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  1. advice on new scope

    okie dokie then
  2. Hi guys, I currently have the ED80 and zwo ASI1600 mono cooled permanently set up in my obsy. I was thinking of buying a new telescope for lunar and planetary something like the MAK 127. Would it be suitable with the zwo and would it take a lot of faffing about with the camera or is it just a case of taking the one scope off putting the other one on and screwing the filterwheel/camera to it?. I just dont want to go down the spacer different thread sizes route again. I have been trying out sharpcap on the moon and just want that bit more. Any advice most welcome
  3. last night

    thought I would have a go in narrowband, everything went wrong and the sequence aborted (found out my guidescope had worked loose), wernt expecting much as I only had 4 subs of each so decided to have a mess around with it , have to say im happy with the way it turned out just kicking myself it was only 4 of each
  4. ASI1600mm cool

    5 min for me also at 139
  5. IC 410

    no, i think i used a mask in scrpts to mask the red nebula and boosted the blue as the stars were white so prob overcooked it. i have tried deconvulation but tbh i dont see no change
  6. IC 410

    managed to reduce that haze and bring out the tadpoles a tad more
  7. IC 410

    it was hazy last night so could well be
  8. IC 410

    heres a snip as you can see theres a fair glow around them straight from the off
  9. IC 410

    thx wim, the big stars are coming out like that straight away so Im thinking maybe my focusing slightly off? Im still messing around with it as I type trying different things and trying ever so hard to do "less is more"
  10. IC 410

    Im still messin around with it trying diferent things and combinations, if I had to list everything I done I would be here all week, the stars are bloated in all the frames as I noticed that as well I,m wondering did I hit the focuser at all slightly
  11. IC 410

    Had a nightmare messing about with it but an image is an image
  12. pixinsight BPP

    i will try it
  13. pixinsight BPP

    I didnt zoom in if im honest
  14. pixinsight BPP

    I will try that, I tried stacking them in DSS and had no trouble at all so no idea why pix didnt work
  15. pixinsight BPP

    Its starting to do my head in now, I took a load of images last night checked and rechecked them using blink everything worked fine so why isnt my BPP stacking them. I done lum 30 secs RGB 120 secs, HA 600 secs and Oii 600 secs. All have been checked in blink. I done the lum rgb no problem (usually I get this problem with the red channel but it worked today). On to HA I loaded them into BPP added my darks and then added my flats clicked diagnostics all ok, clicked run and it went through everything up untill image intergration when I was getting RANSAC error, Cant not intergrate less than 3 frames. theres 20 frames there so how is that happeneing? i went back over them in blink and even opened them up and used the STF to look they all seem fine so where am i going wrong here