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  1. FYI.

    If any of you knew Bob Sutton (BobX) He passed away after surgery in late April. 

  2. If you have any doubts about collimation and rotate the diagonal for convenient viewing for example with an SCT in alt/az mode, if the mirror in the diagonal is not aligned then the error can become more apparent. Bob.
  3. Hi Tony, please put me down for the 3 nights on pitch 15 with EHU. Thanks, Bob (bobxuk).
  4. Seems in common with all the other group forums, that since the change in format no one seems to be posting. Or am I missing something LOL. Polite replies only please. Bob.
  5. Does this forum have a regular downtime for maintenance? Thanks Bob.
  6. Don't bother applying for a Gov/local Authority job in North Wales unless you are at least fluent in both Welsh and Polish!! LOL.
  7. Thanks Grant, 102 would be great. Look forward to seeing you there. Best regards. Bob.
  8. Hi Mark, thanks for your response. I have attended the Lucksall star party on a number of previous occasions and with the old system of direct booking did not have any issues. However last year I only specified a hardstanding pitch and ended up with a very limited view of the southern sky and no Sat' TV reception to keep the "chief cook and bottle washer happy" !!. So I am trying to avoid this situation recurring which is the reason for requesting confirmation of occupying one of the pitches I specified. I do appreciate that organising an event such as this does take a lot of work, but would l
  9. Hi Dave, thanks for reply, I have a motorhome and requested a pitch in the range 104-108. Will Lucksall management have a list of who is where?. Bob.
  10. Hi, I have booked 3 nights (fri, sat & sun) thro FLO and have received confirmation of my payment etc. How do I find out which pitch I have been actually allocated?, and will there be a map published showing who is where. Thanks Bob.
  11. Hi all, recently found an interesting gadget on fleabay called a USB fridge (£8.00). It resembles a miniature plastic fridge that will hold one can of coke/drink, plugs into a USB port and has a Peltier cooler, fan and heat sink built into the base, which is easily removable. My idea is to graft the works onto the back of a DSLR as close as possible to the rear of the chip to see if I can achieve any reduction in the artifacts on the image due to heat from longer exposures. Probably not an original thought and would be interested to know if anyone else has tried this?. Best rega
  12. Astronomy equipment is analogous to fishing tackle, which catches a lot more fishermen than fish :-).
  13. Hi, Think I sent you a pm asking for pitch 15, 29th to 2nd, but belt and braces etc etc. Regards Bob.
  14. Hi it's Bob Sutton (bobxuk) could I please book pitch 15 for the 29th to the 2nd.

    Best regards

    Bob. and look forward to seeing you there.

    1. Freff


      I had it already reserved for you Bob. I look forward to meeting up again.



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