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  1. ASI1600mm cool

    slight change in plan lol, just set everything up and always wanted to try the pacman nebula as I have never tried it before. After a bit of playing about I went with unity gain and I took a single sub of 3 mins long and there it was when I gave it a medium stretch, so I then used the mouse to check the stars and a few were over 65000 so I thought ok lets try 2 min subs, again I took a single sub and the nebula is still visible so I am at the moment taking 60 of each in Ha Oii and Si, Im thinking more subs less exposure time. Also I am rotating through events rather than finish one lot first so if it does fail at least I will still have something
  2. ASI1600mm cool

    Ahh the penny drops, so there i was clicking disconnect then going to the wrench icon I didnt realise I could just change it, thankyou very much that has been a great help
  3. ASI1600mm cool

    I do try and do that but I have a question as it does annoy me, when I connect all my gear in particular SGPRO i have a choice of what settings to use with the ASI1600 (unity gain hdr etc) if I go with unity gain for exampl and connect there is no way of changing the gain or offset later on unless I disconnect SGPRO and start again which is annoying as it would be good to take samples in different settings and compare them there and then instead of disconnecting, or am I missing something there?
  4. ASI1600mm cool

    Ok looks like a clear night tonight but a full moon so im going to try some narrowband again in fact try for the heart again I think. Very roughly am I right in thinking a high gain for short subs and low gain for longer subs. I will prob do it in unity gain TBH but (this will probably sound stupid) my bias/darks and flats would they have to be done in unity gain also? if so i can make them up in each of the three settings and put them in their own folder
  5. ASI1600mm cool

    I know I should have, you know what its like you got a new toy and you want to play with it but the clouds just dont want to budge, all i need is a good run of clear nights to experiment with it, alas its not happening
  6. ASI1600mm cool

    probably right plus the fact that I was off the heart didnt help, just couldnt do anymore with getting up at 5 in the mornings
  7. ASI1600mm cool

    just very quickly took two snips of the computer screen first one unstretched 2nd one stretched, this is uncalibrated no bias no flats nothing
  8. ASI1600mm cool

    going to have another look see if im missing something
  9. ASI1600mm cool

    It was just a thing i was reading up on with all the cloudy nights lately about gain etc, I was trying to get my head arounsd it comparing it to ISO etc (and failing lol). what I did read was the more gain the more noise and everything seemed to point towards gain @75 so thought I would give it a go
  10. ASI1600mm cool

    I have been reading up about gain and offset ( doing my head in on the quiet lol) and decided to try it out the other night. Gain at 75 and offset 15 I went for the heart nebula, for some strange reason i couldnt get it at all, I had andromeda i had the soul nebula but in the end I give up ( even copied the coordinates in CDC and put them in sgpro. Anyway I just said sod it and decided to run a sequence in narrow band . Ha Sii and Oii and done them @ 60 secs long x 400, they came out ok so went and tried BPP everything worked untill it came to stacking as it couldnt find any stars, tried manually (image calibration image intergration same thing. I will just put it down to experiance that my subs were way too short for narrowband
  11. aurora flat field panels

    thx for the input much appreciated
  12. aurora flat field panels

    im pretty sure it has a much broader spectrum
  13. anygood? I seem to hear mixed reviews so I think the battery one would be better, I am only using an ED 80 so it wont be that expensive. At the moment I am using a flat panel on the wall of my obsy but im not convinced its doing its job to be honest so I was wondering if anyone uses the aurora ones and are they worth it thanks
  14. IC 1848

    Thx wim you have been a great help, I did realise later that I never done a star alignment so went through it again and looks ok, I am curious, about halfway down from the centre slightly to the left in a bright part there is a very black bit. What exactly is it? just seemed darker than the rest dust?
  15. IC 1848