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  1. Yes, I've already eyed that up John. All it needs is the centre bore machining out by a small amount and the centre hole clearing and re-tapping to M12, as you did. Then the AZ100 would drop straight on. I'm inclined not to though. I'll keep the steel tripod as is so the 16" extension can go back on with the AZ4" for a smaller grab'n'go setup (once I've acquired a BB that is!).
  2. Just managed about 15 minutes on the Moon before the cloud swept in. It would appear that the shorter pier has drastically improved the situation, any wobble/vibration is now very short lived and far less in magnitude than before. A sharp tap to the tube or mount results in one or two oscillations that dampen out in about a second. At X200 I could track in Az using the flexible slo-mo control whilst still being able to scrutinise fine detail, so I think the setup is good for some high mag action on Mars later in the year. I tried the mount with the tripod collapsed and raised up by about 50% on the legs, no difference. This tells me any remaining vibes are still in the shorter extension but I can't try without it because the tripod is an EQ5 fitting and the AZ100 is EQ6 - the extension is essentially an adapter between the two. I've also changed the knurled knobs back to the socket cap screws which can be tightened a bit better, removing any play. There's no need to break the mount down now as it's lost a fair bit of weight and can be carried relatively easily. All in all very happy, a success. Yes a Berlebach without the extension would probably perform better and is still desirable, but has dropped down the priority list a little now!
  3. The shorter EQ6 extension arrived today. The mount looks far better proportioned now and giving it a tap results is significantly less vibration, dare I say close to none! Let's hope that's the case in practice.
  4. Looking good Andrew, glad it's all sorted. That pier sure looks a beast!
  5. I ordered from onbuy once. Waited a long time with no delivery before making enquiries. They said the item was posted but could not provide tracking. I requested a refund which was duly paid. Probably wouldn't bother again!
  6. Andrew bought his from FLO, to whose website my comment applies. Glad he's getting it sorted now, that's what matters
  7. I think I would have assumed the shelf came with the Nexus DSC too. Looking at the site it doesn't show the shelf under the "frequently bought with this product" section, so is easily missed. Shame about the bent altitude knob. I do think this mount needs more robust packaging. FLO did a good job with the amount of flo-pack they crammed in, but your experience goes to show that the mount is heavy enough to make contact with the outer packaging given enough of a thump. Moulded polystyrene would be the best bet I suppose, but acknowledge the fact that Rowan are only just getting going with this mount. Hopefully you get it all sorted asap and can start to enjoy your purchase
  8. Hi rideway, The azimuth adjustment knobs should prevent the mount head rotating by being snug up against the North pin. I can't see how it can rotate if this is the case. Also, you don't want lot's of friction between the tripod and mount otherwise you won't be able to adjust the azimuth during polar alignment. Is the North pin fitted to the tripod?
  9. There's definitely a pattern forming John. Any sort of piers or extensions are prime candidates for vibration issues apparently, that SW Pier being the longest of them all!
  10. Pretty sure you should have the DSC mount plate @andrew s. Looks like you got a manual though, which I didn't. Maybe they haven't quite nailed the packing lists for the various combinations yet!
  11. Exciting times.....Enjoy the flo-pack
  12. Thanks John, shame I moved the old Celestron CG5 2" tripod on. I did so though because my setup all got too heavy, ironically here I am moving towards a heavier setup again but I accept it more now having realised that the smaller setup I went with didn't give me the views I wanted. Tripod clearance was always my reasoning behind using extensions, I think it's needed with the current refractor but the 8" should suffice, the 16" is a bit excessive. If the Uni 28 is as stable as the 2" steel, then I may go for that but use it collapsed with the 8" extension fitted.
  13. That's exactly what I am using, a 16" Orion HEQ5/SVP extension with machined bottom adapter and a cast EQ6 adapter in the top (machined down and painted). I noticed some movement in the lower bolts and torqued them satisfactorily in the machined adapter, but you're right - I fear I may strip the cast threads up top so I'm using knurled knobs done up as tightly as I can by hand. There doesn't appear to be any movement there though. I hope the incoming 8" extension improves matters and if the tripod is then identified as the weak spot, a Berlebach with EQ6 fitting will be next. Uni or Planet is the question, but the picture you shared suggests even the Uni is significantly chunkier than the 1.75" steel SW tripod, at least in the collapsed position.
  14. That's a very handy picture @Split Zygote2, it is the setup I envision - Uni 28 with short extension. It looks far sturdier than my current tripod and extension combination and your timing of 1 to 1 1/2 confirms it is better damped. Mine was taking several seconds after a lighter tap.
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