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  1. I had it on stellarium by typing in the searc 45P (it autofilled underneath as I wrote it) and it just came up
  2. yes I was thinking of that one also TBH, im just trying to weigh up would the built in filter wheel be advantagous or not
  3. Thanks very much it worked a treat much appreciated
  4. How would I go about getting it up on CDC, I know its in the East after 2 o,clock its on stellarium but cant seem to find it on CDC, I have done the search but keeps coming back nothing found
  5. Well I was all set TBH when I was told I need to match the camera with the scope etc, out of the three the atik one I prefer with field of view im just not sure of a built in filter wheel being 5 disc would have prefered 7
  6. Hi guys, I have been looking at the Atik cameras and I am told of under sampling over sampling and to match the telescope to the camera etc so which would be the better camera for me going by this?
  7. yeah the price is also a factor with me, working it out with filters, filter wheel etc its near enough a grand difference. The only thing that is putting me off the ZWO if im honest is the gain/offset and the amp glow, but in saying that there does seem to be more of a guideline to it now people have been experimenting with it. And I always got the starlightxpress if I want to go longer subs I suppose. I seem to talk myself into it then change my mind over and over wish I was more decissive
  8. After many weeks (months even) uming and arring over this or the Atik 460 I decided to go for the Atik (this will be in April) and now you put this up lol, great image. The nagging in the back of my head is I am most succesfull with 120-180 subs my guiding stays spot on all night,
  9. and thats my next to do thing tonight, make a few copies before calibrating them then experimenting, I did notice in the calibration box>advanced it had "pedestal" that was on 100 so may play with that and a few other things and take notes which works best, I will also try DSS and see if there is any difference
  10. Thanks Mike must admit im starting to see the light at the end of the tunnel better now (still got a long way to go though lol)
  11. clear night so gave it a whirl, I left everything run over night. My processing skills still leave something to be desired but glad when I woke this morning that the guiding was still pretty much spot on . 112x 180 secs
  12. said it before, to take darks you put the scope cover on because its black and dark, so why not make a white fitting cover also
  13. I started off with the bin over the mount and it was great, then I aquired some insulated sheeting from work so the plan for a movable obsy was born, or as the wife likes to call it "the outside wardrobe"
  14. no its windows 7,
  15. First off my setup, HEQ5 mount, starlight Xpress osc, Maxim, eqmod,astrotorilla.CDC all works great, I connect my camera to Maxim and everything works fine, but tonight I thought I would try a video of the moon so loaded some of the programs that I also have on my computer (sharpcap, CCD capture etc) but it will not connect the camera (driver isnt installed). so I went to ASCOM and went to download the drivers for my Starlight xpress, they downloaded ok but when I click run (or extract) it says a previous version is already installed and can,t be removed automatically please go to control paanel to unistall. I have looked everywhere for it and cannot find it , any ideas how I find it? been in users, programe files everything, the only thing i can go on is SXV but just no idea where to look for it. cheers Paul