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  1. I think after my Hiatus I need to start again with small steps Tony - I need you and Mike to show me which end of the tube to use again :0)
  2. Thanks Tony - I'd like to say I will join you there to rekick my astronomy career this year but I suspect my daughter will be moving from my house in October so it'll be all hands to the pump for a while but a return is on the horizon at last cheers Steve
  3. Where is Forest Fields guys - is it manageable for a nights observing travelling from South Wales?
  4. Had a great evening with my nephews in Newquay in Cardigan last week- sky was crystal clear, no moon - was really special even with my limited knowledge and bins only showing the boys about some of the showstoppers for a brief hour or so. Suprizing what you forget though so looking forward to getting back this year - Meziers reset for 2018 :0)
  5. Fond memories of my first two SW Star parties at Pencelli - have good intentions of rejoining the group again this year after a brief hiatus- 3 years I think - hopefully catch up with Tony, Mike and the meet some new faces in the Autumn - keep up the good work guys
  6. Happy Christmas all - been an odd couple of years for me personally but I fully intend getting back involved when I can - great to see Mike keeping everything going for the group in S Wales and best wishes to all for the New Year
  7. Hi Mike- just checking in - I haven't had my scope out for some time- as the kids moved back in and all my equipment is buried for a while - I've got good intentions to get going again next year when hopefully everything will have returned to normal at home whatever that is - I haven't been to Blaenavon for quite some time so will be good to eventually catch up and probably meet some new faces - glad to see you still here :0)
  8. Happy Christmas to all the SWG members new and old.I've had an odd year or so and it's not ending yet with daughter and boyfriend moving back in and my work closing down shortly.will get back on track shortly and look forward to catching up with everyone again.in the meantime wishing everyone a happy and exiting Christmas. Fingers crossed for some clear skies over the next few months.
  9. That does look good doesn't it Mike. I'm not home for long over Christmas fingers crossed we can get out for a night seems like ages since I've seen everyone
  10. Hi notimejeff, haven't been to Crai reservoir but driven past the signs for Crai on the way to cardigan quite a few times perhaps some google map time is required were always looking for the next best observing site. The blaenavon site is not too difficult to find I'm sure mike will post the coords next time he drops by and you'd be most welcome to join in if we ever get going this winter lol
  11. After last year Mike you'd think we would take any opportunity we get - the combination of clear skies, no wind and no moon are a pretty rare commodity in South Wales :0) Plenty of winter left though hopefully the best is just around the corner
  12. What a stunning night last night was - could clearly see the milky way overhead from my garden and the double cluster naked eye - more of the same tonight although I'll admit to Bino viewing only - full of good intentions but the early mornings in work suck my enthusiasm dry as soon as the first cup of tea arrives in the evening - should be good again tonight and tomorrow as well - good start to winter 2016/17
  13. Scot thanks for the feedback - I've been up there several times in the wind and its a definite no go - not a lot of fun at all to be honest This week - at least the early part of the week, is looking good though - I've good intentions of setting up in the garden tonight if the wind plays ball
  14. Been gorgeous at home this evening but it has been windy even down here
  15. It's a cruel hobby Scott. Been here so many times perfect through the week clouds pile in when you don't want them. Like mike said it's a long way for some of us to travel for a short period before the clouds and fog pile in. Keep us posted though perhaps the met have it wrong. Well get another chance shortly no doubt
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