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  1. Just sent a quick email to them, so I will see what their response is.
  2. Hello all, Many thanks for the comments. Looks like Action Optics have very recently closed down (September 2020). I will drop the Optical Repairs people a quick email to see if its worth having my binos repaired. Regards, Dave
  3. Hi Bill, Many thanks for the advice. Just looked them up and they have a backlog so are not accepting repairs and the are also saying that they no longer repair astro binos Regards, Dave
  4. Hello, I have a pair of Celestron SkyMaster 20 x 80 binoculars that are in need of repair. Is there anywhere in the UK that does bino repairs? Regards, Dave
  5. Hi Tony. Great news. I will keep my eyes open for further announcements. Dave
  6. Are there any plans for another SWAG star party in March this year? Dave
  7. Can you still get the Moonlite block fittings? I've been looking for some for ages without success. Might be time for me to look into making my own.
  8. A big hello from the top end of Bristol.
  9. Hopefully the TiVo box has recorded it. Fingers crossed.
  10. Has anybody had a go at finding this comet yet? I've had two goes this week, but to no avail in the partially cloudy and moonlit skies. There again, M31 wasn't the easiest thing to find tonight.
  11. Had a great weekend again. Sadly not much observing and ended up with a damaged tent. It was quite breezy though so I'm glad the big tent stood up to the winds. Roll on next year! Dave ?
  12. Does anybody know if there is a UK based supplier of the Moonlite truss tube connectors? I'm sure I have seen them somewhere but my fading memory cant remember where. Help ?
  13. I managed to get a view of it last night after failing to get my scope out on Christmas Eve during a break in the clouds. The conditions last night were pretty mediocre, but at least I managed to find it easily enough. Fingers crossed for more clear skies soon. Dave
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