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  1. I'll be looking at one of the cheaper zoom EPs for the school observing sessions in the autumn. It'll cut down on the time taken to switch EPs.
  2. I have the 4mm Nirvana too. It's great in my (slightly slower) 8" dob.
  3. We keep bees at school. We're also an Ecoschool so have always tried to disturb the bees as little as possible, whilst still encouraging the children to take part as much as possible. We still treat for varroa and manage for swarms. We only take the "surplus" honey and feed as little as possible. Last year was a good year, we hadn't taken any honey the previous two years. We've National hives, a WBC and a Kenyan Top Bar Hive. We have Warre hives at home. Last year we cut comb and pressed the honey out. I hadn't considered that it makes the honey more expensive, but yes, the bees would need to draw out new frames. I'm hoping to make frame cages this year to preserve the comb. The other hives still function in the same way though. The frames are removed and spun in a centrifuge. There's no loss of comb then, even when using foundationless frames. On topic! For the last two years, we've had wasp nests in the school grounds. One near the apiary and the other in a compost heap. They we're no trouble to children or bees! The one was fascinating, the wasps cut a tunnel down through a bramble patch to what we assumed must have been an old mouse hole.
  4. Let us know how you get on with it when the clouds clear.
  5. As Ricochet has said, what's up with the X-Cel LX? My 7mm X-Cel LX is smashing in the 8" dob and the etx90. The only reason I'm considering changing it some time in the future is for an 82° EP. Having tried the 4mm Nirvana I'm tempted by the 7mm as a future swap, but not because I'd expect there to be much difference in clarity.
  6. That'll make a new (possibly hi-brow) twist on the Doctor, Doctor joke then! Although the Nappy Pin would be funnier, if slightly surreal!
  7. Happy anniversary's eve. Best of luck! And here I was, just hoping for a wee 12" Dob!
  8. I'd have said M81 and M82 are quite difficult to find and M3 is way out on its own! Just for another alternative, Hercules is rising, what about M13? About 1/3 of the way down the right hand side of the trapezium (between eta and zeta) and very splendid it is too!
  9. That holds true for us as a species too then?!
  10. As very amateur astronomers (speaking for myself, clearly), we are in the business of historical time travel. In 2014 I watched the supernova in M82 that happened 11.5 million years ago!
  11. The space dragon seems to have eaten the bottom corner, was that intentional? The rest is fantastic!
  12. Well done Skipper Billy, that sounds like a result. See if you can make the obsy wasp proof for next year. Aw, now come on Gina, flies (or at least their maggots) are really really good at cleaning up dead and decaying matter. They're actually also very meticulous about keeping clean. It's just what they've eaten and trod in last and that some vomit on their food that might cause a problem. What's not to like!
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