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  1. M92

    Thanks I have changed my approach to it and it seems to be working, rather than do everything via teamviewer I save the RAW data and transfer it to my main computer then work on it on there the resulting image is a lot better than when I try to process it over teamviewer. I think the one monitor needs calibrating
  2. M92

    taken last night
  3. M3

    thx both
  4. M3

    taken tonight
  5. Had a go at a GIF

    I done a time lapse on the D500, then I took a final image with my son in it, then I merged them together in PS. Never done it before it was all trial and error and youtube vids
  6. Up Trecastle res last night wernt expecting any shooting stars so nice bonus
  7. Was out last night on the beacons and we tried mixing a still photo with some timelapse just messing about but enjoyed it, taken with a D500, tokina 11-18mm lens, for some reason it dosnt do it on here stays as a jpeg
  8. M51

    good luck doug hope it all works out for you, i think i have overcooked it myself just glad i got an image
  9. M51

    last night
  10. what could be causing this?

    sorted now thankyou
  11. Havnt used my scope for over a week (permanent setup in small obsy). Went to use it last night everything started up fine ( EQMOD, SGPRO, CDC), anyway I slewed to a star and then copied the co ordinates from CDC and entered them into sgpro as usual then I just click on sync in CDC so I know im in the right ball park. Last night though for some reason after doing this then finding an object (M81) after taking a couple of frame and focus shots for some reason the bullseye in CDC has gone to the bottom of the map? the scope hasnt moved but for some reason CDC thinks the target is right at the end of the map basically bottom middle of screen. I diconnected everything and tried again and same thing happened, the third time it seemed ok, so any ideas as to whats happened as I havnt done anything different, only thing I can think of is the computer may have updated or something
  12. binning

    I opened star alignment used Lum is reference and then added RGB and lum below and saved the file then when i opened them up in LRGB combine it worked
  13. binning

    thanks guys i guessed it was a resizing issue, will have a look and see if I can figure it out
  14. binning

    I have been trying binning my lum 1x1 and my rgb in 2x2 but cant seem to merge them in pixinsight using LRGB combination, I keep getting incompatable image. any ideas where Im going wrong here?
  15. M86

    last night was a clear night and just had to do a bit of imaging I was getting withdrawel symptoms, everything told me not to go for this with the moon out but I have always wanted to try it and glad I did, ended up Lum 10 secs RGB 60 secs with the ZWO 1600 on HDR, (I also done Ha dont ask me why just did but didnt try using it in the final image). dont think it turned out to bad even tbh