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  1. Wow, great shot! The best I have ever done showed a very bright light and nothing more. I love the details! Isabelle
  2. I might not have an iPhone but my Samsung works well when dealing with the moon, I have yet to have any real success with the planets though. Jupiter and Saturn always comes out blurry. Isabelle
  3. Very nice! The only image I was able to capture was a blurry light! Isabelle
  4. Very nice animation! Mars has always given me a hard time, especially in seeing detail so I can only dream of seeing something like this. Isabelle
  5. The Orion Nebula was also my first Messier and one I often revisit because it is simply magnificent! There are some nights when it is especially crystal! My second Messier and first galaxy was Andromeda which was equally incredible (just knowing what i was looking at). I wish you clear skies and many more Messiers to come. Isabelle
  6. Thank you for your very helpful advice and information acey. I have to admit that it was the first time that Stellarium showed me that nickname. I have no filter but my sky is free of light pollution so I will definitely give it another try tonight! Isabelle Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  7. I believe that it might be a little easier to find now that I know others have had a hard time locating it as have I. I was becoming a little frustrated but will surely announce it proudly on here when I can. I hope your skies clear up soon scarp! Isabelle Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  8. Thank you both Scarp and Faulksy. I guess it will be "one of those things" that when it is found will be a great achievement for me. The quest is ongoing! Isabelle Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  9. This winter, there had been many nights when I wanted to step outside and be immersed by the wonders of the night sky but obstacles had been in my way, the greatest being the cold. You can imagine my delight yesterday when the mercury finally showed more favourable temperatures. Anything warmer than -30's and 40's is fine by me. I had a triple take when I saw our digital thermometer declare that we were finally in the single digits! -8! I couldn't believe it but out I went! The air was crisp with a hint of humidity but the skies were perfect for viewing. I started with a romp around th
  10. That's a great idea Stu! I forgot about changing my location with Stellarium I will do that tonight. I will also follow Ant's suggestion and see what times I can see the Southern Hemisphere from Barbados. Let's hope that as Michael says, there is no moon in the sky! Oh my gosh Ant! How dare I complain about mere frostbite when people have lost so much due to water damage. I hope the weather dries up soon in your region. I'm happy you like the quote Cath, it's one of my favourites. I tell it to my students often and many actually have taken the habit of saying it with me! Clear skies ever
  11. The moon is so bright that I sometimes take out a piece of paper and look at it's reflection from the eyepiece. Hmmm... I wonder if I could trace it next time? I think I will wait for above freezing temperatures to try that though... Isabelle
  12. This year has been a horrible year for stargazing for me. This is due to the unbearable cold which is why my postings have been few and far between. I have taken my telescope out a few times but have come back inside with little except unbelievable pain due to frostbite. My husband and I are planning a vacation in the south to escape the winter's clutches for the end of April. Teaching as far north as I do (James Bay) means that we do not have a March Break like other schools, but need to wait until the geese fly north which signals the traditional hunt for the aboriginal people of this r
  13. Congratulations! It just keeps on getting after this! Mind you, lacking the equipment, I have yet to capture an image like this myself! Isabelle
  14. All great finds with the binoculars Kev! I saw something similar a couple of years ago with my 10" Dobsodian. The chances of looking at that very area was quite lucky indeed but I nearly fell off my chair when i saw the red glow. It lasted a fraction of a second and then of course.. I fell off my chair and gave my dog quite a start! Isabelle
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