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  1. Darn it, bit late, but can I have 1st refusal if it happened to become available again
  2. @wormix I will be arriving on the Thursday as well. Look forward to meeting you :)
  3. Old picture time....I'm sure my parents and brother won't mind me sharing this.......... I was in Dartmouth for the day, it is one of my childhood memories, although I do remember the British weather getting in the way and us only being able to see little bits of the eclipse when the clouds thinned a bit.
  4. @Helen That looks great, we will definately need the try that out......maybe a cheeky meetup before hand to 'hone our skills'
  5. I have some experience of Radio Astronomy from my Uni days, would be very interested if you're doing a talk on it I would love to try it out again one day
  6. Booked Thursday - Sunday. If SGL/FLO or anyone needs a hand during those days please give me a shout .
  7. Hey :) Believe I still have access to Faulkes, will happily queue up some observations :D take me back a few years. Hope all at FT are doing well :) Looking forward to seeing you and Paul on Thurs.
  8. Hello and welcome from just over the bridge in Newport
  9. Hey, Just a quick message to say big Thank You to everyone who purchased a bracelet from @Helen or myself at the weekend. We managed to raise £150 for Astro Cymru which I have just send over to them If I missed anyone who would like to purchase a bracelet, I have a couple left with me so please either get in touch or head over to the Astro Cymru website at http://www.astrocymru.co.uk/web/ where you can purchase them from Emma directly. Many Thanks again. Simon
  10. Oooo think I still have access to these Some spectra might be interesting, a bit different but still interesting and I have used before..... My favourite observation using these was the Eagle Nebula in H-alpha, although pretty low in the sky at the moment if would be nice to have that done again
  11. SimonS


    Looks good hoping for a dry spell when I set up on friday Can just about see my pitch on the left there
  12. Great to hear about the enthusiasm. My 6 year old Neice asks me lots of questions about space etc and I love to hear the ones that really stump me. When I did Physics at GCSE and A-level they avoided space as much as they could (I don't know why) so I hope they put it into the curriculum as much as possible, it is a facinating subject
  13. Hey @FLO I realise it is only very small, but could you bring along a pack of the Space Desiccant Sachets for me please Do you happen to have any of the Muonionalusta meteorite slices? I wouldn't mind "treating" myself but its unavailable on the website. If not don't worry as realise it may be a bit late to get hold of. Thanks
  14. I know that a second hand one of these is up for sale at the SGL2018 camp....there is some interest on it but, if it doesn't sell, might be an option
  15. @RayD We are neighbours for the weekend we can struggle together will be a good couple of days. @Helen Will have space on my pitch if you would like to set up you lovely Dob again
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