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  1. Welcome to SGL from Malvern.
  2. O.S maps will tell you the deference between grid,true and magnetic north. I always use both compass and map together that'll get my set up close enough to use the polemaster software when it gets dark enough.
  3. Looks like another country has done the same La nuit est belle - turning off the lights in Geneva.
  4. it was at full (no,4 )speed, but I never had this happen before
  5. Friday night I went out got every thing powered up laptop connected to my setup, got cdc and apt started and connected. When I selected m27 on apt clicked on goto the r.a. moved but dec did not which meant the scope still pointed north. I restarted everything tried the same with cdc select m27 again the same only the r.a. moved. At first I thought it was mount related but after another restart I started eqmod got my gamepad control and checked both axis and both r.a. and dec moved which lead me to think it's software related. Any help/ ideas on what I can do to sort this out.
  6. just come across this https://www.darksky.org/croatian-light-pollution-law/
  7. Here's my go at the moon with my scope and my canon 750d dslr at prime focus.
  8. https://www.firstlightoptics.com/misc/starsharp-red-filter-for-laptop-screens.html will this do Michael?
  9. I tried dss It di'unt like the deverent file sizes
  10. I've got the trail down loaded so I'll give it a go
  11. Can that handle deferent file sizes as my ha file size is 970 x 730 and the rgb files are 1940 x 1460?
  12. Sunday night I had chance to a imaging run so I got my 100 best astrophotography targets book out for idea and went for the ngc 7000 north american nebula. got apt up and running connected to my equipment, did the imaging run and got the files saved to my laptop. All I need to do now is stack them. What software do people use?
  13. It will still work with the dew shield in place
  14. Ok cheers, what's then best way of selecting said frame?
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