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  1. Ahh I see your issue @Robindonne 8mm is too big and like you say it fouls the body of your Mount! You can buy control cables that will fit your Mount from FLO for £20, part number 20485. There’s other vendors that sell the same sort of cables as well.
  2. All the end fittings of my slo mo cables are approximately the same internal diameter of 6.25 mm and slo mo stub shafts on my Skytee 2 & Vixen mounts are approx 6.0mm outside diameter with flats on for the grub screws to tighten onto. Have you any pics of your problem?
  3. I agree the legs are very flimsy on the Vixen Porta II but it works pretty well with my Tak FS-60 as an ultra lightweight grab & go. Also replaced the low rent plastic Slo Mo controls that @John mentioned with skywatcher cables which improves things immeasurably!
  4. SOLD to Ade many thanks Mods could you close this ad down please
  5. After a lot of thought have decided to sell my Alt Az Giro Ercole due to lack of use. In good working order with both axis smooth in operation, there are some cosmetic scuffs & pits on one arm which has no affect on the operation and is priced to reflect this (see pics). Looking for £165 including P&P. Sorry UK mainland only. Will accept PayPal buyer pays fees or Bank transfer. Thanks for looking
  6. Looking forward to reading the review as well
  7. Very nice acquisition John and like the Slik tripod, as matter of interest how does it handle high power views with your little Mak? I’ve been looking for a lightweight travel tripod for my Tak FS60 for a while now and the Slik looks a cheaper option than the Manfrotto’s & Gitzo’s!
  8. Hi and welcome to SGL. Bought my first scope back in the mid 90’s for £250, a Russian 4.5” reflector which served me well over the years. However since I joined this forum I’ve spent considerably more than planned but had a blast in the process
  9. Thanks for posting this just hope the dust storm has gone this year
  10. You’ve got me drooling now @mikeDnight nothing better than the hallowed 100DZ with retractable dew shield!!
  11. I’m very familiar with Grease 33 it’s in widespread use on Aircraft flying controls, doors and undercarriage systems so good choice for the AZ100.
  12. Cheers @merlin100Those pictures were taken a couple of years ago when I first stripped it down. I removed old grease using brake part cleaner spray and re-lubed using universal wheel bearing grease from my local motor factors.
  13. It took a lot of effort to remove the so called grease on mine, it was like a concoction of un-mixed araldite & bees wax also not sure about the dodgy casting techniques On the plus side it’s still in one piece and does everything I want it do
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