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  1. Just had a look at my original email response from my council and it was from the manager of the Highways Direct Services who are responsible for street lighting amongst other things. I emailed them with the issue I had and was given a ticket number (job number) the following week the light was replaced including the adjustable shade. Cant understand why they are making things difficult for you as I was tod my replacement light uses less power and is more energy efficient.
  2. I contacted the local Council (Street Lighting Dept) about this very issue and a very helpful guy came out, turns out he was the head of the department, he asked me what the problem was and within a week the light was swapped over for a considerably less powerful version. Copy of my post above from February this year.
  3. I think that’s a really good image Stu especially through a smartphone. Thanks for heads up but a bit too cloudy here
  4. Welcome to SGL - I bet Tenerife is the place to be as far as star gazing goes. Have to remember my binoculars when I go on holiday there!
  5. First time I’ve seen it looks rather nice, I would like to know more about it.
  6. My Tak 100 mounted on a Skytee 2, its a very stable and steady platform with added bonus of slo mo controls - great for high powered targets! Have just acquired a Giro Ercole second hand but to early to say how good it is in use.
  7. I dismantled my Tal 100RS doublet lens to refit a dislodged foil spacer, whilst everything was apart I cleaned the lenses with the Baader wonder fluid etc etc and re-assembled it - however sorting the collimation out was a mission and debatable whether it’s 100%. As its a triplet I would follow previous advice and get it down to Steve Collingwood.
  8. Bought my 5mm SLV second hand last year for £50 and to be honest its been my most used high power eyepiece. I've been really impressed with the eye relief, FOV, sharpness and general ease of use! A super eyepiece and a keeper as far as I'm concerned. Sorry I cant comment on the 5mm BGO as I've never owned one.
  9. Cant really comment on the Rigel Quickfinder as I've never owned one, but looking at your pics it does look decidedly second hand - whoever produced it seemed to lack pride in their work sadly a common theme in the cost cutting culture of today. No such issues with my Telrad, it arrived in pristine condition and although its bigger than the Rigel it is one of my essential / favourite bits of astro kit - I cant recommend it highly enough!
  10. Eeek!! Definitely clean it. Are those deposits fungus? Just take your time and follow the procedures you’ve already researched. I agonised over cleaning the dew and pollen spots off my refractor lens last year, I eventually bit the bullet and restored it to its former glory.
  11. Great write up - it goes to show what’s possible with the right NV technology in a heavily LP area. I want to try one of these out now, unfortunately the bank balance says no
  12. Steve, just as a matter of interest how much would the complete set up cost as described in Ray’s video? PS - I’m not in a position to buy as SWIMBO might have something to say
  13. Everything including the way it’s packaged just oozes quality. Looks like the ultimate grab & go to me!
  14. First clear night I’ve had down here for a while, tried my newly acquired 3 - 6 nagler zoom in my Tak unfortunately the E & F stars still elude me. Turned to Sirius and all I could see was what resembled the flashing strobe light off an aircraft - absolutely no chance of seeing the pup on this occasion
  15. The Tal-1 was my first serious scope and wish I’d kept it. Over the years I’ve seen a fair number of these coming up second hand on sites like the Bay for very reasonable prices! Unfortunately the seller is more than likely trying to offload the entire setup including the eyepieces. There was one on gumtree a couple of weeks ago going for £25!
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