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  1. What's new in this club
  2. Wishing you luck Tony! That sounds like a similar set up to the mobile one I’m working on ?. I will be interested in how you get on. We were very close to you today - lunch in the Cider Mill and then a walk along the canal. It was a lovely day to be out. I’m hoping tonight will be good too ? Helen
  3. Managed to get away to Pencelli for 10 nights. The first 4 nights and last three with Cath, so I'm happy with that. The last two nights have been very clear here, so tonight I'm hoping to have a session with a new system. I have been trying to put together a weekender kit for when I'm away on off the cuff weekends with minimal gear. I wanted to be able to use just a tablet and have everything connected by WiFi rather than a laptop and loads of cables. I have so far got my WO Zenithstar 61 APO mounted on the AZ GTi. The Polemaster is connected to an Android app, all tied in by WiFi with ASIAIR. Although ASIAIR has a comprehensive catalogue of GoTo targets, I miss not having SkySafari Pro 6. I'm at a loss to how connect it to the system. The main camera ASI1600MC and the ASI 120mm mini guide scope are both powered through ASIAIR. So far so good. Everything powered by a small 12v power bank and 12.1 Samsung tablet. It's 20.30 and I'm just waiting for Polaris to show. Wish me luck.
  4. Only just found this! I was wondering where the group had gone. It would have been a shame to have lost it as it was active and quite busy. Happy to stick my nose in again!
  5. Hello, Is anybody planning any trips to Blaenavon if the weather ever improves? Seems like an age since I was last up there. Dave
  6. Hi Justyn. New moon in March is on Wed 6th, so I would suggest official nights being Thurs 7th, Friday 8th & Saturday 9th March 2019. Cheers Tony
  7. HI guys/Tony, any news about next year's star party at Pencilli? Just trying to plan my holidays for 2019. cheers, Justyn
  8. Hi Paul, Hope all is well with you and yours, yeah, it will be nice to catch up. Dorothy & I are also looking to move house, and hopefully in the next few months. Its not far, just on the next street below us where there will be better views to the South. We've been remodeling the property over the past several years, and not without some grief from the planning dept.. Even though I'm retired, I hardly seem to have time lately for anything but work on the house; still, it would be good to take a break and spend a clear night up at the site.
  9. Hi Mike, I know the feeling as having just moved house. Hope to meet up soon at the site
  10. Hmmm, just noticed this South Wales Club forum an clicked to join. I haven't done much observing this year, as its been a busy one for my Wife and I, so Astronomy has been low on my priority list.
  11. The group forums are now in the clubs section https://stargazerslounge.com/clubs/
  12. Seems in common with all the other group forums, that since the change in format no one seems to be posting. Or am I missing something LOL. Polite replies only please. Bob.
  13. Great to see you all again at Fforest Fields. Despite the weather (& both of us having colds) we had a good time. The camp site is in a beautiful spot, with friendly staff & dark skies. Will definitely be going back. The journey home went OK, no floods to negotiate, thanks to Tony for the heads-up at Abergavenny. Looking forward to our next catch-up. All the best Mick & Jill
  14. Thanks Tich ! Dorothy & I enjoyed that. Glad the observing conditions were favourable for you earlier in the week. Cheers.
  15. It were brilliant catching up with everyone & we got a couple of decent nights out too, already looking forward to our next meet although I had to open up the caravan to dry it out as it were folded up wet. Still I managed to catch up with the rain again too as there were no blue skies here when I got home lol. Just in case you haven't seem it Mike;
  16. Hi Tony, Dorothy & I liked camping at Forrest Fields. The dark skies there are better than I've experienced at other campsites and we are looking forward to returning again; the facilities were excellent, and the Staff made us feel very welcome. Next time we will be bringing our canoe as the onsite lake looked inviting. It was nice to catch up with You, Tich, Mick & Jill once again and hope to see you all in the near future.
  17. Thanks for a great few days guys, it was lovely to to see you all again. Sorry about the weather, but pleased you all liked the site and dark skies. Despite Storm Callum we did manage a few goods nights of clear skies albeit being a bit moist. Hope you are all home safely. I look forward to seeing you all again in the spring at Pencelli. Tony
  18. Does anybody know where I can get my Mead LX 200 repaired in South Wales
  19. Hello Members If you look at the membership you will see that I am classed as the 'owner' and 'leader' Clearly it would be better for a local member to take on the role? Can you advise me if you wish to take on this role. Mark
  20. My Facebook page is here if it helps. Thanks again. https://www.facebook.com/mark.morgan.92372446
  21. I have facebook, so that would be easier I guess. Would be great to get my kit sorted out ready for the winter. Thanks for the offer, I really appreciate it.
  22. Hi pal, that is not a problem. I am away until the 7th of September so we can go through your setup ( scope collimation, balancing, polar alignment etc). Do you have Facebook, we could arrange something via that if you like? Cheers
  23. Hi. Sorry for the very late reply, it's been a bit of a mad month with all the kids off. Thanks for the offer of help, I will probably take you up on it at some point. Just now, I don't know what I don't know! ?
  24. I'm hoping to meet a few of you too. Let's hope for clear skies this winter.
  25. I have a skywatcher quatro8 ota on a eq5 pro. If you wouldn't mind, I would jump at the chance to go through polar alignment etc. I live in Mornington Meadows. Sorry for the late reply, been away.

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