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  1. Sorry.... had to dash off this morning as had a bit of an emergency st home....All good now tho. Great to catch up with tony and Mike
  2. I've got a nice 12 year old single malt to try Tony
  3. Hi Mike, I know the feeling as having just moved house. Hope to meet up soon at the site
  4. Dont know about my good looks lol ....I am absolutely gutted, been looking forward to this for weeks. Hope to see you soon mate
  5. Hi Chaps, Absolutely gutted..... I am Really sorry but I have called the Reception This morning and cancelled my pitch for this weekend as there is now a yellow warning of snow , and to be honest, i don't fancy driving the motorhome in that sort of weather. Quick Message for Tony : I offered to pay a cancellation fee but was told that there was not one required, I guess its because i am a regular at the site over the years..... Really sorry once again chaps and look forward to the next meet up. Paul
  6. Hi Mike...if the weather plays ball i will be there
  7. Really looking forward to meeting up again soon chaps...:)
  8. Its been a bit quiet on her of late. Any plans for a meet up at the site soon?
  9. Could possibly do the 25th.....may need some help with the new Meade lx90 8" if anyone knows there way round one of these scopes?
  10. Can't make the 26th as I have a prior engagement....gutted as just got a new scope as well
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