clear skies, AD
  4. Thanks all - I’ve read mixed opinions on laser collimators so will stick to a Cheshire as suggested I think. Very helpful to read the different experiences - a lightweight chair is a good thought - seems obvious but maybe often overlooked!
  5. Thanks Spile for the welcome and the advice - particularly the links to your Astro diary - excellent - will be a great resource for me. Clear Skies, AD
  6. So it seems Just like with astrophotography the Mac options are there but generally a little more complex... thanks for the comments, I’ll give Ekos and Cloudmakers a go with my AZ GTi when it arrives. Coincidentally I’ve just bought a new RPi - you’ve given me an idea for a project there Martin! AD
  7. Very helpful Second Time Around - thanks and I think the book you mention would be a useful reference to have to hand! Clear Skies,
  8. Hi, this is interesting - I was wondering the same so as to be able to control a Skywatcher GTi mount- I assume this mount can be controlled vis Stellarium on Windows? I have some Astro software running in Parallels on Mac (such as Registax) and would like to test more options when the mount arrives. Using Virtual Box as a free alternative might be a way of using the Mac to control the mount via Linux also? BBC Sky at night magazine features the deep sky tour using the EQTOUR app - maybe a separate thread and should check, but is this Windows only due to ASCOM ? AD
  9. Settled on Baader 8-24 plus matching Barlow. As noted on here - one of the best albeit very expensive. Quality excellent though - I can see it being my most used eyepiece already... AD
  10. Thanks Ricochet - both probably better suited to longer focal length instruments then. I’ll do more research. If coma becomes a concern in the future, would you recommend a coma corrector and if so what would be a reasonable entry level one to test (if at all possible - the Paracorr looks to be the “standard” but is expensive relative to the cost of the scope). AD
  11. Hi, due to the long lead time on equipment at present, I’m spending much of my Astro time planning for when I get the kit I’ve ordered... this means learning probably too much theory before putting enough into practice. I was looking to tap into the community to learn more about using the Sky Safari app with a Skywatcher GOTO mount (GTi with Skymax 127). I understand an update means that the two can work directly together on iOS now without requiring two mobile devices. Does anyone have any experience of setting this up - wondering if Sky Safari with its potentially useful larger datab
  12. Hi, keen to hear from experienced 10” Dobsonian users as will be receiving mine soon. Particularly any hints and tips on accessories - I’ve read elsewhere that the BST Starguiders work well and will be using those to start with. As a fan of zooms and an owner of the Baader Hyperion 8-24mm I’m looking forward to testing that with the Dobs - would be good to hear from anyone who has used this combination on your thoughts. I’ll be using a Mak as a more portable instrument but interested in trying both planetary and DSO on the 10” when conditions allow! Looking to tap into the experience of
  13. Hi, have recently bought a few eyepieces to go with my upcoming 10 inch Skywatcher 10 inch (f/4.7) including BST’s plus the 16mm and 4mm Nirvanas. Just reading more about them having been recommended elsewhere, but good to see the experts here validate the purchase decision on a similar instrument. Also have the 30mm Aero ED. I think the 250p is slightly faster than the Bresser and have heard lots about coma - assume not really an issue visually unless using say the 30mm or other low power for sky sweeping? When it is suggested that the longer focal length Starguiders are not as well corr
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