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    Its been ages since I done some imaging so sort of went back to basics, M39, its surprising what you forget in a month, had to keep going back to the PI book for some things, sort of happy with it
  2. Ahhh right im with you, I do have a field flatener infront that slides into the telescope locked in place with a locking nut other end goes into the filterwheel, just looked at the flatner and the side that slides into my scope is threaded on the inside, so a 2" filter would screw directly into that then before sliding into my scope?
  3. I was told to put the LP filter infront of everything but I just cant see where it would sit, I have the scope the wheel and the camera so it has to sit inbetween the scope and wheel but cant see how
  4. Hi guys, using the zwo along with the zwo filterwheel, just wondering would I be better off swopping my Lum filter for a light pollution filter ? or does a light pollution filter go in front of the LRGB filters? not sure how that would work tbh with a filter wheel. ny advice welcome
  5. Hi guys and girls, As i am waiting for darkness I took a 1 sec sub in red then blue then green. my blue came out at 1376 median, red was 3086 and green was 3744, Have I set up the filter wheel correctly?? been using it over a year now and this has only just accured to me that my filters maybe labelled wrong
  6. it was just throwing me what dark i needed to do the flats
  7. thanks I will have another go of it now
  8. I dont think PI does pick the specific darks, I have taken a load of darks in various exposures and made masters out of them, also a super bias. Now heres where i get stuck , I have taken a load of flats (various filters LRGB) and wanted to make a master flat in each filter. But in PI it says add the super bias and the master dark to calibrate the flat, well which dark??? the 30 sec exp the 60 sec??? I am just doing this as a library and also to try and understand what goes on , ( Im going on the more I know how it works the easier to sort out problems). In DSS all I have to do is load the darks, flats etc and it makes the master, I just want to stick with PI and persevere with it
  9. I am redoing all my darks , flats, bias and going by the pix book. I have done my superbias and all my flats plus various lengths of darks, 30 secs 60 secs 120 secs 180 secs. (all at -25 degrees) and have been made into masters. I am now on image calibration of flat frames and become a bit stuck, it says add flat files next enable master dark and master bias, master bias is ok but im stuck on master dark as I have 4 at different exp times. Do I have to repeat the process 4 times adding a different master dark? cant see anything in the book
  10. now that makes sense to me, when I image and ignore the chart and go by what my sample image looks like I can usually stack no problem, when i go to the chart I always get the "cant stack not enough stars".
  11. I will get back to you when I got something, thanks for the help
  12. I will have to take bias frames then, I was told the 1600 does not like bias so stopped using them
  13. I was doing gain 50 offset 15 I am not sure what the median was, I do have images will it show the median in PI ?
  14. yes thats the chart looking at that gain at 139 orange zone F6 refractor I,m looking at a 15sec exposure in LUM?, my rgb I have been doing about 3 or 2 mins , any lower and pixinsight fails to process them in batch processing, this is why I have been looking at it
  15. scratching my head all the time these days. I have had to reset everything up the last few months , I am using the ZWO ASI 1600 mono, equinox ED80. been trying to find out the best gain/offset exposure times and theres a chart (on here i think) basically gain 0= 400 ADU etc etc, and as the gain increases so does the ADU, which always puzzles me as I always think of gain like ISO (i realise its not). Everytime i have tried to follow the guidlines my stacking has failed. Anyway last night I had a go in sharpcap and tried out the sensor analysys, the chart I am left with goes the opposite way? can anyone enlighten me I will try putting up the two charts so you can see what i mean. just looking for a happy medium in unity gain ( I was doing gain 50 but going back to unity). Cheers
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