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Moon monkey

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Just thought I would come and say hello to everyone.

I have been interested in the stars for a long time including taking pics with my DSLR and simply looking through binoculars. Finaly decided to take the plunge and buy a scope

Ive orderd and paid for a telescope and mount (skywatcher 200p and an EQ5 goto mount) 6 weeks ago :) Keep being told it will be here next week ?? apparently its the mount that is out of stock :( can anyone confirm they are not in the country at the moment ?

Anyway enough about that, just looking forward to being able to see further than i ever have before :( the waiting is killing me :)

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Hey Moon monkey, welcome to SGL :)

Lots of people are friendly and helpful on here. Ask anything you want.

I am also based in Cambs and I have a 200p dobsonian. If you ever wanted to meet up and borrow eyepieces etc. Feel free matey.

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Hi Moon Monkey and welcome to the forum.

It would seem there are a number of scopes that are out of stock temporarily in part due to the popularity of the BBC's Stargazing Live which cleared a lot of scope at a time when the retailers stock levels were naturally low after Christmas. I'm sure you won't have long to wait and will make you that bit more eager to get out there when it does!

In the meantime clear skies


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