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  1. I'm such a light weight! 20 ish years since the etx90 and I still only have two!
  2. We've gone as low as Year 2 so far in school, so that's 6 and 7 years old, with good success. Maybe start saving. I'd recommend something easy to use and fairly robust, stargazing is definitely a hands on experience with children. With that in mind, if the budget should run to it by then, I'd avoid goto 'scopes. You will be forever realigning!
  3. Happy SGL Birthday Helen! And everyone else!
  4. Absolutely, the jumps in magnification are much greater at the lower focal lengths.
  5. I don't think that will make any difference! I am going to try a different phone.
  6. I'm sorry, I don't know what any of that means! I know.
  7. Mine is a mere P9! The Mrs has a P10 though and the children have some iPhone iterations that to me cost silly money and aren't even the latest (9s and 10s, apparently )!
  8. Morning all! Any suggestions on snapping Comet Neowise with a smart phone? I ended up with a small green fuzz ball! I am using a phone mount , so it is stable. Just wondering about magnification and phone settings. Ta
  9. Hope you don't mind me asking, but did you have to adjust or use any other setting on your phone? Whilst trying and failing to take a picture of Comet Neowise, I also snapped one of Saturn. It was clearly overexposed and appeared as a rugby ball!
  10. The 7mm OVL Nirvana-ES UWA-82º Ultrawide Eyepiece is also very good indeed. Couldn't resist getting the 150mm dob out to have a look at Jupiter and Saturn whilst comet spotting last night! Not great seeing, but the 7mm gave just over 100x in this 'scope. 4 moons and 2 faint bands on Jupiter and a very distinctive Saturn with rings.
  11. If you are thinking of a 2x barlow, then I'm not sure it would be the best investment with the eye pieces you have. The 20 mm and 25mm with a 2x barlow would be too close in magnification to the 10 mm without and the 10mm with a 2x barlow would be good only on the moon most of the time. As Jetstream is hinting at, your next move depends on how steady your views are. I have a 6mm and from semi-rural skies and when the conditions are good it gives splendid views of the planets at 200x. However, I can't say I am able to use it every time and less so atm, with Jupiter and Saturn still being low in the sky. An 8 mm or possibly a 7 mm might be a better place to start.
  12. Yes, please don't hack it to shreds before it has flowered as seems to be the norm around here! These pristine, sculpted, architectural wonders that never get the chance to flower! The bees love it.
  13. I'm glad that Steve has added the caveat, because I, personally, think we need to be careful here! A comparison has been made, and rightly so, between different EPs, but with considerably different prices! If the Nagler and the APM weren't the best, we really would be needing to ask why. However, that is not then to say, as Steve has rightly pointed out, that the others are to be avoided, especially if your pockets aren't that deep.
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