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  1. brrttpaul

    plate solve 2 help needed

    Thanks for the help but think we crossed wires, I got the arc secs, if you look at the first photo with planewave plate solve 2 up top left hand corner it says 123x 93 arc minutes. it says this also for the ED80 so im presumming its this thats wrong, and I have no idea what two numbers to fill in here
  2. brrttpaul

    plate solve 2 help needed

    this is what I got on my screen, as you can see it says in the plate solve 2 settings 123x93 arc minutes but this is also with my ED80 so im guessing this is for the ed 80 as that solves no problem, what would I put in for the maK? cant really see what else i can change
  3. Hi guys I have 2 scopes (ed80 and a mak 127) using sgpro I can plate solve the ed 80 with no problem, however i cannot for the life of me plate solve with my MAK, I have changed profiles and put all the settings for the MAK 127 in plus the camera ZWO ASI224MC, the only thing I can see is in the plate solve 2 settings my arc minutes seem the same for the ed 80 and zwo asi 1600, surely this should change automatically when i switch to the MAK? also how do I find my arc mins for the MAK 127, clear night tonight so thought I would have a go with the MAK
  4. brrttpaul

    casper the ghost

    only managed to have a look at the Ha, havnt done the RGB yet (tired out) but i like it as is tbh
  5. brrttpaul

    Ghost In The Garden........

    funny enough doing the same
  6. brrttpaul

    Abell 487

    taken last night, been playing around with the linear tool to reduce noise but i still get "clumping" in the darks
  7. brrttpaul


    ZWO ASI 1600 mono, Equinox ED 80 telescope.
  8. brrttpaul


    Thx both
  9. Always look forward to this coming round every year never tire of it
  10. brrttpaul

    california nebula

    thx very much
  11. brrttpaul

    california nebula

    taken last night, I know the colours all wrong but I acctually like it like this, taken in Ha and OII
  12. brrttpaul

    comet stacking

    Hi guys, I mananged to take a few shots of 21P last night (havnt even looked at them yet) and it got me thinking, the plan was to stack the L,RGB in dss using the comet tab, but I will be left with 4 images then how would I align them in PI ? as the stars are going to be blurred. Is there a setting on PI to just target one star or in this case a comet?
  13. brrttpaul


    Ah thx both the penny drops, I will get onto that tonight when I get home thx very much for explaining it
  14. brrttpaul


    I have never understood darkflats , I take flats but been told not to take any bias , maybe I should look into dark flats

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