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  1. I’ll take 190 for it and I’ll put better photos up need a bit of a clean but no rust on it
  2. Hi guys I’am selling my telescope, I bought it about 4/5 years ago and never really used it maybe 20 times it has a dent on the bottom but it out of the way,no rust on the scope and is in very good condition Will take 200 Thanks for looking Pick up only South Wales Cheers Dean
  3. Hi guys am thinking about selling my telescope it’s this one https://www.firstlightoptics.com/dobsonians/skywatcher-skyliner-250px-dobsonian.html i bought it about 4/5 years but I’ve used it 20 times what would you think it’s worth it’s in very good condition apart from a dent I will put photos up thanks dean
  4. Thanks for all Advice guys , tonight looks good for a viewing so I may give the mirror a clean does look’s a bit murky wish me luck
  5. Hi guys just recently got back in to going out into the dark and cold and looking up at the sky, I have a 10 inch dob which has been left in my shed for 3 years I’ve moved house since last time I used it, now my question is this is there a way of giving the scope a quick service to clean the mirror is clean and check is still aligned right Cheers Dean
  6. Thank you Pat for the Lens top man very touch with the extras you give me thank you again
  7. Sorry eyepieces ? thanks for the advice
  8. Thanks for that sorry to hear about valleyman I’ve met him once or twice nice guy
  9. Hi guys, I’ve got a 10 inch dobsonian and it came with the 10mm and 20mm lens which are not the best the scope been in the shed for 2 years and never moved, but I’ve moved house last year and I want to get back into it so I’ve got about £150 to buy a few better lens any ideas on what to get Dean
  10. Congratulations, lots of hard work gone into that
  11. Sorry Mike was that a hint for Lenny to bring some bread pudding i mist that one .........
  12. Am coming need a bit of help with lenses Weather looking good so far for Saturday
  13. First 2 buys Plossl eyepieces 12.5 from Flo and a barlow 3x from ebay its cheap just to see what its like and a stargazers lounge sticker to
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