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Hello from Ayrshire!


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Hi everyone, I registered a while ago but never introduced myself (how rude!) :)

My interest in astronomy kinda spawned from an interest in the aurora borealis and spending endless hours looking north anticipating displays, using the opportunities to scan across the constellations with an old pair of russian 8x30 binos.

I got my first ever look through a telescope only last year (i'm 27 btw!). I did a lot of research online to work out the best scope that suited my needs within my budget and eventually settled on a celestron powerseeker 114eq.

The wobbly tripod it sits on is far from ideal but when it behaves it always provides fantastic views. Only recently I got my first view of sirius lurking low in the evening sky and WOW! It earns the title of being my favourite object in the night sky so far!

I'm thinking of upgrading the somewhat useless sr4 eyepiece to something of better quality, any suggestions as to what eyepieces around 6-7mm would work well with this scope?

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Hi Kp6, a warm welcome to the SGL forum, if you want to improve your views of just the Planets, Moon and stars, have a look at the Orthoscopic range of ep`s, you should be able to pick up one between 5mm and 9mm at a reasonable cost s/hand, your sr4 I think is a little on the small side at 4mm and the quality will leave a lot to be desired, unless you look at a bright object like the Moon, if you want a wider field of view then you will have to consider something in the Plossl range of ep`s, or the alternative is to invest in a good quality lens, which of course you would retain on upgrading your equipment, HTH.


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Thanks for the warm welcome everyone :D It's a brilliant forum and resource for info and it's all down to you guys. No doubt I will be asking many questions in the future once the 'aperture fever' really kicks in! :)

Fingers crossed there may be a few gaps in the clouds tonight over good old Blighty!

(there you go, I cursed it now!)

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Hi and a warm welcome to SGL. I'm sure you'll find lots of info in the forums. Don't get too carried away by "aperture fever" Try to visit your local Astronomical Society where I'm sure you'll be welcomed, and have a look through different types of scopes at one of their observing sessions.

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