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  1. Has anyone seen this
  2. I have the latest version of both APT and Stellarium installed on my laptop. Trouble is the bar at the bottom of the screen is so long that I can't see the icons at the right hand side of the bar (ie the telescope connect icon) as the bar goes of screen. What's the best way of adjusting the setting so that the full length of the bar can be seen.
  3. Both my camera and 2 usb3 hubs get there own 12v supply so I have no connection problems.
  4. My biggest pet hate is cloud cover. As for point 2 I got red led's under each leg so I can see where they are, point 3 all my cables go down the pillar then they're buried under gravel so I don't trip over them, When I go indoors for a cuppa I use a red light when I put the kettle on.
  5. Hi A_D05, I too have a S.W. 80ED with HEQ 5PRO mount and https://www.firstlightoptics.com/guide-scopes/skywatcher-startravel-80-ota.html piggy backed on my scope with a touptek guide cam and PHD2 autoguiding software with little or no problems.
  6. Check the power requirement for each item that you have. (my heq5 mount draws max 2amps , dew heater 5 amps camera 1.5 amps that's 6.5amps) yours may differ a little but check anyway. 6.5 amps well within the specs that you stated.
  7. That's what I do, RCD inside weather prove box outside next to my table that has a large box on its side for the laptop to keep dry.
  8. I'll be happy just to sit back on my chair and listen to the local owls making their presence known.
  9. When I use apt to my imaging lately I select a star say denib to focus on the lomicron filter bin 2x2 30secs and all I get is white screen. So Itry bin 1x1 and still get a white or black screen no sign of stars on witch to focus on. Am I missing something, any pointers will a big help.
  10. Started with sgpro but after trying apt I found that I get on with apt better
  11. Thanks Miguel1983 for the advice. I was looking at something like the RSP-320-13.v that you now got.
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