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  1. parallaxerr

    Mount & supplier frustration - Any ideas?

    Good quesion, it must be steel because I think it's actually heavier than the tripod!
  2. parallaxerr

    Mount & supplier frustration - Any ideas?

    It's the Orion Sirius/HEQ5 16" extension, not sure if that's the same as the EQ5 one, maybe heavier? It's a lump. Also my tripod is a 2" Celestron CG5, so significantly larger and heavier than the AZ4. To my surprise, I can actually lift the whole lot, scope included, however, my back is OK (at the moment...touching wood). The tripod, extension and mount alone are no problem.
  3. parallaxerr

    Mount & supplier frustration - Any ideas?

    Haha I do seem to have a Darth Vader theme going on with my scopes. They obviously belong "on the dark skyde".
  4. parallaxerr

    Mount & supplier frustration - Any ideas?

    Thanks John. I've got a counterweight shaft inbound so I'll be testing it balanced soon. Just very suprised how smooth it is even without it
  5. parallaxerr

    Show us your Frac

    Same frac, new mount and little & large together
  6. parallaxerr

    Mount & supplier frustration - Any ideas?

    Turned out nicely in the end. Very suprised how smooth the Ercole is without counterbalance....
  7. parallaxerr

    Mount & supplier frustration - Any ideas?

    Well, got there in the end. ADM clamp was delivered courtesy of @FLOthis morning. Steve, I'm happy to say that the condition is just fine, better in fact than the photos suggested. M8 thread re-assignment surgery is now complete and Ercole & clamp are now one, or they will be when I get home anyway. It all feels very solid and I'm looking forward to hanging the frac off it tonight
  8. parallaxerr

    Mount & supplier frustration - Any ideas?

    I've now got an ADM version same as that on the right in the picture on its way from FLO. It has M8 holes as opposed to M6 so I will test fit and if necessary drill and tap the Ercole to M8.
  9. parallaxerr

    Mount & supplier frustration - Any ideas?

    Get him to change the saddle mounting holes to M8!
  10. parallaxerr

    Mount & supplier frustration - Any ideas?

    I'll be honest Stu, i don't like the lack of bearing surface on that type and I can envisage the edges marring the dovetail. Probably be fine in practice but I'd prefer the ADM style. If FLO can split the clamp out I linked to above, all will be well
  11. parallaxerr

    Mount & supplier frustration - Any ideas?

    Thanks Stu. I looked through those earlier and only found 8mm holes with 35mm spacing. Probably fine as you say, but my engineer brain likes a 6.6mm clearance hole for an M6 bolt Perhaps I should just drill out the M6 holes on the Ercole and go with an M8 saddle, it's looking by far the easiest option! EDIT: @FLO I see now that there may well be an option. Martin e-mailed me a link to the dual clamp version under firstlightoptics.com/dovetails-saddles-clamps/page/2/ However, I see a Vixen only option under firstlightoptics.com/adm-replacement-saddles/adm-vixen-style-saddle.html which does not show up in the "dovetails-saddles-clamps" category. If this indeed has 35mm spaced M6 holes and you're willing to split Steve, then I'd happily purchase.
  12. parallaxerr

    Mount & supplier frustration - Any ideas?

    Hi Steve, The e-mail I received said I'd have to "remove the puck and fit the saddle to the mount", which I interpreted as having to purchase the whole lot. Anyway, thanks for the offer, but I'd prefer a Vixen only clamp, not a dual saddle. I don't know Anthony at ADM, what would you suggest I ask him exactly? As far as I can see there is only one proper fitting saddle in their catalogue. I did e-mail ADM via their site about availability elsewhere in Europe, but have not yet heard back due to the time difference, I guess. I couldn't find any online elsewhere so ordered direct. I suppose hole spacing and sizing specs would be useful on the site for those looking to fit a saddle to something other than the specified applications, but that info is avaialable on the ADM website.
  13. parallaxerr

    Mount & supplier frustration - Any ideas?

    Well, further searching has returned nothing to suit. Looks like ADM really are the only ones that make a direct fit saddle with correct bolt hole size & spacing. I could get one with 8mm holes but I wouldn't be happy hanging 8kg of refractor off a poorly fitting clamp. Ordered one direct from ADM in the States, I'll pray to the astronomy Gods that this one arrives new, in good condition and fits without modification!
  14. parallaxerr

    Mount & supplier frustration - Any ideas?

    Apparently so. The saddle with puck for CG5/EQ5 has 35mm spacing according to FLO. I have considered this. In fact, I have the facilities to drill it myself, but usually only do so as a last resort. I prefer to buy compatible items to start with.
  15. parallaxerr

    Mount & supplier frustration - Any ideas?

    That's what I though, but no. According to the ADM website, that has 2" spacing. I could order one direct from ADM but it appears they come from the USA so it'll take a while, then I'll probably have to pay some sort of tax on it. I guess I'm a victim of internet shopping expecting "instant satisfaction with same/next day delivery", saying that, this one's dragging on a bit since my initial orders and is the icing on the returns cake!

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