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  1. If I bought a tent in December at a reduced price, would it be my ..... 'Winter of Discount Tent' !!!!
  2. I went to the doctors the other day complaining I kept feeling like a 'Kendick Astro Tent' & an 'Astrogazer Dome' ....... he said I was 'two tents' !! (to tense)
  3. I hope those 'sheds' are securely locked when not in use
  4. Hello Mike & welcome from sunny Willenhall with loads of LP
  5. well done, I like them. What camera did you use ? settings?
  6. Astromart

    Another noob...

    Hi there and welcome to SGL
  7. the ETX70's are a great little scope - check out the youtube video's available
  8. Cannock Chase is nearer for me, but I dont mind either site - a least we'll be away from LP - & once a month its no problem. So include me in the list of gazers. Which night would be favourable ? Week nights are tricky but weekends are better for me.
  9. Maybe ..... Brian Cox & Jonathon Ross !!
  10. Hi Lionel, Welcome to the site & check the West Midland Social Group for some proposed viewing sites
  11. Ive always like the look of 'Astronomy Now' & I did have it put aside at the newsagents for a while. Just picked up the latest issue for the article on 'inexpensive imaging' - good read. Plenty of other 'stuff' to keep your enthusiasm going while the cloud cover/light nights are here.
  12. Im glad he wasn't 'MOON'-ing
  13. Any idea if they any better than skywatcher/ Evostar setup, the price seems to indicate they are. Thoughts/experience anyone ? http://www.scopesnskies.com/prod/Bresser/telescope-for-astronomy/messierR90.html
  14. Astromart


    Hi, welcome to SGL
  15. I'll look after the £2000 for you while you get your thoughts together ........ I'm only thinking of your best interests .....
  16. I'll have a sqint around the skies with you all - 7 days to go before the nights start drawing in !!
  17. Fantastic sight ! I'd go food shopping everyday if I lived there. I like the 'Made in Japan' sign in the second photo - no foreign stuff there then !
  18. I attended a wedding reception in Worfield, just outside Wolverhampton, in April 2011. The area was dark & the stars where the brightest I'd seen for a while (a farmers field was near by). In fact everyone commented on the starry display. I know its a bit of a jaunt for some but it may be worth noting.
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