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  1. parallaxerr

    Nikon D3200 movie crop mode?

    Yes exactly, a little extreme I think. Unfortunately, Nikon didn't release a SDK for the D3200, so the software can't be hacked. Realistically a 2" x2 or x2.5 @ 1280x720 & 60fps is the best I think, with actual multiplier values being a bit higher due to spacing. I should see something like this (FoV wise I mean)...
  2. parallaxerr

    Nikon D3200 movie crop mode?

    Good shout, I believe the Canon method is to record zoomed live view to laptop which achieves the 1:1 pixel ratio requirement. I am, however, operating sans laptop!
  3. parallaxerr

    Nikon D3200 movie crop mode?

    Being as the camera is down-sampling the full sensor resolution, if I were to attempt planetary imaging, would I be safe to assume the following then: 1. I will need 2" T adapter and barlow instead of the 1.25" ones I was eyeing up, to prevent vignetting? 2. I may as well use the 1280x720 @ 60fps mode to get more frames? Also, would I use a more powerful barlow to increase image scale, or should I stick to the F20-F30 rule resulting in a smaller image scale? Scope is F7.5, so whilst a x5 barlow would give a nice image scale, it would be imaging at F42.5! EDIT - Actually, x2.5 is the most powerful barlow in 2" format I can find anyway! However, I read that most barlows operate at higher mags with cameras attached due to spacing, so a x2.5 may give me x3.3ish.
  4. parallaxerr

    Nikon D3200 movie crop mode?

    Thanks Alan, I knew there'd be a simple way, just couldn't quite get it straight in my head. I just tried it and unfortunately the 640x424 shows the same, in fact larger, fov due to 4:3 ratio, whereas the 1920x1080 just letterboxes the same fov down to 16:9. So, down-sampling it is. Blast.
  5. I would like to attempt some planetary imaging using my refractor and DSLR, but have some questions about video modes. According to this article... http://www.skyandtelescope.com/astronomy-resources/planetary-imaging-with-your-dslr-camera/ "The trick to capturing the highest-resolution, planetary imaging details with a DSLR is to use a mode that allows you to record the image off the camera’s sensor at its native pixel resolution", i.e - 1:1 pixel ratio where the video is not down-scaled from the full sensor resolution, 6016x4000 pixels in my case. To do this, it states that some cameras have a crop mode at 640x480, for example, that use the central 640x480 pixels instead of down-scaling the full sensor image. My camera has a movie mode of 640x424 which appears to fit the bill, but how do I know if this is down-scaled or recorded natively using the central 640x424 pixels?
  6. parallaxerr

    How: Drift Alignment

    Check out this method for drift alignment using your camera. I use it and it works a treat https://www.cloudynights.com/articles/cat/articles/darv-drift-alignment-by-robert-vice-r2760
  7. parallaxerr

    Explore Scientific 4.7mm 82 degree EP - SOLD

    I only just went and bought anew one of these Simon, with the proceeds from the Nagler zoom you took off my hands. Typical! You'd have beat me to it anyway!
  8. parallaxerr

    COMPLETED - ES68° 20mm & 24mm

    EP's now sourced new, mods please archive.
  9. parallaxerr

    What did the postman bring?

    I will report on the 62°. Searched high and low for reviews but like you say, none around.
  10. parallaxerr

    What did the postman bring?

    WARNING - THIS POST DOES NOT CONTAIN TAKAHASHI Filling in the gaps in my ES line-up of EP's 82° 4.7mm, 68° 24mm & 62° 32mm
  11. C'mon DHL, you've got 1hr left to deliver my EP's before I go home...

    1. 25585


      I know the feeling!

    2. parallaxerr


      Woohoo, they delivered :) Clear skies forecast tonigh 'n all

    3. Knighty2112
  12. parallaxerr

    Jupiter: Right here, right now !

    Did you manage another Jupiter session last night John? I was out until midnight and seeing was good again. Image just about held up at 250x with good moments but more comfortable at 200x. Particularly obvious was the pale zone above NEB and fine banding in both temperate belts that you mentioned previously. Both NEB and SEB seemed very quiet to me though, made the planet appear very calm! I watched Europa advance all night, alas my bed called before transition, which I don't think I would have caught due to trees anyway.
  13. parallaxerr

    Show us your Frac

    Very nice, I've been tempted by an opticastar scope for ages, but can't really justify one alongside my current frac! Though I do dancy a long white tube frac for solar.......
  14. parallaxerr

    Meade 5.5mm UWA (82°)

    Anyone got a 5.5mm Meade UWA they want to shift? Shame ES didn't carry this FL over, would like one to sit between my 4.7 & 6.7 ES82s.
  15. parallaxerr

    Jupiter: Right here, right now !

    Same across the Severn John! Had the Equinox 120 out, but mostly only achieved 134x mag. I could see conditions improving, however I couldn't stay out past 11pm. Some moments of real clarity, hoping for more of the same tonight...

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