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  1. Start from park, HEQ5.

    The whole point of parking is so that you don't have to realign a permanently mounted mount, surely. That's why if you select yes to start from park, you only have to enter time and date and the mount assumes the previous alignment. Unparking then carrying out an align resets the park position anyway?
  2. Haha sounds a bit gusty Alan. It's not going to be permanent, just left out for a few days at a time when there's a good forecast. I always check for cloud cover but must remember to check the winds now!
  3. The biggest factor preventing me getting out recently has been the setup time required and more specifically being able to do it at a reasonable hour. I've been wanting to do more NB imaging and also test out the Equinox/Nagler zoom combo on Jupiter during early morning so I hatched a plan! One ground anchor, a bunch of straps and a large Cygnus Astro scope cover later and I've now got a semi permanent setup. It feels rock solid with the straps tightened down and I've strapped the cover up to stop it acting like a sail in the wind. Going to drift align tonight and leave it out for a few days as there's good night time weather forecast. Rain is forecast in the daytime however, so the cover will be getting a workout...
  4. Start from park, HEQ5.

    If it's asking to start from park then you must have parked it before powering down last use, otherwise you will not get the prompt. Starting from park assumes the mount has not moved so uses the previous alignment data. Note: this will apply previous cone error and PAE corrections. If the mount is moved between sessions then either don't bother parking (move scope to desired position manually by de-clutching), or, select "no" when prompted as you'll need to re-align anyway. Correct.
  5. If you mean Vixen NPL Plossls, then yes, I would say they are definitely a step up from kit eyepieces. They are well regarded Plossls with the general consensus being that they are bright and crisp with very little edge distortion. The only issue I see is a little astigmatism (I think) right next to the field stop in the 30mm NPL in my 120ED, but I have to look for it, it doesn't bother me otherwise. The only common criticism is the twist up eyecup. I can feel a bit plastic, especially when extended, but personally I use mine without extending it as it makes the eye relief too tight to see the field stop. FYI - best price I can find currently is at Tring Astronomy, £37 each
  6. 20mm GSO SuperView Disassembly

    Are these the 70° super plossl type EPs? If so I wonder if they're the same as the Explore Scientific 70°'s, I've been considering a 20 & 25mm in that range.
  7. *FOUND* Baader 2" OIII Narrowband filter

    Filter now found, thanks @SyedT Mods please close ad.
  8. Lots of items for sale! NEW items added

    PM'd re: OIII filter
  9. I'm after a Baader 2" mounted OIII narrowband filter to try some bicolour with my existing Ha stuff. If you've got one in good order that you'd like to move on, let me know. Cheers
  10. ES68° 20mm & 24mm

    As per the title, I'm looking for ES68° 20mm & 24mm eyepieces to complete my collection. Must be in good condition with caps, boxes not important. Cheers
  11. M42 in Ha - made a start

    Made a start on M42 in Ha last night, this is just a quick run through StarTools. I used the same settings as my previous run on the Horsehead, so 600s subs at ISO1600, as a result the core's blown out. I'm happy with the fainter detail, however, framing could be better and some lower ISO subs are needed to bring out detail in the core. I was suprised at the Running Man not being too visible, it must be low in Ha emissions, maybe OIII or SII would add some detail? Pretty pleased with the performance of the lowly Star-Travel 120 again, good stars out to the edge using the Baader MPCC and the Nexguide did a great job guiding 600s without any hiccups.
  12. Imaging tonight. M42 in Ha to come....

    1. Knighty2112


      M42 is looking pretty good tonight, even despite the glare form the moon. Hope you get some good data. :) 

    2. 25585


      What filter are you using?

    3. parallaxerr


      Got a Baader 2" 7nm Rich.

  13. EP advice for planetary - do I go ortho?

    Well after all the debate, budgeting, toing & froing I've ended up pulling the trigger on a new EP for planetary work in the Equinox. I stumbled across and read @kerrylewis's wanted ad for a 3-6mm Nagler zoom, only to discover a pre-owned one for sale at TH, supposedly in excellent condition. Budget blown satis. Palpitations starting!
  14. Frac waiting for darkness

    Noticeably green tinge here too John and lots of structure. I'm not sure about Trap E & F though, think I got a hint of F but no E yet. What mag do you use on the Trap?