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  1. Which Galaxy is this? and what is the smaller more "smudgey" area nearby?
  2. Keeping an eye on this, I only live 6 miles down the road, not sure I would make it out to camp (no camper/ caravan) but would be good to meet you all and I could bring my 200 Dob along . Would love to see your AP setups
  3. Yep, everywhere else is 130 or more, the 20mm 1.25 plossl is also a great bargain at £15 and I was very impressed with both
  4. Just had an amazing night of viewing, not sure I'm qualified to do a full review but its an enormous amount of very clear and crisp glass for 30 Euros. Spent several hours outside with a friend, waiting for family to turn all the lights out. Used the new 40mm Bresser and 20mm as well as my BST 8mm. How much can you cram into one night? Naked eye Geminids by the dozen, I managed to find 46p with the new 40mm and got to sharpen it up to a fairly concentrated bright centre, spent ages enjoying Orion nebula through a variety of eyepieces, Pleiades too and then we tried Andromeda. My frie
  5. Interestingly the picture of the EP I bought is the exact same picture as found here on the Bresser website, still selling for 129 euros, and there are strong links between, Meade, Bresser, Explore Scientific and JOC. In fact the Optical-systems website is strangely similar to the Bresser, even calculating the delivery in the same way, and the website/ shop is owned by Explore Scientific. (in fact same address as Bresser!) Anyway, I've got my fingers crossed for a 30quid gamble
  6. Well seeing as there was no reason not to, I've gone and bought 2 eyepieces. Can't quite understand how they are doing such a massive discount of 77% but I've just bought the 40mm for £30 and had to get the 20mm for £15 as well - £45 for 2 60degree Bresser eyepieces, delivered! UK shops are still selling them for £130 Hope they work out well and here is the link for anyone else https://www.optical-systems.co.uk/en/Astronomy/Telescope-accessories/Eyepieces/BRESSER-40mm-Eyepiece-60-5-Elements-50-8mm-2.html who fancies a huge bargain
  7. I've seen many of your posts waxing lyrical about the Panaview which is probably how it ended up top of my budget wide field list. I'd love to go to 70' or 80' but the costs seem exponential and I was only suppposed to buy the Dob as a starter and see how much use it gets, so trying to avoid spending the same again in eyepieces! Currently looking at a few items on ebay and astrobuysell, but good low mag EPs seems quite rare, and there are many mixed reviews about Revelations and Ascensions for my f6 - also looked at the Opticstar 2" XS 70' but cant find any reviews, and assuming its just
  8. Anyone got one of these BRESSER 40mm Eyepiece 60 ° 5 Elements 2" eyepieces. Just seen a price that looks very good and wonder if it's worth getting, I had been looking at the Panaview 32mm and similar for my SW 200p, currently only have the 25mm and 10mm plossl, a Bst 8mm and I enjoy the wide field plus would like a good finder EP. I have pretty dark skies too
  9. http://theoatmeal.com/comics/insight Nice comic strip about the upcoming landing of insight on Mars
  10. Well I've been here before but not really posted since 2013 and barely done any stargazing. Before I was just using my binoculars and my young sons Heritage Dob, but have now gone straight for a SW Dob 200p Only had the first 2 nights clear , and think we've now got 3 weeks of cloud Next investment will probably be some better eyepieces (Just got the basic 25, 10 and 6 and moon filter) I'm in the dark sky park but in the centre of the village which may cause more problems with looking over houses than light pollution
  11. There once was man from Caerphilly Who lived near to Psychobilly He said to Orion "There is no denyin' Your sword looks a little bit silly"
  12. Had a lovely session outside with the bins, learning a bit more of the constellations Found M33 M44 and M67, plus M81 and M82 and a nice look at the double cluster When I was looking at Jupiter I saw a shooting star I think, or a really fast bright satellite, and then saw a couple of other slow moving satellites All very nice How was the site Stevetynant?
  13. Saturday is looking promising and I may try and join you
  14. I know the road over the Eppynt, I have friends in Lower Chapel. You should get great views between Brecon and Builth, but you'll need to find a spot where car lights wont affect you as that road does get used. Don't attempt it if there is any snow or ice, even with a 4x4, it's pretty isolated out there. THe other issue is that the road goes through the army training range so you aren't supposed to go off the road, so it may be harder to find somewhere away from car lights The road is pretty windy and slow too. Tell us if you find a good layby and I'll join you!
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