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  1. For the foreseeable it looks like I'll be keeping the Skytee 2 until @Dek Rowan Astro comes up with a smaller version of the AZ100 with slo mo's....pretty please
  2. Yeh I've seen the Skywatcher AZ5, wasn't aware that ES are making an identical version, they look similar in design to the relatively new Scopetech Zero but quite a bit cheaper. Like John mentioned I found the Giro Ercole AZ mount with my Tak FC-100DL onboard was noticeably smoother in operation with a counter weight & bar attached.
  3. I have a Vixen Porta for my Tak FS-60 and yes the vibrations are annoying which I put down to the flimsy aluminium legs, apparently it fares better with the older version of the tripod! I owned a Giro Ercole Alt Az mount and there's no escaping the exquisite teutonic engineering, however I find the "nudge-nudge-damn-I've missed it" design frustrating to use so switched back fairly quickly to the altogether more forgiving Skytee 2 with slo mo controls. In your experience Mike would you consider the Televue Gibralta mounts to be good altazimuth forks?
  4. If I had my time again I would probably have gone for the TS AZ5 over the Skytee 2 purely from whats been said in regards to the quality differences.
  5. I should have qualified my statement that I always add on Pay Pal fees unless I really, really trust the person.
  6. I have on occasion just added the PayPal fees to the transaction asking price.
  7. I’ve had the bug well over 4 years now and like you say it’s terminal!! on the other forum they call it “Takitis”
  8. Thanks for posting this @Fedele and a great insight into how they produce these wonderful scopes using tried and trusted methods of old. Loved the sand casting, reminds me of metalwork during my school days in the mid 1970's!!
  9. Hi there I'm not familiar with your scope but this link on the Cloudy Nights forum might help. https://www.google.com/url?sa=t&rct=j&q=&esrc=s&source=web&cd=&ved=2ahUKEwjtybCoraXuAhXIh1wKHWcQBisQFjAAegQIBxAC&url=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.cloudynights.com%2Ftopic%2F485905-skywatcher-127mm-mak-focuser-issue%2F&usg=AOvVaw2Vdq5yPBpGwgEdrnkTaS2I
  10. Another for the Skytee 2. It's a bit industrial in the build quality department but once you iron out the little niggles its an absolute joy to use and more than capable on carrying my Tak FC-100DL. They come up second hand from time to time like UK Astro Buy & Sell, its where I bought mine.
  11. Great thread this and thanks for the tips especially cleaning the electrical contacts which I hadn't thought of in relation to a non astro problem I have with my dodgy central heating timer . As far as lens covers go you can be as creative as you like, I use a variety of protectors ie: plastic bottle tops, electrical blanking caps and rubber caps off eBay, basically anything you can think of that keeps your lenses clear of dust. Couple of pics below, the black soft rubber caps I bought off eBay & yellow plastic cap from my spares box which I've seen in electrical suppliers & eBay.
  12. Exactly what I was going to say! I'm sure @Fedele has a Rocket Blower
  13. I love the look and the optics of my Tak 6x30 finder but like others find it difficult to use and presently my Skywatcher RA finder is back on my FC-100DL. I'm sure if Mr Takahashi produced a RACI finder it would sell like hot cakes over here, another alternative would be to paint your RACI finder a matching Tak white and call it a TACKY-RACI
  14. I have an FC-100DL as well and my arrangement is similar to John's only difference is I added a TS 35mm extension tube for all my 1.25" eyepieces to achieve focus (Note: I don't have the 15mm T2 extension on my diagonal that John mentions) Picture below with my 1.25" prism diagonal
  15. Cheers John & Dave will keep on battling the elements and my latitude, you never know 2021 might be my lucky year
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