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  1. I went for a Meade ETX-90. Was a nice little scope if not a bit pricey. Sent from my Lumia 800 using Board Express
  2. Fija


    Hi Bogbreath and welcome to SGL
  3. lol, that is fab. You get Sunglasses to look at the sun with but the description then says "Don't put it in the sun. there is the possibility to cause fire by the action between lens and the sun. " I also liked the bit that said "The rubber contains the matter"
  4. Hi Tina and welcome to SGL
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    Now then...

    Hi Mr Bond and welcome to SGL
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    Hi Jandy and welcome to SGL
  7. Hi Greg and welcome to SGL
  8. Hi Carrot and welcome to SGL You might want to take a look at Stellarium as it's handy to see whats in your sky at any given time. Fija
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    Hi Dave and welcome to SLG
  10. Hi Tim and welcome to SGL
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    Ciao Jacopo e benvenuti alla SGL
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  15. Hi 2012 and welcome to SGL
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