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  1. parallaxerr

    Show me your eyepiece cases

    OK, you were right. The thing is, I ran out of mag and Saturn was begging for more. Added a TS UWAN 4mm
  2. I wish you hadn't said that John. It's only mount considerations that are holding me back.....I have an HEQ5 & pillar extension on 2" steel tripod
  3. parallaxerr

    A hair in a Nagler?

    I though the same at first but I'm pretty sure it was a hair, even had the little root ball at the end! I assume it is trapped between two lenses and conformed to the radius of the convex/concave fit where the lenses nest together.
  4. EP's tied between ES68° 16 & 24mm, but Astrnomik OIII wins favourite filter, hands down.
  5. parallaxerr

    A hair in a Nagler?

    Tried that, it wasn't going anywhere!
  6. parallaxerr

    ELONGATED STARS in one corner only

    It is an odd one. Field rotation type elongation suggests flattener spacing is too far from the sensor, but only in one corner does suggest tilt is the cause. Can't imagine what else it could be? P.S. I had tilt even with a baader click-lock. In the end I bought 2" nosepiece extensions to fit to my flattener so it extended further in to the focuser tube bore, keeping everything better aligned.
  7. parallaxerr

    Impatient and want something shiny

    Wouldn't suprise me, WO have a habit of short production runs on certain scopes then running out new scopes very quickly.
  8. parallaxerr

    A hair in a Nagler?

    Refund has been issued already, can't argue with that. Case closed as they say, on to the next eyepiece!
  9. parallaxerr

    A hair in a Nagler?

    Well, apart from the fact I now have to pay full price for one
  10. parallaxerr

    A hair in a Nagler?

    I paid £170 and no, the hair wasn't mentioned in the ad. If it was new I would return it immediately, but regardless of price, I still want my Tele-Vue to be premium and this doesn't feel so. The plan was to use it on rare occasion, when conditions allow, for high mag planetary observation maybe including Lunar so it "may" be an issue. I just received this reply from the seller. He seems happy to take it apart, but I won't be doing so. I think I'll take him up on his offer to return it. "I purchased it second hand from the original purchaser. All I can say is I never noticed the hair even when I took the photos for you prior to packing, I'm pretty sure I would have noticed it as it looks pretty obvious. I'm presuming it must have been at the outer edge of the eyepiece un-noticeable and became dislodged during transit. No worries, just return the eyepiece and I'll refund your payment that's fine. I'll remove the hair, it's not difficult to do as long as you know what you're doing and careful."
  11. parallaxerr

    A hair in a Nagler?

    Sigh....I don't half have some bad luck with astro items, new and used. I'm not really happy that the hair's there. If it was sold below SRP when new, then I've possibly paid too much and if the hair has got in through disassembly then obviously ist's a big no-no. Glad I paid Paypal fees on this one, hopefully the seller will be amicable though.
  12. parallaxerr

    A hair in a Nagler?

    Intersting that you experienced the same thing, I didn't think TV would let something like this go. It's a second hand item so may be able to return if the seller is fair, but not replace for the same price.
  13. parallaxerr

    A hair in a Nagler?

    OK, so I just received a used 3.5mm T6 Nagler from UKABS. Externally it is pristine but on looking through it in daylight, it was immediately obvious there's what looks like a hair inside. Seen in 6 o clock position in attached image. I unscrewed the barrel from the nosepiece to see if I could blow it out, but it looks like it's in the top group of elements, which I obviously won't be disassembling. Thoughts? Should this bother me? I'm pretty sure it wouldn't have passed QC @ Tele-Vue like this which leads to me thinking the EP has been opened up by a previous owner
  14. parallaxerr

    Are you comfortable standing when observing?

    I've started to get a wobble on just this year. I've found eye positioning more difficult and I'm not able to observe for very long at a time, so I'm thinking observing chair too. I previously tried sitting on a low wall in the garden and stability was greatly improved, but the wall couldn't be moved with the scope
  15. parallaxerr

    Show me your eyepiece cases

    Ah yes, how silly of me not to say! I got it from here.... https://www.cases-and-enclosures.co.uk/foam-blocks-sheets.html

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