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  1. bingevader

    What is your typical FWHM?

    Full width at half maximum. Learn something new every day. Sorry, I can't be of any help to you though!
  2. bingevader

    Mak wrap - should really break the CoC

    Yes please. It would be really interesting to know whether it is generally to do with the design of these 'scopes or something specific to your setup. Thanks.
  3. bingevader

    Mak wrap - should really break the CoC

    Ok, a little confused, you originally said this was to alleviate a temperature differential caused by a rapid fall (or rise I suppose) in the outside temperature. You now say it happens regardless of the outside conditions. I am genuinely interested as I have a Maksutov-Cassegrain. When my 'scope is at ambient temperature, I don't have a problem. What is it that is causing the spike then? I am genuinely curious and keen to understand what is going on with your 'scope.
  4. bingevader

    Mak wrap - should really break the CoC

    A nice initial review, but you mentioned heat differentials as the main reason for this. You haven't mentioned the conditions outside. Were the temps steady, did you get the rapid drop that this was to alleviate? Further testing required.
  5. bingevader

    M81 and M82

    I think I prefer the first one! Yes, there's slightly more detail in the second one, but the stars are a bit too starry for me. I get more of a feel of depth and distance and the vastness of space from the first. But don't let that worry you, they're both great and I know nothing about astrophotography!
  6. bingevader

    Aero ED's impress

    Thanks Dave! Very helpful.
  7. bingevader

    whats out there

    And if you're lucky, you get to see things disappear too. Just thinking of the Supernova in M82. I remember thinking at the time that it was actually long gone by the time we saw it explode!
  8. bingevader

    Aero ED's impress

    Apparently, the coatings can sometimes differ between clones too. John, as you say in your original review, it would be good to put these up against the Panaviews. For the extra £25 or so, I'm assuming these would perform slightly better than the Panaview? I have my ES82° 30mm now which is rather splendid, but I never much minded the seagulls in the Panaview. And, as a relatively inexpensive entry into 2" wider field views, for the price, the Panaview is pretty damn good! I'd be tempted by Aero though with some extra savings.
  9. bingevader

    Has anyone seen the new ES 82 LER Eyepieces?

    Nope, for me, that would be the distance between pupils! Usually called the inter pupillary distance. 15mm would put your eyes rather close together!
  10. bingevader

    Show us your Observatory in the Snow

    And whose is the impressive observatory with the towers in the background?!
  11. bingevader

    Show us your Observatory in the Snow

    Der! Then use the force Luke!
  12. bingevader

    Listing Equipment

    I find it very helpful when reading reviews or observations to be able to see what equipment has been used.
  13. bingevader

    Lunar impact during the eclipse.

    There's a fair amount of energy involved resulting in heat and light, I assume.
  14. bingevader

    Exit pupil & FOV

    Stick your 'scope specs into Stellarium to give an idea of the field of view. Or use Scope Maths if you are looking for something more precise!
  15. bingevader

    Hello from Windsor, UK

    Hello and welcome.

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