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  1. Got a similar problem with my MAK127 and an ed 80, ATM they are both connected via tube rings and two bars but they are not perfectly aligned and the only thing I have found is a bar that you can adjust but its expensive, the other option for me is a dual side by side rig, again I am not sure if this will work or not
  2. brrttpaul

    power question

    I think I will try it, its the same price as the power pack or thereabouts
  3. brrttpaul

    power question

    must be the other way round for me the 10mm jack seems the better fit, it dont answer my question though a bout that linear power supply
  4. brrttpaul

    power question

    I go along with the power socket at the mount, but what I,m saying is it will work off the battery with my hitec cable (which has a cigarette socket) by using that linear supply box I can still use the same hitec lead surely? which I know works, also I noticed the hitec lead slots all the way in bit the mains power pack connector dosnt it protudes out about 5mm so that cant be a good fit can it
  5. Hi guys quick question if anyone knows, I am currently having problems with my power supply. I run my HEQ5 mount off a battery but lately it has been disconnecting from eqmod after a few hrs ( I first thought it was the battery but have now ruled that out). I also have mains in my observatory so tried out the power pack (now this sometimes worked and sometimes didnt). So I was thinking of buying a new power pack and there were two in mind the baader and the lynx astro but while browsing I noticed this Nevada PS-08 6-8A Regulated Linear Power Supply so would I be better off buying the linear power supply that way I can still use the hitecastro lead that I got (which has done the job well) as it will just plug into this linear power supply via cigarette socket. Any thoughts guys?
  6. brrttpaul

    ngc 7380

    whoops sorry my mistake lol, it is the wizard nebula
  7. brrttpaul

    ngc 7380

    Had another go at this last night, only 12x30secs lum 12x1min rgb binx2. I did try for a lot more but for some unknown reason my mount is just stopping (like a lead is caught but its not) I still have no idea what it is it shows timeout error on eqmod but if thats the case why is it still trying to move?. Anyway sending it off so hopefully darkframe can resolve it. Also I have given up with PI for stacking, tried it on this first thing and it does the lum and the blue but not red or green ( cant find any stars), DSS finds them and so does maxim so I have gone back to maxim for stacking. On the plus side think my processing skills are getting better (not by much but getting better)
  8. brrttpaul

    eqmod and sgpro

    I was using a sort of blue tack type putty, I have solved the mount "sticking" problem The alt belt had snapped, which if im honest ha only confused me more now as it must have gone the first night so dont know how an earth I managed to get my sequence 80% done on both nights. I have just put on a new belt and it works fine (still going off for a service though) as I think in my case its worth it and is 10 yrs old
  9. brrttpaul

    eqmod and sgpro

    Now mine was the same, when using the battery the red light on my mount would flicker but i could connect, strangly enough the red light would be solid when using mains but would not connect
  10. brrttpaul

    eqmod and sgpro

    The last few nights I have had a few problems with my mount (heq5 pier mount). I start eqmod and cdc and sgpro and pick a target then slew to it and run a sequence, but the last two times I have woken at 3 to find the mount stopped but the motors still going ( Like its hitting something and cant move) I have checked that no leads are tangled and its not hitting anything but did notice eqmod is disconnected (timeout error). I am a bit suspect of the battery but it shows fully charged on the battery charger at the beginning of the night. Also I have a mains lead for the mount but this very rarely works (wont connect) which I always find strange as i keep thinking there should be more power coming from a mains than a battery (im hopeless with electrics). I was thinking of buying a dedicated astronomy power cable to see if that would improve things, In the meantime im still scratching my head but I thought occured to me if I have limits set on eqmod and i tell sgpro to park to home at end of sequence would there be conflict I.E one programme trying to overide the other? I am waiting for my mount to be sent off for a complete overhaul ready for the darker nights but would like to sort this out with the power while nights are still short
  11. brrttpaul

    First Jupiter with ZWO ASI224MC

    following lol, nice capture
  12. brrttpaul

    problem with tiff file

    Thanks guys for your help, as it happens I found the maxim disc and have now converted them, I thought pi would have had it somewhere nice to know where it is thanks very much
  13. brrttpaul

    problem with tiff file

    Hmm I am pretty sure I got rid of it when i changed cameras, I wonder if I still have the disc
  14. None they all think im weird, all interested in it though just not macho enough for them but I know they closet stargazers I will assimilate them in the end
  15. brrttpaul

    problem with tiff file

    Soon as I read this I went straight out to check and your right its fits file, I feel so stupid and can only blame it on lack of sleep and long day, (could have sworn it said tiff) . Thanks very much everyone . going to look for a bag to put over my head now. EDIT downloaded fits liberator but can only do one file at a time is there anyway to do multiple files?

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