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  1. I'm thinking Caerphilly Mountain looking back up into the valleys could be a spectacular shot in the next few weeks if the opportunity arizes
  2. Fantastic Image Paul - I'm assuming its not the phone lol
  3. Hi Helen so pleased we had a chance tonight and now I know where I'm looking hopefully Sunday/Monday night should be even better and I can take a tripod with me to get some better photos though I'm glad to have a momento 8anyway
  4. I'm standing in the farmers field opposite my home its an easy spot no need to take the car anywhere fantastic Im so glad I've caught it, not quite dark enough to get a decent picture yet though
  5. Fantastic - Thanks Helen regds Steve
  6. Fantastic Helen - I did stay up until the early hours on the weekend but to no avail though i didn't travel further than the bedroom for elevation I must admit - hopefully with the weather forecast as is it is I haven't missed my chance though I will be on the coast in the next two weeks - I'm wondering whether the Cross in Gelligaer might just give me enough of a vantage point if I get an unexpected chance before then - anyhows lovely to hear from you and fab photos :0)
  7. Hi guys - has anyone in the S Wales group had any luck spotting comet Neowise yet - I know its still low in the sky at the meoment - I stayed up until 3am on the weekend to observe but my elevation just can't be high enough at the moment. I'm thinking of taking a trip the next time the clouds disappear- anyone got any good spots for observing - preferably in S Wales - I'm guessing we will still have a couple of weeks but Wales is notorious for its weather so not as many chances as we would hope for no doubt cheers Steve
  8. Fantastic Images Mick really enjoyed them
  9. Thanks Helen- interesting stuff :0)
  10. Its a frustrating hobby for sure Mike :0)
  11. Thanks for the replies folks- obviously some further research required on my part but yes Helen- Sci Fi was the first thing I thought - the chances of anything coming from - you know lol
  12. Was out the back garden tonight with the Bins after having a fire and saw something I've never seen before. Was looking pretty much due South then saw a satelite coming over, nothing unusual, then another and another - I counted about 10 in total all in a perfect line all following the same path. I watched this for a few minutes even tried to take a video but it was terrible quality so no use. Thats the first time I've seen anything like that - anyone else seen anything similar or have any explanations?
  13. Missed my chance tonight - 19th Jan was planning the first trip in ages to Blaenavon and got put off by the bbc weather forecast but so far has been a brilliant night - should have got out earlier and just gone for it
  14. Thanks Mike- I'm full of good intentions - like you said would be great to meet up again - the meets at Blaenavon were brilliant would be great if we could get some enthusiasm going for it again - fingers crossed I'll catch up soon
  15. Hi both - the S Wales group used to meet in the Fox Hunters car park above Blaenavon which is on the edge of the Beacons - it was a really friendly and informal meet. Having not been involved for the last few years I'm not sure whether its still happening but I'd keep your eyes open in the group forum and check it out regularly. We're just entering the beginning of the season for many of us so I'm sure things will pick up shortly - I'm determined to get back involved this year so hopefully will catch up later in the Autumn.
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