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  2. HI everyone, An update on Bridgend Astronomical Society, you can find us on FB at - https://www.facebook.com/groups/114433805560367 Our website is http://www.bridgendastro.org.uk We are a growing and very enthusiastic sociey, with a growing 84+ members and over 1.4K facebook members. We offer online courses and mentoring to our membership. This year is our 39th birthday and we would just like to say hello.
  3. Since the C-19 outbreak the SWAG star parties have been uneventful, with members making their own arrangements according to national or local lockdown and travel restrictions. It is hoped that a spring event can be organized next April around the weekend 25th - 26th April. Attempting a meet in March, I think, is a bit ambitious in the current climate. A New Moon is on 23rd, with a Lyrids shower on the 22nd. The Star Party will then be officially on the 24th, 25h and 26th April. Dates either side of these can can also be booked. This is provisional, and will of course be conditi
  4. Hi Lisa Marie, Welcome from Pontywuan. Not much happening here at the moment but after Covid dare say it will all kick off again Pat
  5. Hello Lisa Marie, Welcome from Rhondda Cynon Taf.
  6. Hi Everyone, Another newbie here who has just joined from Swansea. Just wanted to say Hi and that I'll probably be on the general forum, if not I'm on Facebook
  7. Hello Ross, And Welcome from me too. As Pat says, its been slow, and I've been out of the loop for awhile now; but most of us still seem to be active on the general forum. This plague has changed the whole fabric of life, but fortunately we have a hobby that's the least affected and can always enjoy it at home. It will be nice to catch up with familiar faces and meet other kindred Observers, and hopefully, that will be sooner than later. I'm confident that other members in the group will chime in soon. Hang in there, this group is still alive and kicking.
  8. Hi Ross, Welcome to the SWG. It is still active but has been not been very busy because of the Covid. No meetings etc. Hopefully some time in the future things will get back to normal and meetings will begin again at Blaenavon. Not holding out for a early return to normal but fingers cross maybe before next summer. Welcome again Pat
  9. Hi all... fairly new to this site... is this club still ongoing? (with obvious covid measures in place :))
  10. My cars been off the road a month (dont ask) so I am limited now, got one or two things in mind hoping for clear skies sunday night fingers crossed
  11. Yes, a friend did that, and someone did Caerphilly castle as the foreground. It's probably worth doing sooner rather than later as the comet will fade and the tail get smaller. Helen
  12. I'm thinking Caerphilly Mountain looking back up into the valleys could be a spectacular shot in the next few weeks if the opportunity arizes
  13. Friday night was special. Here's my noctilucent clouds - with a phone
  14. Fantastic Image Paul - I'm assuming its not the phone lol
  15. Hi Helen so pleased we had a chance tonight and now I know where I'm looking hopefully Sunday/Monday night should be even better and I can take a tripod with me to get some better photos though I'm glad to have a momento 8anyway
  16. Now home and find I can see it from my doorstep Not quite the scenic backdrops used by others, but a lot less hassle!! (And safer for a lone female ) Helen
  17. I was about to message you Steve - I'm in the field by Cascade community centre and have got it too . I just came for a wander through the estate to see what might be possible. Heading home to get my camera and a small scope now... Enjoy
  18. I'm standing in the farmers field opposite my home its an easy spot no need to take the car anywhere fantastic Im so glad I've caught it, not quite dark enough to get a decent picture yet though
  19. I had a nice night Friday night, went on a tip behind my house (merthyr) spectacular view of the comet and some noc clouds
  20. Fantastic - Thanks Helen regds Steve
  21. Funnily enough Steve I was coming back from Nelson yesterday early evening and noted that from the Cross the horizon might be good - so said to Mike it might be worth a try from their car park!! We would have tried Gelligaer common last weekend, but the road was closed.. If the forecast looks good and I'm heading up I'll ping you a message... Helen
  22. Fantastic Helen - I did stay up until the early hours on the weekend but to no avail though i didn't travel further than the bedroom for elevation I must admit - hopefully with the weather forecast as is it is I haven't missed my chance though I will be on the coast in the next two weeks - I'm wondering whether the Cross in Gelligaer might just give me enough of a vantage point if I get an unexpected chance before then - anyhows lovely to hear from you and fab photos :0)
  23. Hi Steve Yes, I've managed to see it. These are from the mountain road between Aberbargoed and Tredegar (Cefn Golau). We parked by the wind turbine and the comet could be seen above the glow of Tredegar. I've also seen it in our street - with binos though as the streetlights are problematic for naked eye. Helen
  24. Hi guys - has anyone in the S Wales group had any luck spotting comet Neowise yet - I know its still low in the sky at the meoment - I stayed up until 3am on the weekend to observe but my elevation just can't be high enough at the moment. I'm thinking of taking a trip the next time the clouds disappear- anyone got any good spots for observing - preferably in S Wales - I'm guessing we will still have a couple of weeks but Wales is notorious for its weather so not as many chances as we would hope for no doubt cheers Steve
  25. Hi everyone? Sorry to hijack this thread but I cant figure out how to start a new topic in a group. I notice the south wales group has the most members I have been stargazing for 10 years or so, been living in Gower, south wales for 3 years now. Really enjoying the skies compared to living in Birmingham. Hope to connect with other local people too. Does this group ever meet? If not it will at least be nice to compare experiences with others in the same part of the world. Had a great night on Monday and chose Leo as my target. Saw the triplet as well as M105, 66 and 6

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