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  1. Hi, I am thinking of getting some binoculars for my birthday ..... I Have an 8" Newt that I use mainly for imaging, But I would like to have a look around whilst im imaging... I do have an old pair of military binoculars that I am quite good at finding M31 and the orion neb ;-) But they are getting a bit past it now lol ... I am on a budget (like many of us) But the Celestron 15x70 are a realistic price ... just wondered what people thought ?? Im not that small, so I don't think I will have a problem holding them ! and Im not against using a tripod, but would be nice to just take them out and use them .... ps I think m45 looks better through bins than through my scope ;-) Thanks MM
  2. Some really natural looking images there .... very well done MM
  3. Hi Matt, yes I used a dovetail ... I took the screw thing out of my camera tripod and attached it to the dovetail... I then screwed it into the camera and used washers to make sure it was tight and pointing in the right direction ..... In short I bodged it :grin: Thanks all for the comments
  4. My first attempt at wide field .... EQ5 mount Nikon D200 18 x 105 lens. 28 x 50 secs . I know its not perfect but I am quite pleased
  5. wish my second attempt was that good .... very well done ...
  6. Now that is fantastic .... love it
  7. lovely ... i want to have a go at this one ;o)
  8. Thanks all ... and thanks for the advice about the barlow ... ill have a play ;o)
  9. Thats a damn fine start ..... much better than what I started with ....
  10. That's ok ... I have a 2" Altair astro Barlow thanks ....
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