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  1. Dewbuster arrived.  Now I just need the clouds to clear off so I can test it properly.

  2. Too tired!  Too much work!

  3. Waiting to try my NPB filter - what to see?

  4. New toys arrived!  Tracer battery & dewshield.

  5. A brief first light with the CPC1100 last night and it's blooming marvelous!  Pay day will = dew protection.

    1. Lockie


      I take it you looked at Jupiter with it then? That would be very good once cooled :) 

    2. AWR


      No!  We were dewed up before it cleared the trees.  I'm hoping for some clear weather this weekend.  I'm really looking forward to Jupiter.

    3. Lockie


      Fingers crossed for you :) I've had my best view ever with a C8 Edge HD, so I reckon if the seeing is good, and the scope cooled, you'll be in for a real treat :) 

      SCT's do seem to be quite 'seeing' dependant. When seeings good they are amazing and vise-versa. 

      I miss my C8 though! :) 

  6. TV Ethos 13mm bought!

  7. Just bought a CPC 1100!

    1. DRT



      You will not regret it :cool:

    2. AWR


      I'm really excited!  You have one too don't you?  Which EPs do you use?  It's a bit of a step up in FL from what I currently have.



  8. Learning about Shopkins!

    1. Gutross


      there is a real blackhole for your money be careful

    2. AWR


      Luckily one box of twelve seems to have made my daughter extremely happy. It was the early morning lesson into all their names that was more of a chore.

  9. Schubert

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. jabeoo1


      & not forgetting the mighty D960

    3. jabeoo1
    4. AWR


      It was the impromptus I was listening to!

  10. OFSTED!

    1. jabeoo1
    2. ghostdance


      Hope all your policies and procedures are up to date, ditto your staff supervision records :)

    3. AWR


      First day hasn't been too bad. We are a good school with good results but the process is still very pressurized. I'd prefer a no-notice inspection. (Schools currently get 1/2 day)

  11. Explore Scientific 12" Dob!

    1. emadmoussa
    2. AWR


      No but think I will before SGL9.

  12. Holiday to Sardinia booked!

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