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  1. What a cracking job, brilliant!!
  2. Yep that’s the one, tempting but it’s a case of look but don’t touch
  3. Bought mine second hand for a good price and it hasn’t disappointed especially after ironing out the bugs!
  4. Great thread this and some excellent model making skills, looking forward to launch day!!
  5. I had this as an Xmas pressie in the 60’s wish I’d looked after it as they are worth a few Bob now!
  6. Talking about Gumtree there’s a Vixen SP 102m with a matching Vixen EQ mount including some bits & bobs for £390, not sure how much they usually go for? Looks nice though! Agree what you say about eBay, been buying stuff for years and recently sold my first item which I found easy enough but had to wait at least a week for the funds to hit my account...not impressed at all!
  7. There’s a small amount of thread protruding which you might be able to get some mole grips or pliers on, failing that cut a small slot with a junior hacksaw and use a screw driver to remove or drill a very small hole and use an easy out to remove what’s left of the sheared off screw. It’s a pain but it’s doable!
  8. Ok that’s not good and very frustrating. What did you use to tighten it up? If it’s a big screw driver it probably exerted too much torque and sheared the head off. There’s a few ways out of this but not sure what tools / expertise you have?
  9. I’ve been after an even thinner adapter that attaches to the ultra short clamp for quite a while now which will save you even more back focus, only problem is nil stock everywhere https://www.firstlightoptics.com/baader-diamond-steeltrack-focusers/baader-takahashi-sky90-m64-x-075mm-m68f-zeiss-adaptor.html
  10. Bought my Telrad over 4 years ago and its still on the original batteries and that’s including leaving it on overnight at least twice.
  11. I agree, is £65 for the very Takish looking bracket & finder too much? maybe @FLOcould add it onto the package
  12. You are most welcome @tompato and glad to be of help. Yeh a few people have mentioned that the brass nuts seem to be a bit tight from the factory, apart from that the quality is top notch certainly in comparison to my Skytee 2!
  13. Those instructions from FLO make sense now. I haven't adjusted or touched the tension or case screws as yet only the brass adjusting & brass locknuts. As you probably know its a simple worm gear and worm shaft arrangement very similar to my Skytee 2 Alt Az mount and probably lots more. Adjusting those tension screws will either increase the engagement of the worm shaft onto the worm gear making it tighter or looser depending which way you turn the tension screws, the brass nuts that I adjusted basically affect the end float of the worm shaft giving you more or less backlash. Great result on the slo mo cables you will definitely notice the difference, you might even find things too loose and you will end up re-adjusting things again. Below some pics of my setup, two 13mm open end spanners to loosen off the brass adjusting & locknuts (notice I filed down the inboard 13mm spanner to get it to fit). Also a pic of a typical worm gear and worm shaft if you are not familiar.
  14. The only things that I’ve adjusted (slackened off & re-tightened) are the brass locknuts on the ends of Alt & Az worm drive housings using two 13mm open ended spanner’s and clutch tension knobs on both axis, as recommended by FLO. Must admit I found those instructions above a bit confusing as well I assume you’ve only tried FLO for the slo mo cables? there’s a few other vendors worth a try, Rother Valley Optics, Widescreen Centre & 365 Astronomy. I believe Astroboot is closed just now. Also might be worth a read of the thread @Stu started last year titled Scopetech Zero Mount. If u you like I’ll post some pics tommorow of my setup and where I adjusted mine.
  15. Hi @tompato you inspired me to get my Scopetech & Tak FS-60 out last night, it’s ages since it’s seen any action mainly due to the awful weather we’ve had down here. As an experiment I tried turning the Alt & Az worm gears with my fingers and it is very, very difficult and really sore on fingers, slo mo cables are a definite must. I have the clutch knobs moderately tight on mine but one thing I’ve noticed is the Az knob seems to loosen off after a few operations which I’m not sure about or why it does this? Anyway let us know how you get on when you receive those control knobs and good luck!
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