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  1. will do cheers
  2. Thx it is very much appreciated, I am pretty sure it can be I will check later today and see exactly what the min max is Cheers Paul
  3. Oh believe me I have watched endless youtube vids and have been going over it and over it constantly. I have just been watching one for sgpro think his name was broke astronomer? something like that and it was very good he also touched on phd2 (in fact i think I will watch it again now) he was also showing the plate solving with sgpro and I really liked that , the plan will be just to use sgpro eventually, as a side note your name rung a bell and pretty sure I have been following your pictures on astrobin
  4. To be honest, I ordered the camera, the large wheel plus lrgb plus the three narrow bands and I have also ordered a new computer so everything will be from scratch, I have also worked out that my obsy will cost me less than a £100 to build as the pier is there and the base so its just a matter of a pack of blocks some wheels and steel and marine ply roof. Now the panic is starting to kick in as I realise what i have just done lol (seriously I do panic for no reason). As I will be starting from scratch im thinking SGPRO for my sequence and CDC plus PHD2, PI to process, they seem to be the most popular (I,m using maxim ATM along with astrototilla and been guiding through maxim but Im really not sure how ZWO camera gets along with maxim and as im starting from scratch I dont want to say try maxim out find it dont work then go to use SGPRO and then that wont work because I have fluffed something drivers etc. Its a headache and it hasnt even arrived yet lol
  5. Thx for the reply but wouldnt that adjustable one shown in pic do?
  6. thx guys I have ordered the one I said now, the drive size was a concearn but I thought just buy an external hard drive to store everything, that one in morgan computers looks a nice little thing and a good price too my only concearn is 4 gb ram
  7. no one?
  8. If I had a choice darkest place I have been is up by Llyn Brianne dam and up over the devils staircase, would move there in a shot
  9. Thx but thats right on my limit moneywise it does have two usb 3 sockets , I just couldnt afford going any more really tbh
  10. Thx very much both for taking the time to respond it is very much appreciated, being a bricklayer my computer skills are very limited so I am trying to sort everything out to run as smoothly as possible, I have just bought the new camera and awaiting delivery, in the meantime im also doing a new obsy that will be better suited so of course i started thinking new computer then as I understand I will need a faster more powerfull computer to cope with the many subs ( you see how this snowballs lol). I have just tried an experiment on my desktop as I had clear skies last night. 300 subs @20 secs and using maxim calibrated added colour and stacked , I couldnt do anything else while this was running and it also took ages to complete but it did do it, so with that in mind I think my best route is to put the new computer in the obsy and like I said load everything from scratch so if something dont work I should be able to sort it and get one thing going at a time, what would be average spec I should be looking at for what I am doing? I was thinking 8gb ram i5 quad core should do shouldnt it? EDIT ok im thinking of pressing the button on this one as it seems ok,
  11. if you were to start from scratch using eqmod and CDC, a zwo asi camera plus qhyminiguider in an obsy, and a new computer would you go with windows 7 or windows 10? reason im asking is im getting a new desktop for the obsy and just cant get win7 with the spec i want ( i5 quad core, ssd win7). I tried win 10 before (ok i only gave it a day ) and wnt straight back to 7, I am told theres been lots of issues with win 10 and updates etc i really dont want to go down that road again. so windows 7 or 10?
  12. Having just ordered the asi1600 and filterwheel I,m looking at the spacing I need? im sure its 55mm or 56, would I need anything else to acheive this? I have attached a photo of my current set up it has an adjustable spacer so that would do wouldnt it?
  13. Ordered with flo this morning so beware the impending storm of doom that will last for 6 months
  14. um acctually ordering the bigger wheel and all the filters now wife said she buy me the drone lol
  15. thats been the thorn in my side TBH the amount of time I get to use the dam thing with cloudy nights etc, at least with the drone I know I,ll get to use it