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  1. Looks a nice scope Glad you are making it your own Kev. The straps were off ebay many moons ago sorry
  2. I hope it gets there in time for you Lovely eyepieces, I have just been collecting too much recently!
  3. Thanks for all the advice all, I took the perfect tool to the second retaining ring and all it needed was a little nudge. Kept the dust off, screwed back up and now this eyepiece will stay with me forever
  4. Yeah I have gone for it from the site in the US. Came to £45 so will just have to wait and see
  5. This is a bump for the topic. Does anyone know where it is possible to buy this? Thanks
  6. Thanks for the advice John. Do you know how the retaining rings can be tightened? There are two small opposite grooves and I presume it is possible to tighten things with these. I don't want to get much dust in there!
  7. Hi all, I have just bought back the giant eyepiece which is the 31t5...but it rattles The rattle sounds like its coming from the chrome part of the eyepiece and is a lens just slightly loose. Has anyone had this problem before or could lend advice? Thanks so much,
  8. Yeah mostly red, the brightness gets higher to a lighter yellowy red in my 24mm panoptic
  9. Nope I think it is to do with the sensor trying to cope with such a narrow wavelength of light
  10. Ha ha yep very shaky, only done on a non tracking mount thanks
  11. Hey all, This is my first attempt at anything like this so bare with me! This is the sun yesterday: https://vimeo.com/42974303 Any feedback is welcome, Thanks
  12. Nice looking setup Caldwell I have an Ed100 on mine too, they pair up beautifully. Also proving its worth with my pst, even managed to do some imaging with it today that i should have up shortly.
  13. Really nice sketch and very similar to what I can see with my scope. Do you think under great conditions and skies, with good eyepieces and perfect colliimation that the central star could be resolved in an 8" scope?
  14. Yep there is another that didn't received enough funding for production either
  15. Tinker I would love a copy of that. Is there any chance you could scan it and email it to me? All my XW's have been bought second hand and not come with this. Thanks
  16. I found the 31t5 to be kidney bean central and have to confess once I compared it with the comfy 30XW, there was no going back...
  17. I found out when I told my gf to adjust to make her eye placement comfy, off came the eye guard!
  18. Thanks Tinker I shall buy one of those and get back to you hopefully with some results! I did try asking FLO but alas no answer
  19. Thanks Peter it looks like what would work. I would like to make sure it does though before buying or at the very least make sure they have a returns policy in place. Quite expensive!
  20. Hi all, I have 7, 10, 20 and 30mm Pentax XW's. I know that you can take the rubber eye cup off easily and then there is a camera thread exposed for attaching a camera a-focally. My girlfriend is interested in trying to connect her iphone up for some shots and I am well up for encouraging her into more astro related stuff I have a Canon DSLR with a canon t ring from flo. What options do we have? Should I perhaps be looking for a uk seller of something like this? http://www.telescope.com/New-Products/Orion-SteadyPix-Telescope-Photo-Adapter-for-iPhone/pc/0/c/0/sc/314/p/101445.uts Thanks
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