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  1. Is that an xbox pad i can see there lol
  2. Hi champy i have the same scope as yourself and i too hav the standard eyepieces that came with it...now in my opinion the 10mm is a bit pants lets be fair but the 25mm isnt too bad,iv seen saturn in exactly the same light that you have (bright white with no detail)....but i understand that a better quality eyepiece will bring out the best in the scope because the 150pl isnt at all a shabby tool. Maybe you could join a local astro group and try out a few eyepieces there to get an idea (i still need to do this) Chin up its not all bad........apart from the blooming weather lol!
  3. is it an autobot or a decepticreep lol
  4. Cannon it is then lol. So is the sony A390 not really useful for astrophotography then? Or is it because there isnt much going for it with regards to add ons/ telescope adaptors etc?
  5. Iv seen in a lot of members sigs that they have a dslr and webcam....do you need both or can you make do with one or the other? I understand now that pixels isnt a major issue now because my phone is 5mp and pictures from that are crisp like walkers...when it gets focus
  6. Thanks Neil! So from the comments that iv read so far then that cannon is the way to go for astrophotography work because of the add ons ie: filters etc and the fact these can be modded if need be. Is 10mp enough tho for a camera of this type?
  7. Thankyou very much for your info alan and brantuk...didnt realise those webcams were that cheap
  8. It looks like something from space invaders! Its defo something like a satellite id say
  9. Thanks for the replys so far im suprised that the canon is more popular than sony to be honest i guess how many pixels a dslr has isnt too much of an issue when it comes to astrophotography? chemtom i realise that i could get more for the money buying second hand..its personal preference but i dont really want to be spending that kind of cash on something i dont really know much about second hand...it wont stop me from looking tho! Can anyone fight sonys corner? Will these cameras work well with the 150pl and what attachments would i need? I realise my eq3 mount may or may not be up to the job as its not stable at the best of times but i could work around this and have a remote for the camera and maybe some sandbags for the mount to aid stableness.
  10. Does any of your other pictures have this little green dot in them to possibly explain a dodgy pixel?? Im thinking maybe your camera did see something
  11. Hi everyone....next month at work we all get a bonus so i am thinking of purchasing two electronic goodies for that much needed kudos. First off i want to get a laptop so i can finally download stellarium But i also want a dslr aswel for general photos plus i would like it to be compatible with my scope...i have an absolute budget of 400 notes for the camera so for now i would just require the basic dslr package ie: dslr with an 18-55mm lens (iv seen how much the other lenses are..gulp..). Im thinking of the sony alpha 390 14mp or a canon eos 1000d 10mp. Maybe you could suggest some alternatives but my limit is 400 max. Obviously i would like more pixels thats why i am slightly leaning towards the sony but photography is deep water without a float for me so any advice on/about these two weapons will be much appreciated and also very helpful.Maybe you have/had one of these dslr's and can shed some light for me ie: ease of use..scope fitments and does more pixels mean better quality pics when it comes to the night sky? And so far my only resource is the argos catalogue lol! Where could i find the best deals.I also dont really want to buy second hand from eBay id rather buy new so i know it hasnt been messed with. Thanks in advance for your thoughts Andy
  12. Hi tony...from what iv read on this forum which inspired myself to get one it is a very competent beginners scope for the inexperienced astronomer (Like me) and the experienced astronomer (Like them).......if your more interested in observing the planets then you cant go wrong with this scope.The eyepieces that are supplied with the scope arnt the greatest so maybe think about replacing these whenever you can but see how you get on first..i saw saturn with these fine and it blew me away. Because of its size it can be a little wobbly at times on the eq3 mount but its not a big problem,there are ways of fixing this by using extra weight to keep it a bit more stable if need be. Mine hasnt let me down yet and am still getting great views from it and iv had it for just about 3 months now and i absolutely love the thing. The mount is roughly 3.4 ft tall (not extended and without scope attached) and 2.2 ft wide at the legs. Hope that helps...by the way when purchasing any new scope be prepared for endless cloudy nights week after week...it took me three whole weeks to get my first use out of it lol. Now go..go forth and purchase and be truly amazed by what you see!
  13. Hi tony i have one of these also and it isnt small Its 3.9 feet long....or 45 inches...or 113 cm Hope that helps!
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