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  1. cant wait to get mine, im really impressed with it,
  2. still not where I want to be but honestly think im making progress now even though im still over processing way too much most prob (going through the what does this button do stage) lol
  3. looking at it now on CDC its in a good position for me, never tried before but would I still use "stars" for tracking a comet?
  4. why dont you ventilate it?
  5. M3

    ended up with 536 subs out of 900, but my processing skills are naff, never mind onwards and upwards, but main thing is my computer coped ok with it and I think I have managed to sort out my flats and darks etc
  6. M3

    Just a single 30 sec exposure of M3 taken tonight, trying out a new approach with flats and darks, does seem a lot cleaner to what I usually post TBH
  7. i used the blue rigger usb leads which were quite a few metres long and connected them together to keep my laptop indoors, worked ok too with BYN for my nikon camera EDIT in fact they were 10 m long and connected them no problem
  8. ahhh right
  9. Never really looked into networking but something i definitely need to look at thx
  10. Looking at getting the asi1600 soon and wondered because of the amount of processing involved what sort of specs for a computer would I ideally need? At the moment im using a zoostorm desktop pc and in the obsy I have a lenovo thinkpad both run on windows 7 and i use team viewer. The plan is to capture using the laptop and save to memory stick and do my processing on the main desktop (is there a way to connect them both like wireless networking?). Anyway been looking on amazon and seen another zoostorm (i think it was i5 but could be i3 8gb RAM and 1 TB hd, that would be more than adequate wouldnt it? . Also I really dont want windows 10 would like everything on windows 7 as i dont want to start switching everything if possible. does the specs sound ok? Cheers Paul
  11. its not a problem sure i said ccd but easy mistake either way
  12. well my camera lens is a sigma 300mm prime and the camera is a starlight xpress osc, so hows that going to work lol
  13. cant see how i could do that without the correct fitting, im happy in a way in that i know it has to be subtracted from the image( when i finally get a clear night to image) just wish i had kept some subs untouched to try it out
  14. Ok i just tried the binning, the one on the left is 2x2 100 flats, the one on the right is 1x1 300 flats
  15. didnt think of binning to be honest, also i do have a qhy camera (guider) i could use that. The skyflats assitant i did like the simplicity of it but it dont work for some reason ( it keeps binning 2x2) for some reason and cant get it to alter. but will try the binning 2x2 see if it changes thx