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  1. Didnt recently buy a modded 450 From me did you?? Theres another guy I know from cuxton...........
  2. Hi Richie...........dave here the guy who sold you the SII Filter.
  3. Hi Vegaslll....................im in the same area as you. I'm guessing you are gillingham as you stated Medway valley? I'm a stone throw from you. Welcome to SGL........Plenty fo helpful members on here.
  4. A low object for me, clipping the roofs of my neighbours houses. But didnt turn out to bad. Scope was an AA Ascent 4 inch at F7, Camera ASI 553MC Pro, used a baarder IR Filter to help with star bloat. Mount was an Ioptron CEM 120. 10 X 3 Min exposures. Hope you like...........
  5. M27 Taken through an altair astro triband filter. 4 inch ascent refractor. Mount was Ioptron CEM 120. Camera was an ASI 553MC Pro. 15 x 6 min exposures. Clear skys...........
  6. Abell 39 planetary nebula taken 5 yrs apart. The first one was taken with a MN190 Scope, an Atik 314L mono, and was a bicolor pic using h-alpha and OIII. Cant remember the exact details but fairly sure it was 15 x 8 min exposures. The second pic was a different camera, a Zwo ASI 553MC Pro. 12 x 6 min exposures, the scope was an Altair astro Ascent 4 inch refractor, also used an altair astro triband filter, guided with PHD2 and used an Ioptron CEM 120 Mount. Hope you like!
  7. Ive tryed..............for some reason im having an issue...bit weird. Will keep on it.....
  8. As usual a great service from Altair astro, and having recently brought a ASI ZWO 553 MC PRO, I wanted to give the triband filter a go, im use to imaging in narrowband, and having made the jump from mono to colour, I realised I needed at lease a LP filter, to improve my pics. Ive uploaded 2 pics (pic 1 no filter, pic 2 with), the clouds rolled in and on each night I only managed 1 sub with and another without. The object is NGC 6888, Crescent nebula. Both are 5 min subs, the extra nebulosity is as expected is on the AA Triband filter, in fact the image without the filter was much better condit
  9. Taken last night through my Altair astro ascent 4 inch at F7. Camera was a ZWO 553MC Pro no filter except a baader IR Cut filter to help control the stars (awaiting LP filter in the post). Mount was an Iptron CEM 120, guided with PHD2 (Lodestar x2). 10 x 5 mins each.
  10. Thanks again everyone...............comments are always better than likes!!
  11. Yes Chris..............I usually do mono with my atik but wanted a colour camera for speeding up the process with limited imaging time. Some small niggles and I need to get a LP Filter of some sort. Thanks for your comment.............
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