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  1. Yes I just noted the same. I'm also a little dissapointed at the rated ota capacity - up to 5kg? I'd like to have seen it capable of more than the AZ4.
  2. Well Well, I waited so long for this before giving up and buying the Sabre. £145 for the head is tempting, especially if it'll fit my CG5 tripod.....
  3. I can't comment on any issues with regards to removing the pressure tuning knob, but I can tell you that even in the cabin, the pressure at cruising altitude will be lower than at sea level. Not as low as the unpressurised hold, but in the region of 11-12psi or 7-800ft AMSL. This document states the Lunt's are rated -500 to 12,000ft AMSL. So sounds like they're OK in the cabin, but need equalising in the hold.
  4. Hi Steve, thanks for the input. I just ordered the Ostaras from Amazon before reading your reply, they have duly been cancelled. If there's one thing I hate it's stopped down aperture!!!! I had looked at the Imagic TGA too but I think the old saying "you get what you pay for" was ringing around in my head which made me favour the SR.GA. I am, however, aware that they were dicontinued in 2009! Back to the drawing board (reading up on the Imagic's)
  5. I knew I should have stopped researching. Another pair of bins in the mix here, Ostara Elinor 10x50's which won a SAN group test (beating the Opticrons)... Mostly going for £150-£160 but found one last pair on Amazon for £135......and I happen to have a Prime membership which means they'll be in hand tomorrow if I buy in the next 3hrs.....
  6. I just found the same two references, they sound positive. Right, it's going to be the Pentax or Opticrons. Pros & cons to both....let's find a coin to toss!
  7. Thanks guys for the comments. Good to get real feedback on the models I was considering Ian, sounds like the Pentax are a safe bet. I had already given Steve Tonkins website a thorough read through and read the reviews, there a re a few other bins I'm considering now which he hasn't reviewed. This set of Opticrons have caught my eye at FLO... Made in Japan is a big draw for me and the differential coating, I read, is superior to multi-coating. The only drawback being they're not Nitrogen purged so fogging may become an issue? Maybe not. OR...the cheaper Chinese version, same coatings, same 30yr guarantee but Nitrogen purged.... Anyone have any experience of these bins, or care to comment? Cheers
  8. I (very reluctantly) sold my travel scope a few weeks ago, due to a copmlete lack of use. The last few times I've taken it away I've been too pooped to set it up of an evening after chasing the ankle biter around all day. However, I'm off to deepest, darkest South of France in August and feel I'll kick myself if I don't take optics of some sort with me, so I'm in the market for some astro bins. I was hoping you good folk could recommend me some based on the following criteria: 1. Astro use only, not bothered in the slightest if they're no good for daytime use (although I doubt this would be the case). 2. Handheld only, i.e. quick & no tripod. I'm thinking 50mm.....are 60's, 70's and 80's too big/heavy? 3. To be used at home for grab and go too, where, due to LP, I find anything over a 4-5mm exit pupil is getting too bright. 4. Field of view - my widest scope EP gives me 3.17°, so probably want to go 4°+ on the bins. 5. Budget, preferably around the £200 mark, £300 max. which I suspect means sticking to Porro prisms. So far I've been considering Pentax SP and William Optics (ED) 10x50's. I can't quite make head nor tail of reviews on Helios & Celestron, they seem a mixed bag. Can anyone offer some pratical advice on what may suit? Cheers all.
  9. 15 & 20mm still available.
  10. I recently acquired a used 28mm SWA and have been impressed with the views, so would like to find a 16mm to fill a gap in my set. I know the ES or Maxvision versions are available but would like a matching Meade number with green banding, like this: If you have one that needs a new home, drop me a PM. Cheers, Jon
  11. Hi Lockie, Sent you a PM
  12. Due to the unexpected early procurement of my "next level" eyepieces, my SLV's are now surplus to requirements. All are in A1 condition with original end caps and boxes, asking £55 each inc. UK delivery. 10mm Sold 15mm Sale pending 20mm Sale pending