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  1. Cheers for your help............Dave.
  2. Yes in the end I did find this out.............thanks!
  3. Anyone knows what the focal length will work out if used with the dedicated reducer??
  4. Might have gone for this if it was the F8 version............
  5. Still a great pic, im a newbie to planetary imaging, im hoping you can help, over several days, ive had exactly the same issue with the edge like you mensioned, but my camera is a mono. Do you know what causes this? Is it the seeing conditions? As ive not managed to get rid of this.......Regards Dave.
  6. Will an ADC work with a mono camera, and improve the seeing/image, or is it purely for visual or colour cameras??
  7. Hi there, Total newbie to imaging planets, and im after some help with my images. Each time I go out to try to capture mars, I get a strange half halo (from around 12 o clock to 3 approx). Ive literally had a handful of attempts at planetary, im mainly into astrophotography. This become apparent after I stack using autostakkert or registax. My equipment is a C11 Edge HD, 2 x barlow, Baarder IR pass filter (makes no difference without the filter same issue), ASI 120MM S camera. Looking at the picktures....anyone have any ideas? 19_24_53_lapl5_ap9_conv.tif
  8. I took the image near rochester in kent. The sky was ok at the time, think there was some moon glow though. Its much harder at longer focal length than im use to, moe scrapped images then keepers! Dave.
  9. Doing the mod is easier than organising a plane id imagine!
  10. No worries Alan...........something ive been meaning to do for ages.
  11. I will post a video in the near future, ive modded loads in the past, recently a 450D, im gona do an tutorial on how to do it..............
  12. Originally brought for my C11 HD Edge, which its made for, but if used with filter wheel, OAG, and 0.7 focal reducer the spacing is to far out, hence the reluctant sale of this A+ Condition, unused (other than to see if it worked) focuser. The price includes special delivery. Bank transfer, paypal is ok, or cash/collect...ect... The price is £200. This would be great for planetary imaging, imaging without using an OAG, bringing the travel closer. Thanks for looking.
  13. Cheers Olly, much appreciated...........
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