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  1. What's new in this club
  2. Thanks Helen- interesting stuff :0)
  3. Interesting article here https://paper.li/astronomie#/ Helen
  4. Its a frustrating hobby for sure Mike :0)
  5. Thanks for the replies folks- obviously some further research required on my part but yes Helen- Sci Fi was the first thing I thought - the chances of anything coming from - you know lol
  6. Both last night and tonight showed clear skies through the night here at home, but Venus disappeared into the clouds as my scope came to ambient.
  7. Hello again Steve If it was 6:15 then you certainly saw the Starlink trail - I was watching it from just up the hill from you!! The stream were travelling parallel to the horizon at about 50 degrees. I must admit I found it quite eerie, it was almost like a sci-fi film where the alien enemy sends a whole troop of ships after the hero. Surely, as a planet we can't allow tens of thousand of these to ruin our night sky, and our serious study too... Helen
  8. Sure that with be Mr Elon Musk's pesky Starlink satellites. Soon to be filling the skies in their thousands unfortunately.
  9. Was out the back garden tonight with the Bins after having a fire and saw something I've never seen before. Was looking pretty much due South then saw a satelite coming over, nothing unusual, then another and another - I counted about 10 in total all in a perfect line all following the same path. I watched this for a few minutes even tried to take a video but it was terrible quality so no use. Thats the first time I've seen anything like that - anyone else seen anything similar or have any explanations?
  10. Missed my chance tonight - 19th Jan was planning the first trip in ages to Blaenavon and got put off by the bbc weather forecast but so far has been a brilliant night - should have got out earlier and just gone for it
  11. Hi Tony. Great news. I will keep my eyes open for further announcements. Dave
  12. Hi Dave, I have posted a brief notice on the last page here. I will announce it with more detail once I have contacted Pencelli Caravan Park.
  13. Are there any plans for another SWAG star party in March this year? Dave
  14. I don't think Matthew responded. I'd love to come, but you are a bit far away for me.
  15. http://www.uskastronomicalsociety.org.uk We meet on Thursdays. Why not pop along details are in the web link above.
  16. heres what i am working with its the famous P8079HP image intensifier tube i scan the sky's for meteor activity and anything unusual also get footage of storms i do have footage on my channel of previous meteor events and storms please feel free to take a look link below will take you directly there also pictures of my setup on my profile thanks. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCnFfTZ7HK3w8yFZDfsmnZaQ?view_as=subscriber
  17. Hello Matthew, Best of luck with the astrophotography. I never made it to Blaenavon, but it always sounded like a lot of fun. There's a group in Usk, but I don't know anything more than that.
  18. Thanks Mike- I'm full of good intentions - like you said would be great to meet up again - the meets at Blaenavon were brilliant would be great if we could get some enthusiasm going for it again - fingers crossed I'll catch up soon
  19. ...and there is the South Wales Astronomy Group (SWAG) star party which is held in the spring. It is at Pencelli Caravan & Camping Park, in the Brecon Beacons National Dark Skies Reserve. There is also a Star party that a few members of SWAG attend which is unorganised and usually at short notice. Keep an eye open on here for future details.
  20. Hi Steve, Upahill & Choo_choo_baloo, The South Wales Group which meets at the Fox Hunters car park has been quiet for awhile, but the site is a good one. For most of us its a long drive though, and many times I've made the 60+ mile round trip only to be disappointed, along with others, by the failed forecasts. Got to say quite honestly, the advanced scheduling of meets up at the site seems pointless considering the fluctuations in the UK weather, and I've found posting short notice meets also to be challenging based on the unreliability of even the "area specific" Astronomy forecasts. If anyone is near Blaenavon, it would be great if you could post in the early evening the actual weather conditions as you see it for those of us watching SGL. I think this would give a great boost to help the South Wales Group to recover from Astronomical hibernation. Although the South Wales group hasn't been active for some time, it would be nice to catch up with familiar faces and meet some new observers. Glad to see your back Steve. Cheers Everyone !
  21. Hi both - the S Wales group used to meet in the Fox Hunters car park above Blaenavon which is on the edge of the Beacons - it was a really friendly and informal meet. Having not been involved for the last few years I'm not sure whether its still happening but I'd keep your eyes open in the group forum and check it out regularly. We're just entering the beginning of the season for many of us so I'm sure things will pick up shortly - I'm determined to get back involved this year so hopefully will catch up later in the Autumn.
  22. Thanks for the reply. I'm happy to meet with a few others during the autumn to do our own star party thing one night or so. I will miss a semi-rural location! The Cardiff society looks pretty established?
  23. Congrats on the new career! Im just up the road in Monmouth so also interested in any replies as would be good to find out whats going on near here. SGL Star Party is only about an hour away in Hereford, and I think there is AstroCamp too in Cwmdu, Brecon Beacons twice a year but I haven't been to that one yet so can't comment much. Should be able to find it on Facebook though.
  24. Hello all, I'm about to move to Newport for a new career. I've been slowly learning astrophotography over the past few years, and would like to continue learning with fellow amateur astronomers. Do you all meet semi-regularly, or are there established societies you can recommend? Thanks in advance.
  25. Wishing you luck Tony! That sounds like a similar set up to the mobile one I’m working on ?. I will be interested in how you get on. We were very close to you today - lunch in the Cider Mill and then a walk along the canal. It was a lovely day to be out. I’m hoping tonight will be good too ? Helen

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