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  1. Thanks for your input @John & @mikeDnight In the morning I'll whip the focuser assy off and have a peek inside to see how its put together before attempting to adjust the FT focuser and small grub screws. If all else fails I'll send the focuser assy back to Ian King.....hopefully not in bits!
  2. Thanks @John and @mikeDnight I can only see two little grub screws on top of my focuser either side of the tension knob? I think I may start from scratch by removing the Feather Touch focuser, adjusting the little grub screws on the top then re-installing and adjusting the FT focuser. Ive attached a couple of photos of the top of my focuser tube assy and another short video of the sideplay I’m experiencing. I’ll keep you posted. As a side note Ian King contacted Takahashi about my problem and they said it’s impossible to avoid sideways movement on rack and pinion focusers as there is no particular way to adjust them but they could try and improve things by adding more grease and shim inside. IMG_6441.MOV
  3. Thanks for that @John I’ve fitted a Feather Touch focuser and followed there installation instructions to the letter as well as adjusting the two small grub screws on top, no real improvement though. I’ve also been in contact with Ian King who I bought the scope off, he suggested sending the focuser back for the Takahashi techs to carry out some adjustments.
  4. I’ve got a small amount of sideplay on my Tak FC 100DL focuser tube. It became noticeable when racking the focuser in and out with my heavy duty 31mm Nagler attached. I’ve tried adjusting my FT focuser and little grub screws on top of the focuser tube but that just makes it stiffer in operation. Apparently it’s a common trait of Tak rack and pinion focusers, has anybody else experienced sideplay on their focusers and should I be worried or not? IMG_6362.MOV
  5. Thanks Dave. It’s had some very good reviews so might order a jar up to while away those rainy days!
  6. Looks very nice where did you buy the polish? After being outside only 30 mins the clouds rolled in followed by yet more rain ️
  7. Nice one! Did you buy the Vixen Porta as well?
  8. Torrential Rain ️ here!! hasn’t stopped for 10 days...feels like 10 years
  9. If you used one of those adaptors with a 1.25” filter on either a 2” eyepiece or diagonal would it reduce the AFOV significantly?
  10. I like that RACI + Rigel finder combination as well, how does it work? special adaptor on the bottom of the Rigel to accommodate the RACI?
  11. David good luck with the sale of your remaining items! I wish I could afford that Tak hoping to pop outside later and try some of those goodies I bought off you, that’s if the weather plays ball
  12. Bought quite a few items off David and can vouch for the quality and amazing prices.
  13. jock1958

    Hi from rainy Wales

    Welcome to the Lounge from down the road in very wet South Wales
  14. I did it at home with an electric drill. If I wanted more accuracy then a pillar drill is the way to go. A local machine shop wouldn’t charge that much, however that Berlebach clamp does look rather nice
  15. Home made aluminium angle to mount my Telrad on, not a very good paint match for the Ercole though
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