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  1. PI problem

    ah right will try that thx
  2. PI problem

    Had a few images the other night (only 30 secs long) in LRGB, so went to BPP and tried to process them I can do the green and blue and Lum but not the red. I have tried everything but for the life of me cant figure out whats going on, it goes through everything then comes up " can only stack one image out of 15 not enough stars to align" but if i open the red files and put them in blink they look pretty good, im just wondering why they wont stack. I have compared them to the blue and green and they look ok to me so any ideas why this would be happening?
  3. Spent an hour down there Fri night and the skies started clearing so had to get the camera out
  4. yeah it was a camp fire, surprising how many up there tbh, must have seen 8 people there at least dotted around the place, even when we walked down at 3.30 we past people walking up
  5. its a stunning place, bit of a trek but worth it
  6. Spent the night up Llyn Y fan Fach last night, counted 67 meteors in the end absolutly stunning place I should go there more often. as ususal the first photo turned out to be the best one took over 300 in the end shame the moon was so bright before it came up could see all the milky way
  7. Just got in from the brecon beacons, counted 67 between 11 and 2, bed now
  8. Bubble nebula in Ha

    ended up doing it again (this bubble has had more colours than a bag of skittles tonight), I didnt do much processing on this and think its better for it
  9. Bubble nebula in Ha

    onwards and upwards lol, really cant wait fot the darker nights to come now
  10. Bubble nebula in Ha

    Well it may have been a good thing that we have had so many cloudy nights as all I have been doing is reading up on it and for me the biggest thing with the asi as far as I can tell is exposure times, I have gone down from 600 secs to 120 secs, ok theres a lot more images but not so much of that amp glow if i keep the times down. My processing skills are terrible atm I think im doing the noise reduction too much and getting the motteling effect but im at last enjoying the imaging and as I said instead of taking hours and hours its taking about an hour, happy days
  11. thought i would try it with green

    it was the LRGB combine in pixinsight, i assigned Ha to green etc etc
  12. I think it brings the bubble out more myself
  13. Bubble nebula in Ha

    yes i see it, hoping to add to it tonight with another 3hrs worth
  14. Bubble nebula in Ha

    Well I had a go and for me its a success as I managed to take trhe lights darks bias flats etc and process in PI and get something that resembles a photo plus I done it in less than 3 hrs rather than days so I must be making progress . Taken using Ha Si and Oi and used the LRGB combine in PI I played around trying them in different slots ended up with this one, also done a crop just to see, my only gripe is the dirty looking colour no idea if its gas or what
  15. ASI1600mm cool

    I wouldnt have thought they would change that much I cant say I have noticed anything, all I done when setting it up was focus using the lum filter and that was it but im just a beginner and all im after is a general photo so you have to take my comments with a pinch of salt