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  1. It was the first DSO (fuzzy) I saw with my 4” Tal many years ago using the lowest powered eyepiece I had at the time (25mm I think) As Marvin says the pointers of Cassiopeia are good or the corner stars of the Great Square of Pegasus. I would be starting off with your lowest powered eyepiece 30mm? and to make things even easier get a red dot finder and good star chart? Another thing I do is sweep the telescope backwards and forth in the general area and it will eventually pop into view! Cheers and good hunting
  2. I think I paid about £250 for mine. Make an offer you never know
  3. Strange just checked it again and add was posted 13hrs ago from Birmingham. Try tapping in telescope in search box and let me know
  4. The Vixen 5mm SLV was my go to high powered eyepiece until I picked up a second hand 3-6 nagler zoom. There’s one on Gumtree now for £280....make an offer?
  5. As a purely visual observer that looks a fantastic image!! Well done
  6. A quick google reveals they were produced in the 1960’s to early 1970’s by Vixen. It may be worth a few $$ depending on condition. There’s some info about this telescope on the Cloudy Nights forum. For me I would be I would be tempted to keep hold of it but good luck with whatever you decide to do with it.
  7. Brilliant image and a very informative report. Being purely visual all I can see through my 4" Tak is what looks like two small 'cats eyes'!
  8. Very interesting report @John and to think you have some of the fragments from 4 Vesta. Made it out late last night for the first time in ages and made great use of goodies I acquired from Mr Hardie's SGL megga sale. Tried out the TV UHC filter with my 31mm Nagler & 14 mm Delos on M42.....wow!! best I've ever seen it in my fairly LP skies, fantastic contrast with a beautiful green hue.
  9. I echo what others have said. Observing with my scope pointing to the zenith isn’t my favourite position either, but to make it easier I use an Alt Az Mount, tripod legs fully extended, an extension tube and sit on my adjustable berlebach chair.
  10. Has locking screw thread on your Lunt Wedge been cross threaded?
  11. Did anybody else see these last night (Sunday) between 6.30 to 7.00 pm ish coming from the west? I counted at least 30 fairly bright satellites following each other in very quick succession....I've never seen anything like this before, it was spectacular to say the least! Not sure how this bodes for the future as SpaceX plan to launch a lot more of these satellites, which could have long term implications for the star gazing community as well as ground based astronomy?
  12. Might be a case of becoming a little creative if you have room on your respective mount. I mounted my Telrad on my Skytee 2 adjacent to my refractor using a DIY metal plate, also used similar ideas on my Giro Ercole & Vixen Porta mounts.
  13. Nice one! Is that a little spiral arm galaxy to the lower left?
  14. I do like it and It’s much better than my wife’s old makeup stool Some pics beside my set up with seat near up and near down positions.
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