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  1. My cars been off the road a month (dont ask) so I am limited now, got one or two things in mind hoping for clear skies sunday night fingers crossed
  2. I had a nice night Friday night, went on a tip behind my house (merthyr) spectacular view of the comet and some noc clouds
  3. Had a try at doing a bi colour last night, enjoyed it
  4. picked a random target while trying some new things out, pretty happy with it
  5. Hi guys I have an equinox ed80 and a zwo1600 mono and all the filters, also a field flattener, I have been told I can put a LP filter (think it was IPAS2) direct on my field flattener 2", so all the filters would be using it. The question is will I get much benefit out of it I am in moderate light pollution, my thinking process as well is to extend my exposure times from around 60 secs to 120 secs. Any advice guys just want to know if its worth getting. Cheers Paul
  6. taken the other night
  7. been so long since i done some imaging spent half the night trying to work out what everything did, Fed up with my computer and SGPRO (cant update sgpro ) i keep getting an error, and everytime it takes an image it freezes, absolutly does my head in. Anyway managed to get an image of UMA26 only 30x30secs subs of RGB but least I got the focussing sussed now i think
  8. Well there was a small chance last night so tried for the first time in ages to set up, I had gain at 200, exp for RGB was 15 secs. I tried to get an hours worth but when I ran it in blink i had to get rid of a load of bad subs. I am still having issues with SGPRO (keeps freezing if I take a single shot for framing) and also in sharpcap (I can do the sensor analysis but when I click on the brain in the histo to calculate correct exposure nothing seems to happen). right so set up didnt use a bat mask as wanted expecting to get anywhere slewed to a target (cant even remember which cluster it was
  9. thx mark, im hoping to get some clear skies soon and do a few at different gains etc and see how it goes. I went from unity gain down to 50 and think i went the wrong way if im honest, 200 sounds in the ball park but shorter exposures i think
  10. my images are a mixed bag really, you are right though it can drive you round the bend at times
  11. This is my problem where I went wrong coming from a DSLR and knowing lower ISO is less noise I sort of looked at gain like ISO ( so I was thinking gain @50 is going to be less noisy than gain@139) and thats what keeps creeping in. (not only that but if you take a sample shot gain 50 and another in gain 300 say then gain 50 does look a lot smoother less noisy). I get now what the video says about once reaching a point theres no need to push it further I just dont get the bit where he says "so all you have to do is work out the maths this times that divided by that equals this. I am in . I a
  12. thx guys , I did plan to run the smart histogram next clear sky (so that should be june 2022) I havnt watched that video I must admit
  13. still cant get my head around exposure settings/gain with my asi 1600, for some reason it just dont compute in my head whats the best for a deep sky image in bortle 5 skies, I have done youtube, tutorials etc but still end up scratching my head, sometimes my images are ok sometimes they are terrible. I tried the sensor analysis today but reading it means nothing to me, any pointers? heres a snapshot of the analysis
  14. Its been ages since I done some imaging so sort of went back to basics, M39, its surprising what you forget in a month, had to keep going back to the PI book for some things, sort of happy with it
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