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  1. ah, got it, thanks all for replies!!! :-) now, where's my endless supply of money? :-(
  2. but I have over 50 posts. despite logging out and back in again...several times. i used to be able to see it when i first signed up.... why?
  3. great, thanks, now all i have to do is find my money! where did i put it....?!
  4. hey, not just me then - that's good! had a go, adding stuff. thanks. now why can't i access the for sale section, like i used to when i first joined up? i have more than 50 posts...... can't even browse :-(
  5. cool, might give it a go and see if armchair astronomy can be achieved?!!?
  6. hi interesting idea with the celestron adapter, i have the 15x70s and adapater - anyone tried the epoxy technique and can report back whether a useful idea? i have a glass fibre kit somewhere, i could just use the two part stuff without the fibre glass i suppose? it sets rock hard.
  7. i too am a numpty adn would love to try and do this with my skymax - might then get the GF to do more observing - as it is often "too cold"!!!! alas though, i fear it is slightly beynd me at present, though i might look at collecting the right bits....!!!
  8. but how do i add to my profile thingy - people have their scopes and stuff listed and pics, etc, i am no great genius on forums but i had a look at my profile but couldnt see what to do? is there a guide for me to look at.. sorry for daft Q
  9. HI, my advice is to read, read and read! then ask questions and you will learn fast and choose right scope for you..
  10. HI and welcome, wish i was taking such good pictures, well done!
  11. hi and welcome, light polution a problem here in leicester too, must move back to wales!
  12. hi, this is a great place to learn lots and should be plenty of ppl near you too i think?
  13. abettertomorrow


    hi and welcome, hope you can take advantage of clear skies soon with new scope,.
  14. abettertomorrow

    Hey Guys

    hi and welcome, i've found this site most valuable and there are plenty of book recommendations, which also end up on my xmas list!
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