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  1. Think I used HD range and they were 20 min subs
  2. im pretty sure i asked the same question few months back so it should be in my posts, edit
  3. Thx for taking the time to respond, I will definatly get the book as for the colours it was just something I was thinking as part of it was deep red but other parts looked white so I wondered was it a differentelement that was causing this , thx once again
  4. I must admit I did not know it, only now just reading this and will have a look at it see if I can do it, thx very much EDIT (didnt have the RGB ticked ) prob a stupid question but the whiteish cloud ? what is the correct colour of that , what I mean is would doing a colour balance give the right colour?
  5. ah right done that wrong as well, I still come up with a grey master though?
  6. Ah right didnt even occur to seperate the channels, so have I got this right? seperate the RGB, then using star alignment use the red channel as a reference, then register the G and B (in star alignment) click combine and then im guessing crop it a little? Edit just opened the image in PI and seperated the RGb then using star alignment I used R as a reference and put GB in target images clicked apply and I have a new combined image except its in greyscale lol how do i get it back to colour now?
  7. By the sounds of it then I done it all totally wrong, heres what I done, calibrated the Ha images in maxim then calibrated the Siii in maxim also, next stacked the Ha in maxim and saved, then same again to Siii, then in PI I used pixelmath and put red as Ha and Sii as blue and green ( i think that was the sequence i was reading it in a tutorial) i also ticked create new image, this give me the image you see now done a little messing about with it in Pi and thats it
  8. i stacked the Ha and then the Sii in maxim using sigma clipping, then I opened them up in PI and just done the pixel maths, pretty sure I had something similar happen before when I done sigma clipping, im guessing its an ialignment thing as the seperate images dont have the double blips only when i combine them
  9. It was supposed to be all three but for some reason sgpro stopped and aborted , anyway managed to get 4x20mins each of Ha and Siii so thought lets try combining them, I know I have gone wrong somewhere as there are little red dots next to each star and my processing skills are not up to scratch but dont care got a colour image and that was my goal
  10. good idea,
  11. 2nd night for it to happen and not sure what it is to rectify it but trying to run a sequence in sgpro and it does have and oii but when it comes to sii it aborts, everything is running fine made sure filter wheel turns ok so I'm wondering is it a bug
  12. hoping to add to it tonight
  13. you may want to check my posts as I have just started into narrow band and had quite a bit of good advice
  14. I have to say I have gone from a OSC to a mono very recent , learning curve yes, regret it no, just in the narrowband alone it was worth it for me as i can image on a full moon, (is it just me or does anyone else notice that its only clear skies when the moon is near full? lol)
  15. Thx very much for the comments it does mean a lot, if at a later date I want to add Sii and Oii using sgpro again and the plate solve, do I put i roughly where I think this is in the sky (using CDC) then using the image do a plate solve will it give the exact co ordinates or am i thinking of it all wrong?, also if for example I do the Sii and the Oii do i stack them individually then stack Ha,Sii and Oii together to form one image? I stacked the Ha sub in Maxim im guessing its just a matter of stacking the others the same then stack the three together