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  1. In praise of the "Lifesaver" Bolt!

    That's a great idea. I have found fitting my scope to my new HEQ5 a bit sketchy due to the height it sits at on the pier extension, basically eye level. Think I'll be adding one of these for peace of mind, at least.
  2. **FURTHER REDUCED** Celestron C8 Evolution OTA

    Bump, still available.
  3. Not enough stars visible to 3-star align HEQ5

    UPDATE: I have turned off the Adv. Filter option on the handset and set alignment stars to list alphabetically. I set the time/date to the same time as last nights session and sure enough, there are more alignment stars available in the list. Not a whole lot more mind, but I'd say about 50% more and plenty more recognizable names, so it's a good start. I have revisited the laptop too and made some progress. It seems I had a version of digicamcontrol installed that I couldn't really identify. The version number seemed to suggest it was newer than even the current beta release, very odd. Anyway I re-installed the latest stable version and it's working OK. I also installed the latest version of PHD2 and Stellarium, leaving not much room left on the small system SSD, but performance seems much better than previously noted. I now have it running via Teamviewer to see how it copes remotely and it looks good, although I'll need a wifi booster for it to work from the garden. Definitely opens up the option of a proper CCD for guiding as opposed to a standalone.
  4. New intimidating mount!

    Thanks John, got it. I think I'm going to stick with Ha mono for a while anyway, whilst I get used to the mount/guiding etc. Ultimately I see myself picking up another apo for colour, if the imaging bug bites hard enough.
  5. Not enough stars visible to 3-star align HEQ5

    Sadly my D3200 Nikon is not supported. Nikon never released a SDK for the D3xxx series so it's always in the unsupported list So long as I have this camera, I'll have to resort to doing many things manually which is kind of another reason I wanted to go PC free, it'll all end up a bit of a hybrid affair. Nonetheless, PHD is surely a better option than a stand alone guider and if I can get digicamcontrol sorted I can at least use it for previewing, focusing and transferring images.
  6. Not enough stars visible to 3-star align HEQ5

    Hmm, well it sounds like I was being a bit harsh on the little lappy then. I was dissapointed as it's a fanless, ultra slim design with SSD and the battery life is excellent, I don't charge it for days on end. I'd like to run the digicamcontrol software for Nikon DSLR too as it dumps the image files straight to an externall HDD via USB, saves messing about with SD cards. I've got a high end, water cooled, overclocked desktop in the house for processing so just moving the external HDD across would be easy. Aslo, I could run everything remotely from indoors The nail in the coffin with the laptop though was that, at first, digicamcontrol worked fine, but, the next day after installing it went pear shaped. The splash screen showed up and the program could be seen running in the processes tab, but the program was not visible on screen. I read that sometimes programs can run off screen, I tried everything to get it visible, to no avail. Even re-installed but no joy. If I could fix that issue, it may be game on again.
  7. Not enough stars visible to 3-star align HEQ5

    I haven't listed my kit because I'm in the process of moving from vis to imaging so everything's chop & change at the mo I will do so once I'm settled though. It's a very low spec laptop. 2gb RAM & 1.7Ghz dual core IIRC, running Windows 10 (yuk!). Tried PHD2, digicamcontrol and stellarium and got the feeling it would struggle to guide. CPU usage is up at 90+% most of the time with little memory overhead. I'm pretty savvy with computers so have killed all processes that aren't required etc, but it's still pants. I didn't want to find out the hard way by purchasing a ccd guide cam only for it not to cope.
  8. Not enough stars visible to 3-star align HEQ5

    That sounds like a good solution spillage, using a pc certainly opens up the options! I have quite a new laptop but it was bought for web surfing only and is painfully slow. I installed a few astro programs too see how it would cope and.....it didn't! Going to trawl through the handset menus tonight and see if there's any mileage in making the changes listed above, if that works out then I'm going to give a Synguider/Nexguide a bash.
  9. Not enough stars visible to 3-star align HEQ5

    Not to start with. I think I know where you're going though - EQMOD allowing for aligning to more stars maybe? If the handset options aren't available then my hand may be forced, but I do want to try PC free first.
  10. New intimidating mount!

    Can you explain this bit to me Olly? How will the Ha add blue bloat given it's narrow band in the red end of the spectrum?
  11. Not enough stars visible to 3-star align HEQ5

    I think that's a reasonable approach Olly although I'm not sure Synscan offers the sync function like Nexstar does? My understanding is that instead it uses Pointing Accuracy Enhancement on each alignment star so in theory, a 2-star with PAE on the second star should achieve the same result. If I can open up the alignment star menu to all named stars, I might be on to a winner, it'll just be up to me to select suitable stars.
  12. Not enough stars visible to 3-star align HEQ5

    A bit more research and it looks like there are several alignment star menu options that I need to take a look at: 1. List alignment stars by magnitude or alphabetically....Alphabetically would be easier for me because I have a limited view and I know which stars are visible. This saves scrolling through painfully slow until finding a recognisable star name. 2. Adv. filter....Apparently this option filters the alignment stars to show what the mount considers the best for an accurate alignment. Great if you have a 360° horizon but not so good for a restricted view. Turning it off supposedly allows any named star to be used but relies on the user to choose suitable ones. Too close together and the alignment will be no good, as we know.
  13. Not enough stars visible to 3-star align HEQ5

    Good point, thanks Chris. I will indeed be imaging with the mount, although last night was a dry run without the camera. I drift aligned with a reticle eyepiece just to get a feel for the new mount. I just read another thread that confirms your point, stating a 2 star alignment on the same side of the meridian as your target is sufficient, which should make life easier. I realise now I was making another mistake in parking the mount after DA as it was applying the previous PAE to the subsequent alignment and it's "possible" this may have influenced the alignment star list, so I need to make sure I clear the PAE next time.
  14. Not enough stars visible to 3-star align HEQ5

    That would be handy Gus as there were plenty visible to the South. I think with the 3 star alignment, the mount likes to propose stars either side of the Meridian with maximum separation but that's just not possible from my garden, so I'll look in to adding some. I have noticed there's a user object menu, so perhaps if I add them in there, they'll show up under the alignment menu? Yup, that's what I was doing, but all stars in the list were behind the trees!
  15. Stiction issues with Altair Astro Sabre V2

    Yeah that's what I meant.