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  1. 15 & 20mm still available.
  2. I recently acquired a used 28mm SWA and have been impressed with the views, so would like to find a 16mm to fill a gap in my set. I know the ES or Maxvision versions are available but would like a matching Meade number with green banding, like this: If you have one that needs a new home, drop me a PM. Cheers, Jon
  3. Hi Lockie, Sent you a PM
  4. Due to the unexpected early procurement of my "next level" eyepieces, my SLV's are now surplus to requirements. All are in A1 condition with original end caps and boxes, asking £55 each inc. UK delivery. 10mm Sold
  5. I am very reluctantly offering up for sale my little ZS66SD ED doublet refractor in Celestron orange and tripod. Unfortunately this setup no longer gets the use it deserves, but I have hung on to it because it's so damn pretty! Used to do some casual imaging and for taking on hols but a young family, more often than not, sees me reaching for bed rather than the stars. The scope is in very good condition externally, just one light score/scratch on the focuser due to rotating it with an ill fitting aftermarket finder shoe attached, but it's really not noticable. Optics are good and clean, a little dust as usual. The rotatable, graduated dual speed crayford focuser is well adjusted with a smooth, firm action and has held my DSLR and any diagonal/EP combo I've attached, without slippage. It has a retractable dew shield and comes with an original WO soft carry case and manual. Also there's a Bahtinov mask in the case which I'll include. The mount consists of a Manfrotto MT290XTC3 carbon fibre tripod and MVH500 fluid video head. This is a lovely lightweight combo, the video head has a hydraulic drag system which is very smooth and is counterbalanced to the scope weight. The scope can slide in the mounting shoe and be nicely balanced at any altitude setting or with any accessories attached. Included is a Manfrotto carry bag and I have the original boxes for posting too. Asking price: £330 inc. UK postage Below are a few images I took using this scope on an Alt/Az mount:
  6. GRS

    I've just come in from a 2 hour session on Jupiter. Had the C8 out cooling for a good hour and a half before hand and GRS was in my face from the first look. As it happens, I started observing before complete darkness and I think I agree on the contrast, it seemed to deteriorate in the last half hour or so. Was testing out some new EP's tonight too, ES82° 8.8 & 11mm, bought specifically for planetary. Jupiter held up to the 11mm @ x185 no problem and the 8.8 @ x230 coped well earlier on too. The extra FOV has certainly helped reduce the amount of nudging my alt/az setup requires and I think that definitely helped me see more detail.
  7. PM'd re: 8.8 & 11mm
  8. Haha, my funds have dried up too JOC, but apparently that doesn't stop me! It's OK though, it's second hand, think of the savings....right? I really don't know why we do it. My scopes haven't seen the sky for a few weeks now but I continue to spend like a fool. I've got so many bits that have yet to see first light.
  9. If I look at this ad any longer, it'll be permanently burnt in to my retinae! Self control has failed me, PM'd!
  10. I agree with ronins sentiment re turning an achro into an ap, you will always have to accept the limitations of an achro. Having said that, I too have a fast achro in which I wanted to remove some CA, so after some trial and error and reading lots of reviews I went with the Baader Semi-Apo filter. It does not have the yellow tinge of the fringe killer and does indeed remove significant amounts of CA. It's said the contrast booster is the most aggressive, but dims the image considerably and casts a yellow hue. I still have to accept that the scope will never be any use on planetary work, on Jupiter recently, even at low mag and with the filter fitted, I found the CA intolerable. Here's a review I found online when I was researching, makes an interesting read...baader_contrast_filters_US_ATT_review_0414.pdf
  11. It's the 6/8SE mount. I no longer have this setup but if you're thinking of doing similar, be aware that there are clearance issues with the mount, it would be worse with the 4SE mount.
  12. Well I had wondered if this was the case when considering a 9mm SLV, but then decided 1mm wasn't going to make much difference. Now you have me thinking about a 9 and a 12mm.....darn you SGL!