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  1. bingevader

    Stellarium - adding comets

    I re-installed and then updated the comet list and all is well.
  2. bingevader

    The Coathanger with ST80+15mm BST

    The sketch is better!
  3. bingevader

    What do I get Christmas.

    Still a bit early for this for me. Peace and goodwill, cost nothing.
  4. bingevader

    Do FLO & RVO have sales ?

    There's a tab with the Clearance Offers on this site! Their prices are competitive as it is.
  5. bingevader

    Resolving Mars Surface Features

    We had a look last week and couldn't see much. But, yes, with an 8" 'scope we have seen the polar cap and some dark markings. As Stu says, not sure there's much happening this time around. Even on a bad night though, it's still most definitely a planet you are seeing from you back garden and not a star!
  6. bingevader

    Wind back the clocks 35 years?

    Not! My brother and I would have loved to have been more involved in astronomy as children. We couldn't afford it. We begged and borrowed to see what we could. My nephew has saved very hard, but has just bought his first 'scope. How fantastic is that! Yep, learn from the past, but always looking forward, not back.
  7. bingevader

    Stunning NASA Lunar Movie

    Absolutely beautiful! Thanks very much John.
  8. bingevader

    Going off road in search of dark skies

    Our Vauxhall Zafira also takes the 8" on its stand very easily. Can't recommend it though. The last one was fab. We picked this one up cheap (but still new) as the end of the line. Should have been identical to the last. I don't know if they've knobbled it since the changes in the emission laws, but it's rubbish. Anyway, couldn't help looking at the photos and thinking, "TURN THOSE LIGHTS OFF!"
  9. bingevader

    M31 LRGB with Full Moon Challenge

    You're a Master Builder, haven't you figured it out yet!?
  10. bingevader

    totally amazed with the knowledge here

    Welcome to SGL! There's a lot that's not amazing about the internet these days. However, this a shining light, a beacon, as to how it can be! There's very little that isn't at least educational. Better than that though, there are wonderful, generous people with a wealth and years of experience who are willing and ready to share it. Enjoy all that is freely given!
  11. bingevader

    Interstellar travel

    Very interesting, thank you.
  12. I thoroughly enjoyed reading your report, thanks very much.
  13. bingevader

    Iridium Flashes no more....

    I didn't know they were going, so thanks for that! I've always enjoyed looking out for them, so will try and get in a few more before they disappear.
  14. bingevader

    Green flash???

    Shame it wasn't in two weeks time, now that would have been a coincidence! Have any of your neighbours been missing for the last 2 years and mysteriously returned overnight?! BTW, what happened to the fish?!
  15. bingevader

    Meade Infinity 76 Telescope

    With the barlow and the 9mm you'll have a magnification of about 155x. It's right on the limit of the maximum magnification of your 'scope. Give it a go and see what happens. It would be a decent magnification for the planets.

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